Thursday, July 10, 2014

Martyr King 4: Leaving Puldash

Adventure log for the fourth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.
Bombs! That figures.

Saffron blunt arrows Flint into unconscious oblivious, then our heroes run upstairs. They take Mect, Flint, and George the caravan driver, but leaving the Simulacrum of Emut to his fate. Good riddance.

Upstairs there are a few druggies, but the bombs are quickly located by Saffron's incredible perception and disarmed by Nut and Castor. Kishii stashes are then retrieved, and Castor delicately rigs the place to blow for the next person who comes snooping.

Not fully trusting of Adrianne, and not wanting to go all the way back to Balba Stadium, our heroes journey a short way out of the city into the jungle, where they tie up Flint and speak with Mect.

Mect explains that Flint betrayed them to the Sartori. Given that both organizations traded in drugs, Flint worked with the Sartori to take the Black Hand out of business in exchange for a cut. The corrupt Dorian Gnome also wanted whatever the mysterious caravans were carrying, so he timed his betrayal with the heros' arrival.

Flint confirms the story. After much debate about what to do with the treacherous Gnome, including plans to have Flint deposit money in an off-shore bank account, our heroes decide that he simply cannot be trusted. Despite his protests, the Gnome's throat is slit. Serves him right!

Mect, demoralized and without an organization, decides to head back to Kathmar to meet up with the Black Hand there. When it becomes clear that George is terrified of them, they decide to let the poor caravan driver go. Good karma for all! But is it the right choice?

With that business behind them, our heroes return to the subject of the caravans. The contents of the caravans had clearly indicated that the Dorians were planning invasion into the country of Auger on the continent of Mildan. Our heroes, after some discussion, decide to head to Auger to warn the people there.

Our heroes head to the Puldash docks, and, after a bit of gathering information, find a perfect ship: the Wave Strider, captained by a man ominously named Scuttle. It's a small, 10 person crew, and the harbor is Auger. It appears to be transporting drugs, so it probably will be avoiding the officials.

Saffron demonstrates her ability to be an excellent lookout, and Maven shows off his healing skills. They are signed onto the ship without needing to pay. Scuttle is less impressed with the exploits of Nut, Castor, and Aymeric, but lets them pay to board his boat. And off they go!

A few weeks pass, and the heroes fend off some fearsome Draugr who climb aboard. Maven negotiates a partial return of fees, and Scuttle grumblingly agrees.

On the boat, our heroes get to know each other a little better, and swap some stories. Little is held back.

A few weeks later, off the coast of the wild subcontinent of Dail, the Wave Strider is hailed by a small dorian vessel. Our heroes, unsure what action to take, let events unfold. The Dorian ship, also outfitted strange black wood, draws near the Wave Strider, then grapples and lowers a boarding plank. Onto the plank steps a dark and fearsome looking Dorian inquisitor. He is dressed in black armor, and around his neck hangs a soulstone on a chain. And he is smiling.

For some reason, our heroes can't get this song out of their heads.

He addresses the heroes on board. "Where are the others?"

"The other what?" Ask our heroes tentatively.

"The other false martyrs of course." The inquisitor flashes a cruel smile. By this time,  Aymeric has made his way on deck. And he recognizes his old Inquisitorial partner, Bayka.

"I'm so sorry that your execution had to be delayed." Bayka draws a long, cruel looking Falchion. "But I'm here to make that right."

28 days have past, and it is now March 6th, 2000 A.F. Our heroes are level 4. Castor and Saffron received a point of heroic favor each for character chatting, and Maven received a special mid-game point for not wearing his armor while he sleeps! Nut received a point of heroic favor for dealing a whopping 49 damage in one attack!

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