Friday, July 18, 2014

Martyr King 11: Meeting With Smith

Adventure log for the eleventh session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

No no, not meeting Will Smith, meeting with Smith. Sorry, Will Smith is next session.

More plans are discussed, and it is decided that the best course of action is to have Saffron scout the castle. Our heroes find an inn, then wait for night to fall. Saffron sneaks out at about 1 am, and goes to the castle. She uses her boots of levitation to get over the first wall, then drops and starts levitating up the main castle wall. However, the sheer number of perception rolls going against her (4-6 every round for each guard) combined with some less than stellar stealth rolls results in her being seen.

None-the-less, Saffron continues up to the roof of the Castle. She finds a way in, but the stairway down is completely black. Then, she starts getting shot at from the archers on the turrets. It's not a huge inconvenience, but after an arrow or two she decides to bail. A stealthy leap off the side of the castle, followed by levitation down and a dash to the outer wall sees her escape. Then, it's monk's improved movement away!

The next day, our heroes notice more chatter and guards on the streets.

Castor decides to take the group to the dock district, where they find a seedy looking alchemist at "The Boiling BIle." After some sweet talk, the alchemist directs the heroes to a certain Gerald Parlour, a friend of Smith and of Castor.

They meet up with Gerald, who informs them that Smith is still alive. Things are a bit tense when they notice Informer Joe and Saffron instantly takes him out. To calm things down, Aymeric pulls out his Inquisitorial badge, which just makes Gerald agitated. After some more sweet talk, Gerald take the group to Smith (Informer Joe is left tied and gaged in an alleyway - alive).

Smith is not looking too good. He's scarred, with a bum leg and a bum arm. He reluctantly ushers the heroes inside his crappy house and does some 'splaining.

Evidently, the Dorians have their sights set on the entire continent of Mildan. The Augerian King made a deal with the Dorians - he would provide them with Darkwood if they would grant Auger sovereignty. The Darkwood was provided, and Dorian armies and war machines were shuttled across the inner sea. However, the Dorians began a subtle and bloodless coup. The King is likely still in the castle, along with Hervey Dunt, the Auger secret service agent who defected to the Dorians. There are also rumors of some kind of angelic being in the castle.

Hervey approached Smith, asking him to assist in the coup, using drugs as leverage. When Smith refused, Hervey started taking out his organization. Eventually, Hervey and his bodyguard tracked down Smith at the docks. Hervey attacked with some sort of ancient relic, something like a shiny wand, and Smith fell into the water ... but survived. He's been in hiding ever since.

The Dorians forged an unease alliance with the Sartori, who provided the drugs needed as leverage.

Smith knows a way into the castle. Our heroes could use these tunnels to get inside. But, Smith wants revenge on the Sartori. Take them out for me, would you? Castor readily agrees.

The next day, our heroes head into the woods and seek out the drug lab. They make quick work of a Grizzly Bear, a fleeing animal trainer, and some bits of animal fur (where did those come from? Saffron shrugs her shoulders), they head inside.

They are greeted by five Emut Val-Tee's chugging away at drug making equipment. Emut is surprised to see Castor, but none the less ready to fight. It appears that one of these Emut clones has some degree of sentience and starts chucking bombs. The others wield lab equipment, and are rigged to explode when killed! Main Emut proves to be nasty, but three or four criticals takes him down (sigh).

The place is searched (even that random area in the corner), and some meager drugs and gold is found. But not much.

It is the afternoon of May 16th, 2000 A.F. This session took two days. Our heroes are level 6. Castor got a point of heroic favor for defeating his baddie.


  1. Entertaining as always but the links to the antagonists don't seem to work.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out - they originally linked to a private wiki page, but I've been taking out the links. I may include the wiki information on this blog at some point.