Saturday, July 12, 2014

Martyr King 6: Hara the Witch

Adventure log for the sixth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Our heroes continue on their way to Hara the Witch. As the days pass, they get the sense that they are being watched, which gradually gives way to being herded. Wolves howl in the night, and in the day they seem to close in around our party, leaving only one way to go. Luckily that is the way to Hara.

After about a week of travel, our heroes arrive at the overgrown ruins of a large city, made entirely of white stone. Trees and moss are slowly grinding the blocks down into dust. The wolves are all around them now, keeping a safe distance, but howling and growling all the same. There must be hundreds.

Finally, our heroes arrive at Hara's lair, which appears to be the base of a large toppled tower made of white stone. Tentatively, they journey inside, where the trees and foliage are overgrown, and massive trunks are the only thing keeping the ceiling up. They reach a clearing in the "woods" where Hara sits flanked by two wargs. In the center of the clearing is a dire-wolf pup, who appears to be hooked up to some sort of wooden cauldron contraption. Castor takes one look and determines that this is how she is controlling the wolves. Saffron drops her bow and greets the fellow half-elf archer.

Hara opens her mouth and out comes gibberish, a bizarre amalgamation of a variety of languages and wolf sounds. Aymeric is able to decipher it, and initiates conversation. However, Hara appears to be only interested in the human's immediate surrender. Our heroes decide that they would rather just fight the witch than try to convince her of her ways, and so they do.

Hara opens the combat by causing vines to grow around our hero's legs, impeding their movement. Saffron runs after the witch, trying to channel her monk training and punch the enemy (only partially successfully). Nut runs to disarm the cauldron (successfully) then joins the combat. Aymeric judges a worg unworthy and takes him out. Castor shuffles around the battlefield, dragging yards of vines, and chucks bombs where he can. Maven runs into the fray again, and is again knocked down and gnawed on by wolves.

But eventually, Hara falls. Our heroes grab the dire-wolf pup and leave, noting how the wolf tribes are now in-fighting and fleeing. The dire-wolf pup is met with mixed feelings, and, after some halfhearted attempts to train him, he is released into the wild.

Another week's travel brings our heroes to Dail, a town of about 1,000. Patrick goes to a large building which is proudly labeled: "Fitzgibbons & Fitzgibbons: The Fitzgibbonses." He greets his many sisters, then heads upstairs to confront his father. Evidently, Mr. Fitzgibbons wants Patrick to help him run the family trading business, but Patrick would rather be a sailor. When Patrick explains that he promised our heroes passage to Auger, Mr. Fitzgibbons is annoyed. But, a Fitzgibbons always pays his debts.

He gives Patrick a moldy old tub and tells him that it is his duty to captain it across the inner sea. Patrick has mixed feelings about this, but is honor-bound to obey.

Our heroes go shopping and discuss tactics.

After a week in town, our heroes head off on their journey. Castor makes some improvement to the ship, and they are attacked by a devil fish. They are now within a day or two of making port in Auger.

This session took 7 weeks, or 49 days. It is now May 8th.

Played this session at level 4, but just leveled up to level 5. Nut earned a point of heroic favor for being entertaining!

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