Sunday, July 27, 2014

Martyr King 18: The Sunken City

Adventure log for the eighteenth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Our heroes reach the Sunken City, a Golden Age Relic with the potential for soulstones inside. They see a number of green towers mostly sunken in the mud and frigid water. The inside of these towers is colder still, so Nut and Castor chug potions to resist the Elements.

A strange looking woman approaches riding a strange looking horse. She introduces herself as Avaryn, explains that she is from the High Temple of Darkness, and says that she is here to protect our heroes and help them on their ways. Our heroes gladly welcome her to their ranks, and give Avaryn Saffron's opal bow.

A few minutes are spent dividing up soulstones and powering up opal weapons! W00t

Down they go! After wandering down a few side passages, Avaryn also decides to chug a potion to get rid of the chill. They scrap Maven's chicken-scratchings of a map, in favor of Castors well notated drawings.

Down another hour to the bottom of the lake, and the tower connects to a long tunnel heading off into the darkness. They encounter a gaggle of Lake Fairies, who captivate Nut, "enfriend" Avaryn, lead our heroes into some traps, but are otherwise dispatched. Next, they fight a giant octopus on a bridge. Then they fight 8 shambling mounds of moss and coral, a fight which turns into a smokey haze when smoke bombs are rigorously applied.

Six hours into the dungeon, and Maven finally decides things are getting a bit cold for him. He chugs an elemental resist potion as well.

Our heroes reach the center of the complex, a gigantic dome, radius 300 feet, which has a massive blue tower in the center. Our heroes prep, then approach, and they note an air and water soulstone in the tower. Castor flies up and plucks them out, and the water in the dome instantly starts rising.

Our heroes hustle back, but they are confronted with a massive water elemental. Dr 10/-, immune to crits, flanking, and sneak attack, 2 attacks at +20, dealing 2d8+9, this guy doesn't mess around. Castor emerges as the MVP, rolling high on his bombs and sprinkling some dust of dryness on the dude. Still, Nut gets into the negatives, and Maven heals as fast as he can to save himself and his buddies.

Our heroes escape the dungeon after 9 hours, only to be faced with Cainan, Avaryn's arch-rival. As Cainan opens his mouth to speak, Nut invisifies and plops the Marble of 100 Gallons of water in it. A watery explosion occurs, in which Cainan looses his cheeks, teeth, and jaw. Castor finishes the job with a bomb, and the unhappy agent of Light teleports away.

It still September 6th, 2000 A.F. This session took 9 hours. Nut got heroic favor for exploding Cainan. Our heroes played this session at level 8.

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