Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jacob's Tower, Level 13: Sorcerer

Level 13: Sorcerer is the final level of Jacob’s Tower. It features a three part battle with Jacob himself. It also describes the rewards upon completion of the dungeon, explains the secret purpose behind the tower, and reveals true identity of Nine.

Level 13 contains three new NPC stat blocks and three new monsters.

The final level of Jacob’s tower can be deadly. It has three back to back APL 15 fights, a challenging and rigorous gauntlet from which not all will emerge victorious. If you have a strong group, well built or large, then you may keep them at level 12 for the level. However, if your group is smaller or less powerful, you should consider bringing them up to level 13.

Level 13 may also be re-flavored as an epic three part boss fight for many campaigns.

Jacob's Tower, Level 13 is only available within the Jacob's Tower package.  The entire package contains improved levels, enemies, traps, and fights.  Besides Level 13: Sorcerer and all other levels, it also contains an expanded foreword which goes into more depth regarding Nine and the inter-dimensional bar stop.

If you have already purchased some levels of Jacob's Tower, we will discount that amount off your purchase.  Just send us an e-mail at

You may purchase printable PDFs of the entire package, Levels 1 - 13 for $9.99:

Jacob's Tower, Levels 1 - 13 ($9.99)


  1. Will the PDF have maps similar to the three included on the first three floors pages?

  2. So, having purchased the full set of PDFs, I feel compelled to ask about the last level. It feels like the encounters don't really fit together, especially the last one. Given the explanation given as for why things are the way they are in Jacob's Tower, the first ones make sense, but the last one feel out of place. When my players get there, eventually, I'll probably keep the statistics the same but re-flavor it; probably something along the lines of the deal that was made.
    Trying to be vague so as not to spoil anything for prospective buyers.
    That's my two cents, anyway. I still love this series of dungeons and in no way do I regret the purchase (especially since you started including all the monster stat blocks, along with the traps).

    1. Hard to explain without spoiling anything. Shoot me an e-mail at and I'll explain! But yes, things to get a bit trippy at the end!

      Glad you enjoyed the purchase, and I figured the inclusion of stat blocks and the like would make it much easier to run. Glad to see I was right!

    2. Soooo much easier, especially since the Pathfinder app doesn't include most of the modules that some of the stranger monsters come from. For a while I was printing out pages from the D20SRD website for those, so I'm glad you've made my job as DM easier, outside the game sessions.

  3. So, I won't spoil things for those who don't know what happens, but this was an excellent fight - but man, it was scary from stage one. The party of rogue, summoner, arcanist, oracle, and fighter was a strong one. They were definitely well prepared, from the arcanist's super preparing. One problem - the fighter was basically dead round... Two. At the halfway mark, half the party was down, the other half was wounded. Toward the end, the only thing keeping people alive was the oracle desperately trying to save the summoner and his eidolon while the arcanist dimensional stepped around the battlefield. Victory was a close thing, though it was closer at the halfway point.

    Overall, they did think this finale went on a little too long, but did like the theme and setup.

    In terms of the overall adventure, there are some complaints. Some checks felt absurdly high or strange for the group, admittedly due to their own choices. Some fights felt cruel (prismatic speeeeells), while others less so (the dragonlings were not a huge threat). Some of the themes felt better (that entire 'keep the fire going' room was incredible, though survival was a joke; the arena was a blast to roleplay) others, not so much (the make a vampire one was eh). Some traps felt like jerk moves to the players, others were quite intriguing. I think it was overall fun to GM - I had so much fun playing Nine as a sort of weird infinite butler.

    I can definitely say, I do hope for more someday from you!