Saturday, December 1, 2018

Starfinder Guide to the Guides

Welcome to the Starfinder Guide to the Guides!

Much like the Pathfinder Guide to the Guides, this will contain character guides and builds for the Starfinder ruleset.

Please comment below if you know of a guide for the Starfinder ruleset that isn't included below.

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Character Classes


     Wheel-n-Deal's Mechanic Guide [Discussion] (2017)

     Wheel-n-Deal's Mystic Guide [Discussion] (2017)


      Wheel-n-Deal's Technomancer Guide [Discussion] (2017)
      Yoonki's Ultimate Guide to Technomancers (2020)


       Witchwarper Class Guide [Blog] (2021)

General Character Creation

      Krogania's Guide to Archetypes [Discussion] (2018)
      Krogania's Guide to Themes [Discussion] (2018)
      Starfinder Quick Race Guide [Discussion] (2018)
      Jimble's Sortable, Filterable Equipment Master List [Discussion] (2018)
      VampByDay's Compilation of Starfinder Starting Gear [Discussion] (2018)
      Yoonki’s Ultimate Guide to Creature Companions (Mar 2023)
      Thrask's Guide to increasing Starfinder Skill Bonuses (June 2023)

Helpful Sheets & Cheat Sheets

      Paris Crenshaw's Starship Combat Roles Cheat Sheets (2018)
      Perdue's Starship Combat Roles [Discussion] (2018)
      Jimble's Cheat Sheet for Starfinder Medicine (2018)
      Dungeonetics Starfinder Spell Database [Discussion] (2018)
      Starfinder RPG Ship Builder [Discussion] (2018)
      Average Enemy Stats [Discussion] (2018)

Starfinder Society

      StarFlutter's Guide for Starfinder Society Newbies (2018)
      Flutters Guide to Playing PFS Online (2018)

Friday, August 10, 2018

365 Magic Items

Benjamin Medrano has made something incredible with 365 Magic Items.

Inside you’ll find weapons and armor, shields and rings, rods, staves, crowns, and wondrous items of all sorts.

You’ll find magical sets, such as the celestial crescents and set of the fool. You’ll find sets of sin ranging from envy to wrath.

Within are weapons of incredible power, such as bonedrinker, blade of the moon, and the elemental wheel. Alongside them are commoner tools, such as the coin of good fortune and magistrate’s gavel.

Have a character concept? You’ll find something for it within. Need a campaign-driving MacGuffin? Try the pearl of life or crown of the necromantic lord (or dozens more).

Maybe you’d like an eternity seal to lock away a cursed treasure? Or an ephemeral breastplate for a quick escape? Or a clone amulet for the ultimate backup plan?

You’ll find all that, and hundreds upon hundreds more, within.



Monday, February 5, 2018

Seven Bizarre Races

Let’s mix up the playbook.

The races presented within are more than just a collection of minor attribute bonuses and abilities designed to get a bit more damage out of a longsword. These races are unique, vivid, and bizarre in a balanced and instantly recognizable way. They change the game, and present an excellent, fascinating toolkit for players interested in variety.

With these bizarre races, nobody will forget who you are or what you look like. With these races, suddenly your game is new again.

  • BUNNYTAURS: Halfling-rabbit centaurs, quick and alert but gripped by instinctual cowardice.
  • KINDERCLOAKS: Plump, hooded shadows crafted from primitive magics that turn to petrified smoke in bright light.
  • MERRIEPETALS: Revelrous flowers which exude a certain allure which makes them irresistable – or is it the hallucinogenic spores?
  • MISBORN: Gangly psychopomp-touched humans with the ability to talk to the dead and see through planes.
  • PAINTERLILIES: Two-dimensional sentient paintings, with the ability to meld onto surfaces.
  • SHADOWFRIENDS: Frail fey giants created by a child’s wish, disturbing in form but remarkably kind.
  • BLESMOLFOLK: Sluggish, pain-immune mole rats, carving out vast labyrinths and dungeons. Blesmolfolk are divided between four distinct racial castes: industrious workers, crafty warriors, conniving consorts, and willful queens.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Maniac Character Class

Exploit your wildest emotions with the powerful maniac!

Maniacs are reckless arcane spellcasters that enter into an altered state of consciousness called rave. While in a rave, these rash enchanters draw upon a set of primal forceful emotions rooted deep in their psyche.

Burning emotions to fuel their magical abilities, maniacs harness powers that other arcane practitioners consider unreliable if not outright dangerous. Often ostracized by society and treated as lunatics by their peers, maniacs seek out extreme situations in which they can explore the full emotional array, drawing them towards a life of adventuring.

Included in the Maniac Character Class:
  • The maniac character class, a wild 9th level spellcaster that harnesses emotions as fuel.
  • 20 emotional raves for the maniac to exploit.
  • 5 Maniac archetypes: the affector, fractured soul, fury, korybant, and tempermentalist.
  • 7 favored class options, 3 magic items, and 2 maniac specific feats.