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The Comprehensive Pathfinder Guides Guide

We Be Dragons
The Newest Module from Zenith Games. Soar the Skies as a Dragon!

Want a Dungeon at Every Level from 1 to 13?

Here is the Guide to the Builds
A repository for all of the best builds out there.

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Core Classes

      * Zenith's Guide to the Alchemist, Part I, II, III, IV, V [Discussion] *  (2015)
      Chasing the Philosopher's Stone: N. Jolly's Guide to the Pathfinder Alchemist [Discussion] (2015)
      Becoming Oozymandias - A Guide to the Bottle Ooze Discovery [Discussion] (2017)
      Ogre's RPG Stuff - Alchemist’s Guide (Core, APG, UM) [Discussion] (2013)
     Preserves and Pointy Sticks: A Guide to Reach Fighting with the Preservationist Alchemist [Discussion] (2018)

      Arcanist Optimization Guide [Discussion] (2014)
      Dawar's Guide to the Arcanist [Discussion] (2015)
      "Blow Them to Smithereens" AKA "There WAS a Boss" [Discussion] (2016)
      Counter Savant: The Only Pathfinder Counterspelling Build [Discussion] (2018)
      Magic Beyond Magic: Iluzry's Guide To The Pathfinder Arcanist (2022)

      Bodhi's Guide to the Optimal Paladin & Antipaladin (Core, APG, UM, UC) (Has Mythic Options) [Discussion] (Survey) (2015)
      Marshmallow's Guide to Your Optimal Anti-Paladin (2013)

      Anger Management: A Pathfinder Guide to the Barbarian by Novamurmson (Thread) (2014)
      BARBARIAN AM SMASH - A Practical Guide to Breaking Faces by Trinam (Core, APG, UC) [Discussion] (2013)
      How to Become the Lord of Rage: N. Jolly's Guide to the Pathfinder Barbarian [Discussion] (2014)
      Elewan's Pathfinder Barbarian Guide (Core, APG) [Discussion] (2012)
      kcmorris's A Guide to the Barbarian and Titan Mauler Barbarian (Blog) (2011)

      All the World’s a Stage, and You the Stage Director: A Guide to the Pathfinder Bard (Core, ACG, APG, ARG, UC, UM) [Discussion] (2015)
      Treantmonk's Guide to Bards: Pathfinder Core Rules (Core only) [Discussion] (2012)
      kcmorris's Dervish Dance Bard (Blog, short) (2016)
      Guide to the Buffer Bard [Discussion] (2014)
      Forger's List of Amazing Bard Options (2017)
      The Show Must Go On: Iluzry’s Guide to the Pathfinder 1e Bard (2022)

      Raining Blood: The Bloodrager's Guide to Pleasing the Metal Gods [Discussion] (2014)
      CTP's Guide to the Bloodrager (2017)
      One B.A.M.F's Guide to the Bloodrager (2018)

      Happy Feet, Wombo Combo [Discussion] (2016)
      Brawlers: Debuffing with Style [Discussion] (2016)

      The Cavalier's Code (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion] (2015)
      The Flying Pincushion: GM_Solspiral PAP Cavalier Guide [Discussion] (2014)
      Demi-Lancer: A Guide to Dipping Cavalier for a Mount [Discussion] (2020)
      The Cavalry Has Arrived [Discussion] (2021)

      Tark's Big Holy Book of Clerical Optimization (Core, APG) [Discussion] (2014)
      Brewer's Guide to Reach Clerics [Discussion] (2010)
      Pupsocket's Guide to Dipping Cleric (2014)
      Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Ftagn! A Guide to the Elder Mythos Cultist [Discussion]
      Rogue Eidolon’s Guide to Clerics (Domains) (Core only) [Discussion] (2010)

      Peterrco's guide to Druids (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion] (2012)
      Treantmonk's Guide to Druids Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 (Core only) [Discussion] (2010)
      I'll Be Back.  The Guide to the Reincarnated Druid [Discussion] (2014)
      Druid's Log: Animal Companions [Discussion] (2014)
      Prometeus Guide to the Druid [Discussion] (2016)
      Monk Dipping for Pathfinder Druids [Discussion] (2015)
      Becoming A Force of Nature: Iluzry’s Guide to the Pathfinder 1e Druid [Discussion, Discussion] (Jul 2021)
      Faerie Tricks & Big Sticks: Iluzry’s Guide to Druid Spells & Spellcasting (Nov 2023)

      Bladestorm: "STR Ranger"'s Guide to TWF for Fighters (Core, APG, UM, UC, SoS) [Discussion] (2013)
      kcmorris's A Guide to the Fighter (Blog) (2015)
      Rogue Eidolon's Guide to Fighters (Core only) [Discussion] (???)
      Two Hands are Better Than One: A Guide for Fighters Using Two Hands [Discussion] (2016)
      Secrets of the Swordlord: A Guide to the Aldori Dueling Sword [Discussion] (2013)
      Huh, Fighters Are Pretty Awesome: Nightbringer's Guide to the Pathfinder Fighter [Discussion] (2016)
      Cartmanbeck’s Guide to the Iron Caster (2017)
      Marshmallow's Guide to the Pathfinder RPG Fighter [Discussion] (2017)

      Drake_Rocket's Guide to Grand Gunslinginger Greatness (Core, APG, UC) [Discussion] (2011)
      kcmorris's Musket Master Gunslinger (Blog, short) (2016)
      The Gunslinger's Handbook (2012)
      Lokotor's Gunslinger Guide [Discussion] (2016)
      Surpassing Even the Boss: N.Jolly's Guide to the Pathfinder Gunslinger [Discussion] (2016)

      A Guide to the Pathfinder RPG's Hunter [Discussion] (2016)
      Guide to the Outflanking Hunter [Discussion] (2018)

      Bodhi's Guide to the Optimal Inquisitor (Core, APG, ARG, UM, UC, Other+) [Discussion] (2015)
      Nobody Expects a Guide to the Inquisitor (Core, APG, UM) [Discussion] (2014)
      The Inquisitor's Symposium: A Guide to the Pathfinder Inquisitor (2019)
      The Inquisitorʼs Symposium Redux: A (New) Guide to the Pathfinder Inquisitor (2022)

     The Investigator’s Academy: A Guide to the Pathfinder Investigator [Discussion] (2020)
     Being Sherlock Holmes: A Gentleman's Guide to the Investigator [Discussion] (2015)
     The Investigator's Grand Turnabout: N. Jolly's guide-addendum to the Pathfinder Investigator [Discussion] (2016)
     Elementary! A Handbook to the Pathfinder Investigator (2014)

      Mastering the Elements: N.Jolly's Guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist [Discussion] (2016)
      Sucking Counts as Airbending, Right? (Thread) (2015)
      Aetherialist AKA Telekenticist (2015)
      Pyrokineticist (2016)
      The GM's Guide to the Kineticist [Discussion] (2017)
      Mort’s Guide for Kineticist Dipping and Dipping Kineticist [Discussion] (2019)
      A Useful Guide for Useful Kineticists (Thread) (2017)
      Optimizing the Suboptimal: A Subguide to the Myrmidarch (2012)
      A Guide to Touch Spells, Spellstrike, and Spell Combat (2012)
      Magus Hexcrafter Guide: The Complete Guide For Dealing With The Devil (Core, APG, ARG, UC, UM) [Discussion] (2013)
      Walter’s Guide to the Magus (Core, APG, UM) [Discussion] (2011)
      The Exhaustive Guide the the Kensai Magus [Discussion] (2012)
      Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus (Core, APG, ARG, UC, UM) [Thread] [Discussion] (2017)
      Forger's Supplemental Guide to the Updated Magus (2014)

     Leasing Your Body for Fun and Profit: CockroachTeaParty's Guide to the Pathfinder Medium [Discussion] (2017)
     Guide for the Medium Occult Class [Discussion] (2018)

      The Grandeur of Illusions - A PF Mesmerist Guide (2015)
      Quark's Thoughts on the Mesmerist (2021)
      Follow My Voice: A Guide to the Pathfinder Mesmerist (2022)

      Porpentine's Guide to Zen Archery (Blog) (2013)
      A Guide to the Qinggong Monk (Short, Blog) (2014)
      Optimizing your Qinggong Monk (Short, Blog) [Discussion] (2017)
      kcmorris's Zen Archer Monk (Blog) (2012)
      Revel's Guide to the Monk (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion] (2011)
      Treantmonk's Guide to Monks (Core only) [Discussion] (2016)
      Zen Archer Handbook (Thread) (2012)
      Way of the Angry Bear 3: Bear Fisted Fighting (Monk/Druid Multi-class) [Discussion] (2015)
      The Beginner's Basics to the NEW Master of Many Styles [Discussion] (2016)
      Jam's Blended Archetype Guide: The Monk [Discussion] (2016)

Monk (Unchained)
     You are Already Dead: A Guide to the Unchained Monk [Discussion] (2017)

      * Zenith's Guide to the Ninja Part I, Part II, Part III & Part IV [Discussion] * (2015)
      Death from the Shadow: A Guide to the Ninja by Joseph Bucceri (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion] (2014)

      The Occultist's Reliquary A Guide to the Pathfinder Occultist
      One Man's Junk is Another Man's Power (2015)
      Implementing Magic: VampByDay's guide to the Occultist [Discussion] (2016)
      Rekijan's Guide to Trappings of the Warrior (2017)
           More Occultist Options

      Channeling the Cosmos: A Guide to the Oracle (Core, APG, ARG, UM, UC) [Discussion] (2014)
      Brewer's Guide to the Jargonaut (Words of Power Oracle) [Discussion] (2013)


      Bodhi's Guide to the Optimal Paladin & Antipaladin (Core, APG, UM, UC) (Has Mythic Options) [Discussion] (Survey) (2015)
      Cryptic's Guide to the Pathfinder Paladin: Being a God's Wrecking Hammer (Core) [Discussion] (2012)
      Thallin's Guide To Paladins (Optimization) (Core, APG) [Discussion] (2009)
      Oradin Mini-Guide, or How to be a Healbot minus the 'bot' (Thread) (2014)
      The Paladin's Code and Pathfinder (Roleplaying the Paladin) [Discussion] (2014)
      Deadeye's Servant: A Guide to the Archery Paladin [Discussion] (2014)
      The Mini-Guide to the Iroran Paladin [Discussion] (2014)
      Guide to the Paladin through the eyes of a D&D 3.5 Player (Thread) (2014)
      Smite Optimization (Thread) (2011)

     Think it, And So it Shall Be: CTP's Guide to Psychics (2017)
     A Pathfinder Guide to the Psychic (2015)
     There Is No Spoon: Iluzry’s Guide to the Pathfinder 1e Psychic (2023)

      Ginsu Master: A Ranger’s Guide to Two Weapon Fighting (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion] (2011)
      Lastoths Guide to Archery Rangers (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion] (2012)
      Treantmonk's Guide to Rangers in Pathfinder (Core only) [Discussion] (2009)
      Seeing The Forest through The Trees [Discussion] (2021)

      Moxie: A Practical Guide to Roguing with Style [Discussion] (2014)
      kcmorris's Guide to the Rogue (Blog) (2012)
      kjb200's Update to Rogue Eidolon's Guide to the Rogue [Discussion] (2015)
      Bravo's Knife Master Scout Guide [Discussion] (2013)
      Rogue Eidolon's Guide to Rogues (Core, APG) [Discussion] (2010)
      A Guide to the Pathfinder Rogue [Discussion] (2014)
      GM_Soulspiral's PAP Rogue Guide (2013)
      "You're Such a Sap!" A Step-By-Step Guide to the Revised Sap Master [Discussion] (2017)
      Forger's List of Awesome Stuff for Rogues (2017)

Rogue Unchained
      CTP's Unchained Rogue Mini-guide (Thread) (2015)
      One Thousand Years of Death: A Guide to the Unchained Rogue (2017)

      Way of the Samurai (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion] (2012)
      The Cavalry Has Arrived [Discussion] (2021)

     The Seer's Catalog [Discussion] (2016)
     Spiritual Attunement: A Pathfinder Shaman Guide by JBurz [Discussion] (2015)
     Friends On The Other Side: Iluzry’s Guide to the Pathfinder 1e Shaman (May 2022)
     The Shaman: The One True Generalist (Mar 2023)

     Archmage Variel's Guide to the Shifter [Discussion] (2018)

      How to be Metal [Discussion] (2016)

      A Study of Slayers [Discussion] (2015)
      The Art of Omnicide: Iluzry’s Guide to the Pathfinder 1e Slayer (2022)

      The Inner Power: A Guide for Sorcerers (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion] (2012)
      A Quick Guide to Pathfinder Sorcerers: Gods Don't Need Spellbooks (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion] (Recovered Build Page) (2013)
      Magic in the Blood: A guide to Eldritch Heritage and Sorcerer Bloodlines (Core, APG, ARG, UM, UC) [Discussion] (2015)
      The (almost) Complete Guide to Sorcerers - A Practical Handbook (Core only) [Discussion] (2009)
      Thus She Spoke: The Words of Power Sorcerer [Discussion] (2013)
      Sorcerer Nuke/Blast Guide for Pathfinder Society (2015)
      Unlimited Mageworks: Iluzry's Sorcerer Guide [Discussion] (2021)

     Phantom of the OP-era: A Guide to the Pathfinder Spiritualist [Discussion] (2017)
     Eternal Servitude: Guide to the Spiritualist [Discussion] (2016)
     Two Minds are Better than One (A Short Discussion of the Spiritualist Dip) (2015)
     Spirits of War: A Guide to the Phantom Blade Spiritualist (2018)
          More Spiritualist Options

      Summoning Information - A Guide to an Alternate Eidolon (2013)
      The Summoner's Handbook (Core, APG) [Discussion] (2011)
      Tark's Guide to Building Tag Team Champions: (Melee Summoner) [Discussion] (2012)
      Getting into Some Else's Skin:  N. Jolly's Guide to the Synthesist Summoner [Discussion] (2015)
      Summoners - Specialist Sorcerers with a Party of Their Own  (2017)
      Monster's at your Knees - Orthodox Banjoist's Guide to the Summoner (Update to the Summoner's Handbook) [Discussion] (2015)

Summoner Unchained
     Unchained Summons [Discussion] (2015)

     The Dashing Daring Dandy's Dragoman [Discussion] (2015)

Vampire Hunter
     Archmage Variel's Guide to the Vampire Hunter (2018)

      I am Vengeance, I am the Night [Discussion] (2017)
      Meandering Mysticism: Drifter's Guide to the Warlock Vigilante Archetype (2017)
      With Great Power Comes Great Complexity (2016)
      Rogues Gallery: A Guide to the Pathfinder Vigilante (2024)

      Piercing the Heavens: N. Jolly's Guide to the Pathfinder Warpriest [Discussion] (2016)
      In Totality: The Ultimate Guide to Every Cleric, Oracle, and Warpriest Spell in Pathfinder [Thread(2019)

      A Witch's Guide to Shutting Down Enemies (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion] (2014)
      Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble. Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble (Core, APG) [Discussion] (2011)
      Patron's Review (2011)
      The Viking Irishman's Witch Guide (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion] (2013)
      Witch Handbook (Thread) (2014)
      A Guide to the Veneficus Witch [Thread] (2019)
      Owl's Guide to Witches [Discussion] (2021)

      THE COMPLETE Professor Q's Guide to the Pathfinder Wizard (Core, APG, ARG, UM, UC) [Discussion] (original) (2013)
      The Blockbuster Wizard (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion] (2013)
      Treantmonk's Guide to Pathfinder Wizards [Discussion] (2009)
      ShakaUVM's Methods for Necromantic Success [Discussion] (2014)
      Wannabe - Orthodox Banjoist's Guide to the Transmuter Wizard [Discussion] (2014)
      The Spellslinger (A Pathfinder Wizard Archetype): A Guide [Discussion] (2014)
      Spell Sage Archetype: Arcane Apotheosis, the True Wizard, Nethys' Favored [Discussion] (2014)
      DMDM's Guide to the Spell Sage (2017)
      Angry Wizard's Guide to the ACG & Other Misc. Wizard Spells [Discussion] (2015)
      Tarondor's Guide to the Pathfinder Transmuter Wizard (2019)
      Staff and Gun - A Miniguide to the Eldritch Gunslinger (2016)
      Making a Living as a Wizard & Part II  [Post] (2019)
      The Muscle Wizard: A Guide to Greatness (2021)
      The Supreme Spellbook: Analyzing Every Arcane Spell [Discussion(2022)

Prestige Classes
Arcane Archer


Battle Herald
Champion of Irori



Dragon Disciple


Eldritch Knight
      Zolthux's Guide to the Eldritch Knight (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion]

     Hellknight Guide

Holy Vindicator
Mystic Theurge

Stalwart Defender

Rage Prophet

Shadow Dancer

Psionics & Third Party
     Armor of the Mind: The Aegis

      Conscript Guide

      The Cryptic
      Seeing the Writing in the Walls: A Cryptic Guide [Discussion]

      Daevic Guide [Discussion]

Draconic Exemplar
      So You Want to be a Dragon? [Thread]

      Fear Itself: A Guide to the Dread [Discussion]

      Spheres of Power Elementalist Handbook [Discussion]

      Guru Guide [Discussion]

     Dark Wings, Dark Tidings: A Guide to the Path of War Harbinger [Discussion]

    Marksman Mastery: You Only Get One Shot [Discussion]

    Untameable Power: A Guide to the PoW Mystic [Discussion]

     Into the Darkness: A Guide to the Nightblade

      Pacting in Pathfinder - The Occultist Handbook [Discussion]

      Mind Over Everything: A Pathfinder Psion Handbook [Discussion]
      A guide to DSP’s Psionic Powers for the Psions and Wilders

Psychic Warrior
      Jackiscool's Guide to the Psychic Warrior (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion]
      The Psychic Warrior's Handbook (Thread)
      Memory Muscle: The Psychic Warrior Handbook [Discussion]

     Sentinel Guide

      Sharpening the Mind: A Guide to the Pathfinder Soulknife (Thread)
      Mind Becomes Matter: A Pathfinder Soulknife Guide (Thread)

      Striking from the Shadows: The Stalker [Discussion] (Thread)

      The Chess Master: A Tactical Guide to the Tactician (Thread)

      Risky Business: A Thaumaturge Handbook [Discussion]

      Mental Medicine: Psionic Healing Through the Vitalist (Thread)

    Vizier Guide [Discussion]

    Defending the Weak: The Warder [Discussion] (Thread)

      Leading the Battle: A Guide to the Warlord [Discussion] (Thread)

      Where the Wilder Things Are
      A guide to DSP’s Psionic Powers for the Psions and Wilders

     Castilonium's Zealot Guide [Discussion]

Other Useful Guides

      * Guide to the Builds [Discussion] *
      Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Race Guides
      * Guide To Pathfinder Races [Discussion] *
      Pathfinder Player Race List (Thread)

      * Improving Your Class with Items [Discussion] *
      Good And Cheap Equipment Part 1 and Part 2 and Cheap Ioun Stones and Cheap Wands (Blog)
      The Handy Haversack Pack (3185 Gold and 5 pounds, this sack has everything the adventurer might need)
      The Viking Irishman’s Guide to Weaponry (Core, APG, UC) [Discussion]
      Anzyr's Magic Item Emporium [Discussion]
      Alchemical Items Guide [Discussion]
      Temporary Enhancements to Manufactured Weapons [Discussion] (2017)
      A Guide to Weapons, Armor, Equipment, Alchemical & Magic Items (2017)

General Character Building
      Archetype Tier List: A Guide to Picking Archetypes [Discussion]
      Roguish Quail's Introduction to Classes
      Bench Pressing: Character Creation by the Numbers [Discussion]
      Dipping for Fun and Profit (Thread)
      Getting X to Y: How to make a Attribute do other things (Core, APG, ARG, UC, UM) [Discussion]
      Possible Archetype Combos
      The Big Fat Feat Compendium
      Face_P0lluti0n's Guide to Weapon Finesse [Discussion]
      How to Get a High Armor Class [Discussion]
      Guide for Class Selection [Discussion]
      Playing 101: Guide to Teamwork Feats
      Walter's Guide to Deific Obediences [Discussion]
      X to Y Stat Bonuses (Recovered Thread)
      Getting the Most Out of Your Ability Scores: a Pathfinder 1E Overview (X to Y)
      Categories of Classes [Discussion]

      Guide to the Very Best Traits [Discussion]
      Tips and Traits: A guide to Pathfinder Traits (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion]

Specific Strategies & Tactics
      Athanatism, Necromancy, and Undead: A new way to make friends (2023)
      The Noble Art of Intimidancy
      Attacks of Opportunity: The Red-Headed Stepchild of Pathfinder [Discussion]
      Mastering Metamagic [Discussion]
      Guide to Maneuvers and Initiating (Dreamscarred Press's Rules)
      An Extraordinarily Thorough Guide on Using Handle Animal [Discussion]
      Guide to Helping Your Rogue do Sneakies and Stabbies

Variant Multi-Classing

Tips & Tricks
      Action Economy: Time Savers (Blog)
      Ashiel's Guide to Adventure: Preparation, Tricks, and Strategies (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion]
      The Forge of Combat: Thoughts on Victory and How the Group Achieves it [Discussion]
      Fueling the Forge: Breaking down Combat Tactics in Pathfinder [Discussion]
      Nephril's Extended Beginners Guide [Discussion]

Summoned Monsters and Animal Companions
      Multiple Animal Companions and You [Discussion]
      Animal Companion Comparison (Blog)
      Spells Your Summoned Monsters Can Cast (Short)
      Summon Good Monster: A Closer Look (Thread)
      Why Work When Others Can do it For You (Monster Summoning)
      Druid's Log: Animal Companions
      Teamwork Feats and Animal Companions (Discussion)
      DMDM's Guide to Planar Binding
      Abusing Animals - A Guide to Sharing Spells with Animal Companions for Non-Druids

Specific Class Abilities
      Abraham Spalding's Guide to the Holy Vindicator (or more specifically channeling) (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion]
      Being a Most Concise and Helpful Guide to the Noble Arts of Wild Shaping and Polymorphing (Core) [Discussion]
      Guide To Spells (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion]
      Polymorphamory - The Love of Changing Form: A Guide to Shapeshifting [Discussion]
      Shadow Conjuration Handbook (Discussion)
      Shadow Evocation Guide (Discussion)
      Abusing Animals: A Guide to Sharing Spells with Animal Companions for Non-Druids [Discussion]
      Word of Power Handbook (Thread)
      The Orrery - A Handbook to the Spheres of Power [Discussion]
      Guide to Familiars in Pathfinder by SunderedShadow [Discussion] (2017)
      A Polymorph Guide: Beast Shape vs. Monstrous Physique [Discussion] (2018)
      The Mage’s Menagerie - Iluzry’s Guide to the Pathfinder 1e Familiars (May 2022)
      I Know Kung Fu: Allerseelen's Guide to Style Feats (Discussion)
      Touching the Cosmos: Caffeine Elemental's Guide to Occult Rituals
      Casters Compared [Discussion] (Mar 2023)

Spheres of Might
      Spheres of Might Handbook (2020)

GM Guides
      Top 10 Tips for GMs
      Brewer's GM Guide to Campaign Design (&dropbox) [Discussion]
      Brewer's Guide to GM Session Structure [Discussion]
      GM's Guide to Creating Challenging Encounters [Discussion]
      Templates and You (Thread)
      Inkarnate - A Map Making Tool

      Mythic Guide to Universal Path Abilities [Discussion]
      The Power of the Archmage [Discussion]
      CTP's Guide to Mythic Adventures (Thread)

Play by Post
      DH's Guide to Play by Post Gaming (Thread)
      Building a Better Doomed Hero: Painlord's Advanced Play by Post Play (Thread)
      Painlord's Guide to PbP GMing: Make Your World a Better Place (Thread)
      CampinCarl's Character Creation Guide for Pathfinder Pbp (Thread)

Pathfinder Society
     Flutter's Guide for Pathfinder Society Newbies
     Fame and Fortune: Getting the Most from Your Prestige Points

Guides on Types of Builds
      A Guide to Trip Builds in Pathfinder
      CTP's Guide to Words of Power (Thread)
      Words of Power Handbook by The-Mage-King (Thread)
      Where There's a Whip There's a Way: Amanoo's Pathfinder Guide to Whips
      Cartmanbeck's Guide to the Iron Caster - Using Item Mastery feats to be the ultimate Con-based caster [Discussion] (2016)

      Optimizing your GM [Discussion]

PDFs of All Paizo Materials

Great thanks to Harmon's Guide to the Class Guides on the Paizo messageboards, Hallack's Pathfinder Handbook and Handy Links Index on Minmax Boards, Novawurmson's Optimization Guides Compendium on Giant in the Playground, and all the rest.

Guides here are either no longer accurate or completely eclipsed by other guides. Feel free to look at them for additional points of view, but they may not be correct.

      Professor Q's Guide to the Core+ Wizard (Core, APG, UM, UC) [Discussion] (original) (2012) (Contained within The COMPLETE Guide to the Wizard)
      Way of the Angry Bear 3: Bear Fisted Fighting (Monk/Druid Multi-class) [Discussion] (2015) (Errata makes this no longer viable)
      Axe's Guide to Finding Divinity (2010) (Unfinished & Very Old)


  1. Two Inquisitor Guides are the same:
    Jadeite's Guide to the Inquisitor = Nobody expects a guide to the Inquisitor

  2. change the name of So you want to play Pathfinder RPG: A comprehensive guide for Dungeon Masters and Players to something about touch spells.

  3. Bravo's Knife Master Scout guide

  4. Rogue getting a lot of love - and I wholeheartedly approve! I played a Knife Master Scout in my previous campaign! Added.

  5. Wow, just stumbled across this and I am so happy. This is really really awesome. Thank you so much, I'm already linking it to all of my friends who play pathfinder!

    1. My pleasure, and feel free to check out everything else on the blog!

  6. The Action Economy Blog doesn't mention Unseen Servant at all! This spell (lasting an hour a level) essentially gives you a move equivalent action each round. In conjunction with the Handy Haversack you could have anything you had on you in your hand and still be able to take a full round of actions.

  7. Spells Your Summoned Monsters Can Cast (Short)
    Summon Good Monster: A Closer Look (Thread)

    these 2 links are the same

    1. Thanks, fixed. They were bot linked to the Spells, but I've corrected the Summon Good Monsters Link.

  8. The Races of Pathfinder link under General Character Building is outdated and a duplicate (besides being outdated) of the Guide to Races link under Other.

  9. The "Fist of the Heavens! A Guide to the Champion of Irori" links to a blank document.

    1. Hmm - Try re-loading it? It looks fine to me.

  10. Super Useful. Your awesome collection could use some more awesome.
    Stream of Sky has you covered with this excellent Witch handbook.

  11. Hey, I was recommended to tell you that I finished my guide to the Holy Vindicator, and to ask you to add it to this page.

    1. Great guide, and sorry it took so long to add - I've been out of the country for a few weeks. Is there a discussion page floating around as well?

    2. I actually made one just now. Thank you for your compliment, and no worries about the lateness.

  12. Have you checked this compilation? There seem to be some that don't carry over.

  13. Thanks for this incredibly useful compilation!
    However, Axe's Guide to Finding Divinity (cleric guide) leads to a 404, maybe you'd like to check or take the link down.

    1. Thanks! It looks like Axe's guide is down permanently. I'll poke around, but take it off the list for now. Thanks for pointing that out!


      I also have a PDF copy.

      Note that when a guide goes defunct, look on the wayback machine.

    3. That's awesome, thanks. We'll host it until it goes back online or Axe contacts us (
      If you can send the pdf to, then we can make sure all the information is copied over.

    4. Sent. I packrat all the optimization guides, and even keep revision history on the google docs ones.

  14. Hi I noticed your druid section is a little sparse, and this is a really good druid handbook. Love the blog, keep it up

    1. Looks good, but I believe the handbook is for 3.5. These guides are for Pathfinder.

  15. I've added a new Summoner guide as none of the existing ones worked for the way I was playing.


    I've updated Saph's guide to the summoner, maybe chieck it when you have time :)

    1. Looks good and added. Do you have a discussion on a forums somewhere for it as well?

      Also, you might want to lower the font size a few points, so its a bit easier to scroll through.

  17. The discussion thread is here:

    thank you for the advice, done.

    Now i'm working on a guide of the Loremaster and one of the Transmuter Wizard.

    1. Added, and I look forward to the other guides.

  18. they will be completed soon :)

  19. Trasmuter Guide:

    Hope is nice.

  20. ah i forgot the discussion:

  21. Still working on... i've to add some things ;)

  22. Revisions pending final release, here's a short guide for the Slayer (from the Advanced Class Guide). :)

    1. Do you have a discussion link somewhere? I suggest you make a forum post so people can critique and suggest items for your guide. Let me know when you do that and give me the link.

      Also, I would suggest you make the green a few shades darker as it is hard to read right now.

    2. Hello there. Thank you for your short build guide. It's the only one I found, after several hours of searching.
      I am struggling allot to find any builds for Slayer class(apart from yours). Could you please look these links to get more/better ideas? I think that the class has great potential but probably needs a mastermind to pull his potential out. And you do a very good job so far.

      I will post some links that might help you understand Slayer better and some possible twists in his builds:
      [If you read comments, there is also hints about possible way(s) to get good build]

  23. I recently did a guide for the Reincarnated Druid archetype. I would like to be added please and thanks for a great list.



  24. Abusing Animals is down, but the dropbox link from the discussion page still works:

  25. Yo Zenith, I made this thread

    Hopefully it gets more comprehensive.

  26. Hi Zenith
    A poster on Paizo made this guide to the animal companion:
    It's mainly for PFS but a lot of it translate to standard play.

  27. Have you seen anything about the new hybrid classes?

    1. Not yet, but I will post them as soon as I do!

  28. Zenith, I'd like to thank you for keeping such a huge collection of extensive guides and knowledge for me to better not just my own characters but my game master and gaming experience as a whole. Please continue your tireless work, my gamers and myself thank you for making our hobby that much more enjoyable and challenging.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Pathfinder has a great community, and it is my pleasure to do my part. Expect lots more material in the coming months!

  29. I made a half silly/half serious optimization guide to Commoners 'You're Gonna Die Screaming' - it's pay what you want (including free) I would love to get it added to your pretty awesome list - thanks for doing all this curatorial work Zenith.

  30. Hello Zenith I have 3 builds I have made myself how wold i post these?

    1. The best way would be to host them somewhere (such as google docs), and then comment on the Guide to the Builds with the links. If they meet the criteria, I'll put them on the list.

  31. I didn't make these guides but heres the start of the ACG rollout:



    TarkXT says he almost has a shaman guide done.

    BTW, thanks for keeping this up here. I use the crap out of this guide database, by far the best PF guide database out there. Thanks for the good work!

    1. Doh, you probably want the discussions too:



    2. Added! Thanks for the thanks!

  32. I have written guides about Teamwork Feats and Pets and Lighting, Stealth, and the Hide in Plain Sight ability.

    Also, my essay about Poisons is both a guide and an interpolation for house rules.

  33. Just an addition for the Arclord of Nex PrC Guide. Why weren't they Amazing Tools of Manufacture mentioned? Spend 1 hour and craft 2k worth of magic items? What crafter would not want this?

    1. Noted! You should write a comment on the discussion page as well if you are able.

  34. It's been since May, and while I don't like to do self-promotion, I feel it hasn't been promoted enough.

    I intend to add more material to it as it appears, particularly adding Path of War content. While the other Paladin guides are good at what they do, I feel they are incomplete, and this one is meant to be as comprehensive as possible.

  35. Have you seen KaptainKrunch's Complete Wizard Guide?

    There's a thread on the Paizo forums here:

    And a link to the PDF here:

    It seems like it has a monumental level of detail.

    1. Yup! I believe you are talking about the second guide in the wizard section.

    2. The link to the Discussion thread for the Two-Handed Fighter guide (pretty cool guide, by the way) is messed up -- it is:

      but should be:

      (Note that the first one gives an error.)

      -- (Paizo forums UnArcaneElection)

  36. direct link to Ravindork's Emporium:!AAVhtc9jjDglhno

  37. I don't know if this is something you can use, but I've made a Guide to Temporary Enhancements to Manufactured Weapons.

  38. I swear the was another ranger guide here. It included the switch hitter for more than just core. Anyone know where I can find it?

    1. Hmm - I don't think I've removed any ranger guides. Let me know if you find it!

    2. Was it Treantmonk's Guide to Rangers

    3. Hmm, I definitely have that one.

  39. When will a Slayer's guide be up?

    1. As soon as somebody writes one I suppose. I don't see any.

  40. have you seen some of these?

    1. Very interesting. If somebody compiles and organizes the information, I'll link it!


    There is a new psychic warrior guide. It's more up to date than the old one but still not complete (neither was the old one)

  42. This is a useful guide to the maneuvers in the third party Path of War

  43. Not the best but there is a hunter guide here

  44. You should add this to the other category:
    It's a spreadsheet with all kinds of useful info about the bestiary that I use when building characters, but it always takes forever to find lol!

  45. Unchained Summoner guide:
    Discussion Thread for this:

    -- (Paizo forums UnArcaneElection)

  46. I'm not sure if/how you want to include this, but I've got guides for every class and archetype on the official SRD.

    I also have guides for animal companions, channel energy, familiars, firearms, metamagic, polymorph, teamwork feats, and Vital Strike.

    1. First link should be Clumsy copy+paste.

    2. Very nice! Added a link at the bottom.

  47. I've just finished a guide to Ascension Games' Nightblade, feel free to add it to the Prestige/Psionics/3PP section.

  48. Thanks for consolidating all of these guides!

  49. Someone made a Dread guide. Not me, but I am using it to help a prospective Dread character.


  50. I offer advice for character builds using pathfinder, inspired from their favorite characters in the media(video games, movies, anime etc...):
    I update the blog everyday.

  51. I don't know if I'm allowed to nominate my own guide, but I recently made a guide to AoO's that some might find useful. :)

  52. Aand someone (not me) made guides to the Akashic Mysteries Classes:!

  53. Looks like a good Guide to the Kineticist

  54. I believe there is a handbook to the Evangelist PrC out there that would be a very helpful addition to this guide. I'm going to keep looking for it, but just wanted to check if you've seen it?

    1. Hmm, I don't think I've seen it. Let me know if you find it!

  55. I just finished my first attempt at a guide in the Treantmonk style. It's on the Occultist from Occult Adventures.

  56. Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium is empty. Found out there's a new link to them.!194&ithint=folder,.pdf&authkey=!AAVhtc9jjDglhno

  57. Two psychic guides created less than 24 hours apart:

  58. As the original author of the second guide you mentioned, I'm glad to see someone else made a guide for the Psychic: let's spread the love for this class!

  59. Any one that have see a guide for the new unchained Monk ?

  60. I do believe I have found A, if not the guide the last anon in August was looking for about the evangelist.

    1. Wait crap, you already have that. Why do I not check these things?


  62. A rogue and a sorcerer guide were just deleted. I saved a copy.



  63. I post em as I see em. I also keep backups of anything that I have too, in case one gets missed, I can restore.

  64. Pyrokineticist guide:

    -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}

    1. ^That's a long link -- in case the message engine messes it up, it is also linked from the Aetherkineticist guide you already have linked above.

      -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}

  65. Hey, I notice you're lacking the general Spheres of Power handbook, which is made by the guy who wrote the elementalist. Would you mind adding it?

    1. No problem, though I do request that you link directly to the guide- Currently you link to the discussion thread. Here's a link to the actual guide itself:

  66. Two more handbooks:

    First is Templates and You, a handbook to templates for PCs,

    Following that up is the Thaumaturge handbook, link to the Discussion:
    Direct Link:

  67. Another Arcanist guide in progress:
    Discussion thread for this: (also has link to the guide in case the message engine messes up the first link above).

    -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}

  68. Still early work but the messageboards are collaborating on a guide to archetypes for all classes:

  69. Here is a Spiritualist guide:

    Unfortunately, I haven't found a corresponding discussion thread for it, but keep an eye out for it (although it might not be on the messageboards). If the long link gets broken here, see this thread/post (which is not specifically a discussion thread for this guide):

    Also, somebody has another Spiritualist guide in progress (linked indirectly from the Paizo messageboards post linked above), and I will be checking it out later. Likewise with another VMC guide (linked from the end of the guide that I just linked).

    -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}

  70. Okay, here's the additional VMC guide:

    . . . and its discussion thread, which is not on the Paizo forums:

    -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}

  71. And here's the other Spiritualist guide (self-labeled as work in progress):

    Again, no discussion thread found for it, but keep an eye out.

    1. (Oops, Ninja'd)

      -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}

  72. Optimizing Your Backstory, TheOneHawk's Guide to Traits and Flaws.

    1. Yup, that's already on there under General Character Building! Thanks though.

  73. Almark on Giantitp made a guide to Rite Publishing's Draconic Exemplar.!-%28Guide-to-Draconic-Exemplar%29

  74. Our lord and master Cockroach TeaParty made an occultist guide at some point:

  75. Someone is actually working on a crowdsourced Psion handbook. So check out the thread:

    And the guide itself:

  76. By the way, to avoid confusion with hybrid archetypes (like Kata Master, that bring into one class features of another class), "JAM’s Hybrid Archetype Guide: The Monk" has been renamed to "JAM’s Blended Archetype Guide: The Monk".

    -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}

  77. Intimidate Guide

  78. Alignment Guides (so maybe you can play that Anti-Paladin.)

  79. How can i upload here a guide?

    1. Just write the link down here and I'll put it on the page.

      Or do you have a document you want me to host? You can send it to


    1. New Druid guide! Added! Do you have a discussion thread for it somewhere?


  82. Hi there. I had an idea regarding the Spiritualist one day, and thought I might try putting it together. The result follows.

    1. Added! Do you have a discussion page?

    2. None as yet, though I suppose I should.

  83. Implementing Magic: VampByDay's guide to the Occultist:

    Discussion thread for this:

    Unfortunately I don't know of a discussion thread for CockroachTeaParty’s Occultist guide that you already have linked above, because I'd like to tell the author: Nothing against the guide (I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but plan to do so, and expect it to be good), BUT IT'S REAL EASY to read that title the WRONG WAY . . . .

    -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}

    1. Bwahaha, yeah I can see that. Added the other guides though!

  84. Name change:

    Huh, Fighters Don't Suck: Nightbringer's Guide to the Pathfinder Fighter

    is now:

    Huh, Fighters Are Pretty Awesome
    Nightbringer’s Guide to the Pathfinder Fighter

    (Links remain the same)

    -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}

  85. Vigilante



  86. In the Guide to Pathfinder Races, some updates are needed for material from Blood of Shadows (also Heroes of the Wild and the regrettable Scarred Witch Doctor Errata).

    -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}

  87. Your Spheres of Power guide, the Orrery, is mispelt as Orrey.

  88. Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus has a Paizo Messageboards discussion thread that needs to be associated with it:

    -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}

    P. S. Any update coming for the Guide to Pathfinder Races? This is for for material from Blood of Shadows (also Heroes of the Wild and the regrettable Scarred Witch Doctor Errata).

    1. P. P. S. Also found a Google Docs version of this guide -- top heading says updated in June 2016:

    2. Adjusted, thanks! Is there somewhere I can see a list of the new races and materials?

    3. Unfortunately, I don't know where to find all the adjustments in one convenient place. I have just been sponging material off and sometimes Archives of Nethys and the Paizo Messageboards. I can help find stuff little bits at a time (such as the regrettable Scarred Witch Doctor errata noted above). Send me a PM on the Paizo Messageboards if you're interested.

      -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}

    4. My god, this guide is awesome. Some time ago I've dropped Magus char thinking this class was trash. Now, after reading this guide and some playtests, I can see where I was wrong.
      If you're the author - thanks dude.

  89. The Iron Caster

  90. Why are none of the Arcanist Builds completed?

    1. Not sure, that sounds like a good question for the writers.

    2. I am more asking why you only posted builds that were not completed? Is there a lack of completed builds or something?

    3. As far as I know, this is all the Arcanist guides that exist. Partial guides are better than no guides. If you know of any others, please let me know so I can add them.

  91. Any ETA on the expanded Path of War guides? i'm looking forwards to harbinger guides.

    1. No idea, unfortunately. Maybe make a post on the Paizo forums?

  92. Blaster Arcanist guide (even has a pretty complete build in it):

    Discussion thread for this:

    -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}

  93. Here is an Eldritch Knight guide (sorry, not aware of any accompanying discussion thread):

    -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}

    1. Forgot to mention that it is only 2 years out of date, unlike the other one.

      -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}

  94. There's a guide to the Vigilante's Warlock archetype floating around, couldn't find a discussion page for it though:

  95. May not quite be a guide, but I'm sure people can make use of my overview of Caster Level and DC increases for character building:

  96. Hey there. Stumbled upon this PP purchasing power breakdown guide for Pathfinder Society - may be an addition to that one guide you have for PFS there.

    1. Uh, this one -

  97. New Rogue guide (with dip in UCMonk or Brawler):

    -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}

    1. Oops, forgot to mention the discussion thread for the above:

      -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}

  98. Seems like a whole bunch of comments (everything after 2016-08-23) mysteriously disappeared.

    -- {Paizo forums UnArcaneElection}