Monday, February 5, 2018

Seven Bizarre Races

Let’s mix up the playbook.

The races presented within are more than just a collection of minor attribute bonuses and abilities designed to get a bit more damage out of a longsword. These races are unique, vivid, and bizarre in a balanced and instantly recognizable way. They change the game, and present an excellent, fascinating toolkit for players interested in variety.

With these bizarre races, nobody will forget who you are or what you look like. With these races, suddenly your game is new again.

  • BUNNYTAURS: Halfling-rabbit centaurs, quick and alert but gripped by instinctual cowardice.
  • KINDERCLOAKS: Plump, hooded shadows crafted from primitive magics that turn to petrified smoke in bright light.
  • MERRIEPETALS: Revelrous flowers which exude a certain allure which makes them irresistable – or is it the hallucinogenic spores?
  • MISBORN: Gangly psychopomp-touched humans with the ability to talk to the dead and see through planes.
  • PAINTERLILIES: Two-dimensional sentient paintings, with the ability to meld onto surfaces.
  • SHADOWFRIENDS: Frail fey giants created by a child’s wish, disturbing in form but remarkably kind.
  • BLESMOLFOLK: Sluggish, pain-immune mole rats, carving out vast labyrinths and dungeons. Blesmolfolk are divided between four distinct racial castes: industrious workers, crafty warriors, conniving consorts, and willful queens.