Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Martyr King 15: The Crimson Minaret

Adventure log for the fifteenth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Our heroes are nursed back to health in the Pruhan capital. There they meet the Black Han member Fermy Falan, and are offered three soulstones by the King if they can save his people from the Tessian Siege.

After some experimentation, it is discovered that normal people can pass through the jumpgates if the gates are slathered in the blood of all 5 adventurers. The vague plan is to teleport everybody out to another minaret, but no options look good. The logistics of feeding 20,000 people through a doorway seems daunting.* However, the King requests that our heroes head north to activate the crimson minaret.

Our heroes are teleported out of the city and begin their trek. The first night Nut zones out during his shift. The next morning he discovers that Hervey's magic wand is gone.

The land is something like scottish highlands and bog. There are frequent fogs, a cool clear fog or a warm oily fog, depending on which way the wind is blowing. They also being to see the dull red glow of the splinter zone to the east.

That day, they are attacked by a few monks from Saffron's order, as eel as a splinter zone beast. The monks tell Saffron that Remi, the self styled Martyr King Reborn, demands that she return the plant. The monks are dispatched, and the one left alive for questioning is beaten to death by Saffron.

Our heroes take a second to talk about the plant. After some discussion, Nut suggests that they all pour some blood on it. Low and behold, the seedling blossoms and begins to grow.

A few days later they arrive at the Crimson Minaret, having ridden their horses to death. Well, Saffron's horse survived, but she decided to fisticuffs coup-de-gras it for good measure.

Inside the Crimson Minaret, a fight against constructs on a See-Saw is had. It is well balanced.

Our heroes activate the jumpgate with a yellow soulstone, slather their blood around, and people begin funneling through. Our heroes are given new horses, the old ones are eaten, and goodbyes are said. Off to Karem-Kora, capital of Narset!

It is now of July 26th, 2000 A.F. This session took 8 days weeks, three of which could be crafted in, four of which were spent in captivity. Who got heroic favor? Our heroes played this session at level 7, but have just leveled up to level 8.

* This is all thoroughly researched.

The average person on rations will eat about 3 pounds of food and water a day (Nutritionists suggest 4.7 pounds of food, .5 pounds of water for a normal day, so rations are slim). For 20,000 people, that's 60,000 pounds.

The average horse can carry approximately 100 pounds for 12 hours without getting tired. If each horse is loaded up, that's 600 horse trips in one day.

Lets assume there is a half an hour walk to the storehouse. With 600 horses each horse only has to make one trip, and we will assume they do it simultaneously. Not a problem, that's only 1 hour total. Loading up each horse takes approximately 15 minutes, and unloading also takes 15 minute so that's another half an hour (also assuming 600 horse loaders and unloaders). So that's an hour and a half for each simultaneous trip.

Okay, so we are at 1:30 assuming we have 600 horses. But we don't. We have 50 horses, as the rest were killed in the war or already eaten for food. So now we 50 horses making 600 trips, or 12 trips each. Each trip takes an 1:30 total, so we have 18 hours total. This isn't including organizational or logistical issues.

Of course, there is a more fundamental problem, that there is no warehouse full of food and water near any jumpgate. There is a city near the copper minaret, but that's at least a 6 hour trek for horses through a jungle. Not including getting them up and down the stairs of the copper minaret.

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