Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Martyr King 20: Killing Emut Prime

Adventure log for the twentieth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Out heroes spend a few minutes on the balcony, thinking things over. Castor cures himself of his curses and Avaryn taps in for Maven, who has to go take a leak.

After about a minute, a horde of about 50 tiny Emut children burst out of the house. The group stands unsure of what to do while the children escape. Castor has mixed feelings.

After they prepare, Nut unlocks the balcony door. Emut stands inside, wins initiative, and immediately the bombs went flying. Bombs filled with purple gas that drive Avaryn, Nut, and Aymeric instantly insane. Castor runs and shuts the door, and then watches perplexed for the next 11 rounds as the three other heroes attack themselves, attack each other, and babble incoherently. Castor force feeds Nut some potions and takes away his sword to minimize the damage sword. Yet Nut fluctuates between invisibility and visibility, hitting himself in the face with whatever he can.

Good times.

This time, the door opening is more subtle. Nut turns invisble, opens the door, and finds no Emut inside. Cautiously, our heroes enter one by one, examining the turned over table and pile of gold (which Nut leaps into).

Suddenly Emut becomes visible (in a spot Nut had literally leapt over), and confusion bombs go flying. Again, Nut, Avaryn, and Aymeric become confused, while Castor stays sane. However, a few fistfuls of frost bombs, and some confused swords, arrows, and wakizashis later, and Emut lay bleeding on the ground.

After the confusion wears off, Emut is questioned but is totally unhelpful. Aymeric notices that the alchemist keeps glancing toward a second set of stairs down.

Nut investigates, and finds a large underground room filled with Emut-Cauldrons and alchemic equipment. In the center of the room is a gigantic and bloated pile of burned flesh - Emut Prime, kept alive by a soulstone. Nut removes the soulstone and the gigantic ball of flesh immediately putrifies. Nut finds himself wading in ankle-high rotten and moldy flesh (and soon his own vomit). However, he makes his way upstairs then nearly passes out from physical and emotional exhaustion.

With Emut Prime gone, Castor slit upstairs Emut's throat. Still, it's unclear what exactly was going on here, and if this is really the end of Emut.

After looting the place, and attempting to burn it about a dozen times (it's made of stone!), our heroes leave as the Sartori mob approaches.

After some brief R&R, our heroes decide to head up to Monkville. After about a week's worth of travel, they are ambushed by a pissed off and jawless Cainan, who speaks through his thralls. However, he is glued in place and quickly dispatched. After Avaryn explains what would happen if Cainan got close, our heroes realize that they were very lucky he did not go first.

It September 20th, 2000 A.F. This session took 1 week. Who got a point of heroic favor. Our heroes played this session at level 9.

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