Monday, July 14, 2014

Martyr King 7: Floating Reef

Adventure log for the seventh session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Our heroes are only a day or two from Auger when they are awoken in the night by a loud crunch and rending of wood. Rubbing sleep out of their eyes and hastily grabbing their weapons, our run upstairs and see that the ship has crashed into a large floating reef. If that wasn't bad enough, the sail is aflame, and skeletons (and skeleton archers, and a skeleton ogre) are attacking! The fight is a tough one, as the skeleton archers are pelting away and Saffron is busy putting out the fire. Castor goes down for a bit, but Maven brings him back up. During the chaos, the sail all but burns away, leaving the ship stranded.

After fighting off the skeletons, and chastising a drunk Patrick who fell asleep at the post, our heroes go off to loot another wreck in the reef for a sail. They board a ship, are attacked by two shadows who are immune to mundane attacks and drain a good deal of strength and dex damage, then find a sail. They also raid the captains quarters, setting off two traps and grabbing some treasure, including four golden statues from Karindora. A journal tells a chilling tale of this unfortunate ship's crash, then the loss of crew of a monster.

On the way back, and already low on resources and attributes, they are attacked by a Deathweb who had been using the reef as a gigantic web for boats. Nut quickly throws the recently looted bead of force, dealing some damage and trapping the undead spider in a bubble of force. They position themselves around the spider in flanking position, buff, then clobbler the spider when he emerges. Good thing too! He deals massive damage, cleaves, and has a swarm of poisonous spiders around him. Whew! If it wasn't for that bead of force, this may have been a TPK.

Nut is poisoned by the spiders, and begins to take a whopping d4 strength a turn. With only 10 strength to start, this could spell death in a mere 3 turns, and with a poison DC of 17, two consecutive saves to cure, and a fort save of +1, things aren't looking good. To make matters worse, the reef crumbles leaving our heroes in the water! Everyone chugs a potion of the sea!

Nut and Maven drop their golden idols, which were weighing them down a whole heck of a lot. Maven struggles in his full-plate and strength damage from the ghosts, but gets to a bit of floating wood. Nut uses two consecutive points of heroic favor to auto-save his from his poison and barely makes it to the wood.

Aymeric, strong as an ox, drags his golden idol to the raft and secures it.

Castor, though his swim skills aren't the best, refuses to let go of the idol. He flounders underwater, hoping against hope that he can surface with it. Nut takes a running leap from the raft, and throws him a rope, and then a weakened (strength 4?) Maven drags him in.

Patrick and Saffron move to pick them up. Two golden idols are saved, valued at 5,000 gp each! They take three days getting to Auger, and another day at anchor nursing their attribute damage.

This session took 4 days. It is now May 12th.

This session was played at level 5. Castor earned a point of heroic favor for having the foresight to craft potions of the sea while at sea!

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