Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Superhero Classes: Superhuman, Animalman and Telepath

It’s a bird, it’s a dragon, it’s a superhero! Faster than a speeding arrow, more powerful than a rampaging troll, capable of leaping tall castles in a single bound!  Superhero Classes: Superhuman, Animalman and Telepath introduces three new base classes for the superhero fans among us. They remain true to the source material, flexible enough to build nearly any superhero you can think of, and friendly enough to the fantasy landscape to fit into any campaign.

Included in Superhero Classes:
  • The Superhuman, a man of mithryl who can fly, wrestle giants, shoot lasers out of his eyes, or anything else you might expect from a superhuman (Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter)
  • The Animalman, a superhero who draws inspiration from the animal kingdom and takes their powers for his own (Batman, Antman, Spiderman, Wolverine)
  • The Telepath, a superhero who can both dominate his enemies and use telekinesis to physically demolish his foes (Professor X, Jean Grey, Emma Frost)
  • A synopsis of what it means to be a superhero adventurer.


  1. Picked up a copy of this on DriveThruRPG. Only briefly skimmed it but noticed a few things in regards to the Telepath.

    First, some of their abilities don't actually appear on the class table. Namely mental armor, kinetic lift, and kinetic throw. Also, the table lists mental paragon as an ability, but the text calls it physical paragon.

    Another thing, is the starting wealth supposed to be 175gp for the telepath? Seems high for a full caster, not that starting wealth is a huge deal

  2. You are right! Sorry about that, and I've updated the file. Thanks so much for pointing it ou! Shoot me an e-mail at zenithgames.blog@gmail.com and I'll send you the updated file as well as a complimentary copy of another of our products.