Monday, March 4, 2013

How To Round out Your Party

       I see a lot of people asking how they can round out their party.  They already have a wizard, a melee fighter, and a Zen Archer, and they are wondering what they are missing.  Now, there is a scientific way to find out!

       Science - what a baller.

       Check out this Google Doc: Rounding Out Your Party

You can then either edit it directly - there are multiple sheets in the google doc, so use one of those if somebody is editing the first page - or save it to your computer and use it from there.

       In the left column, put how many of each class/archetype your party already has.  The middle column will then tell you what your party is good and bad at.  The right column will provide suggestions to help you round out your party.  The higher the number is, the better it is for your party.  A match number might be negative, but still add to the party - just look for the highest one!

      A party's and class's capabilities is broken down into the following categories:
  • Does Melee Damage
  • Does Ranged Damage 
  • Heals my Allies
  • Acts as a Tank
  • Many Skills, Great out of combat utility
  • Does Blasting, Area Damage
  • Buffs my Allies
  • De-Buffs My enemies and Controls the Field
  • Has Magical Capabilities
  • Trapfinder
  • Acts as the Face of the Party
  • Sneaky

The General and Combat Party Scores will help you get a grasp of how many bases your party covers.  General Party counts all factors evenly, while Combat counts the Combat factors more than the non-combat factors.  Get rid of those negatives to help yourself out.

Feel free to post your party score online or in the comments!