Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Martyr King 2: The Woven Tapestry

Adventure log for the second session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are..."

Our heroes, wary of attack, proceed up to the top of the ziggurat where a man stands. He soothes their worries, and promises parley once all the heroes are topside and disarmed. Slowly, and cautiously, the heroes make their way up and out of the ziggurat, making note of the four archers in the Balba fields.

"Now!" cries the Man, and attacks the closest hero. Four arrows fly at the heroes, most striking home. Moments later, Castor and Saffron return fire. Aymeric, filled with righteous anger, brings his oversized morning-star down on his opponent's head, a critical that instantly drops the enemy and deals a whopping 24 damage. Maven puts up his shield and heals the wounded, while Nut, suddenly out of range and out of targets, drops back into the ziggurat.

Another pelting of arrows and Castor goes down. Our heroes look at each other: Perhaps retreat is the best option here? Maven brings Castor back up, then leaps into the ziggurat, and Aymeric and Saffron follow. Castor rolls into ziggurat, catches his ankle on the ledge, and takes a hard fall, taking him down below 0 again. For a short while, Saffron returns fire, and a few injuries are dealt. But even a skilled zen archer in some cover is no match for four bandits (at least, not at level 2), and down goes Saffron. Our heroes retreat back into the Bandit's quarters, nursing their wounds.

Our heroes heal up, then discuss what do do. Nut and Saffron look for secret passages, while Castor devises a ruse to lure the bandits down. Maven and Aymeric take up flanking positions on the far side of a corridor.

There is a Bang! and smoke begins to fill the ziggurat! Castor rushes back, swatting at the flaming feathers that follow him inside. "That should attract their attention!" The door is closed, and our heroes wait for the bandits to investigate.

But not long. The archers kick down the door and rush in. The two with daggers are immediately struck down by Maven and Aymeric, and the one who maintained his bows is shot to ribbons. The last drops his weapon, begs for mercy, and is given leave to go.

And many valuable lessons were learned that day.

Our heroes rest a while, then continue to the Puldash. On the way, they see a large ship, clad in strange black wood. Aymeric notes that it is a Dorian cargo vessel, and it looks repurposed somehow. It also is riding rather high in the water and has been long at sea.

Upon entering the woven tapestry, Saffron immediately notices a few Sartori criminals waiting about. Nut and Caster hide their faces from their former mafia buddies, and the heroes give the appropriate passcode. They are greeted by Mect, leader of the Puldash Cell of the Black Hand. He leads the downstairs, then offers them tea, which is heavily laced with the drug Balba. All of the heroes graciously refuse or pretend to drink - all but Saffron, who, unused to these situations, is unsure of how to politely decline. This earns a reproachful glare from Mect. Mect demands a good story, and Maven tell the hero's story rapturously.

And many tears were had that day.

Mect provides quite a good deal of spending money, and our heroes venture off into the markets. Nut devises some disguises for himself and Castor, and the two also go to market. But Castor's blonde hair is shoddily done - perhaps somebody noticed?

The next day, our heroes meet with Flint Dour, a corrupt Dorian official who is in the pocket of the Sartori and the Black hand. He says that he will help plan an ambush, as long as the heroes deliver some kishii to a stoned sorcerer in the jungle. The sorcerer's name is Adrianne Deel, and he's been messing with Flint's mind.

Off the heroes go! On the way they take care of some Fungus Leshy's, and, sadly avoid some Monkey Swarms. They also come across a dead adventurer who has five doses of Kishii. Suspicious.

Finally, they arrive at Adrianne's house, a gigantic Copper Minarette. It is raining, and none in the party are able to use the "Magic Users Only" doorbell. Nut decides to take a long, two hour climb on the outside slope of the Minarette, slipping and sliding and generally fearing for his life the whole time. Eventually he reaches the top, to find a very relaxed Adrianne Deel doing Kishii on a Copper Throne. Adrianne is overjoyed to see them, takes the Kishii, and then teleports downstairs to let the other heroes in. Nut groans, and starts his way downstairs.

Adrianne proves to be a very likable guy. He is young, blonde, dressed in rich purple velvets, and probably immensely powerful. Our heroes are given a brief tour of the place - Very nice, purple velvet everywhere, mostly empty, Kishii strewn about. Adrianne invites them up top, and then teleports away. They make their way up, meeting Nut in the middle, and discover a large room with amphitheater type seating, a throne, and a copper arch. The arch says "Soulstone" and "Jumpgate" in arcane.

Our heroes make their way up top, where they ask Adrianne about the strange room. Adrianne thinks for a second, then teleports down. Our heroes (especially Nut), groan and make their way back down again. Adrianne says he doesn't know much about this place. Following the runes on the arch, our heroes pop in the soulstone they gained from the drug runner's ruins. The Jumpgate molds around the stone, and a white sheet forms in the arch. However, the Jumpgate does not appear to lead anywhere. It is as unyielding as a wall, and the soulstone will not budge.

As our heroes ponder about what to do next, a stoned Adrianne notes that our heroes "look weird. You have some strange threads in you."

And much Kishii was had that day. By Adrianne.

It is now February 4th. One week has passed during this session. Our heroes play the session as level 2, but have just leveled up to level 3. Saffron received a point of Heroic favor for shooting at dudes and being the best pincushion.

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