Friday, September 22, 2017

101 Cursed Item

Add some challenge into your game with 101 Cursed Items!

101 Cursed Items presents a litany of memorable and engaging curses to use in your game. Each curse and drawback enhances the story and mythos of your campaign, providing additional challenges without seeming unfair.

The curses and drawbacks within range from goofy to punishing to campaign threatening, but they are always fun for both the GM and players, presenting unique complications that must be overcome for the party is to survive.

101 Cursed Items Includes:
  • An overview of the cursed item rules, including identifying, crafting, selling, and destroying the objects.
  • New optional cursed item rules, such as complex curse removal and degrading magic.
  • 101 unique cursed items and drawbacks, such as:
  • Backhand of glory, bag of rabid animals, and boots of endless levitation.
  • Cape of the waking nightmare, glove of embarrassing revelations, and horn of befouled air.
  • Mulemind cords, ring of visibility, and robe of useless items.
  • Rod of maximum security, tesseract chime, and serpent sheath.