Friday, July 11, 2014

Martyr King 5: Bayka Explodes

Adventure log for the fifth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Bayka smiles a cruel and eager grin. Seeing his old partner, Aymeric, he opens his mouth to speak. In this conversation much will be revealed. And afterward, there will be a fight to write about. Our heroes feel a chill run up their collective spines.

All except for Saffron. Growing up in the wilds of Dorma, she never learned to art of the dramatic. Either the enemy is alive, or he is dead, and the sooner the second, the better. She can feel the sacred plant strapped to her back, and decides to take no chances.

For a moment, she feels touched by a god.

Then the arrows fly.

Three arrows strike the inquisitor, finding chinks in his armor, penetrating skin, and organ, and bone, and with each arrow the inquisitor's face changes from surprise, to anger, to fear. He drops his sword, which sticks with a thud in the gangplank. Suddenly, the soulstone in his armor activates. Bayka is gone, seemingly teleported away, and in his place a yellow shockwave emerges, which in half a heartbeat destroys both ships. The heroes are thrown into the water, and nobody has a clue what happened.

Our heroes, confused and ears ringing, find one another, find their possessions (and Bayka's sword), and then look for survivors. the Crew is dead, except for a halfling named Patrick Fitzgibbons.

Nut crafts a crude raft, and our heroes make their way to shore, where they quickly dispatch of a handful of wolves. Patrick suggests that they make their way north to Breckshire, where they can potentially catch a ride. Patrick Fitzgibbons grew up in Breckshire, before he and his family moved to Dail. He also says that the wolves were likely sent by Hara the Witch, and more are on their way.

Instead of digging in and fighting the wolves on land, our heroes finish up the raft and head north along the coast. They can hear the wolf pack in the woods, following them, but they do not see anything.

Breckshire is a ruin, the victim of a massive wolf attack. They dig into the dock house, then defeat a large pack of wolves.

Hearing the sounds of screaming, our heroes round the corner and kill (and entangle) three dire-wolves attempting to finish off the population. A citizen emerges from a house, and thanks our heroes.

The citizen and Patrick talk. It seems that ships rarely stop at Breckshire, and they are extremely unlikely to do so now that the place is destroyed. Patrick wants an escort to Dail, where he can talk to his rich father about getting our heroes passage. Our heroes accept. The journey should take about a month.

About two weeks into their travels, they are attacked by 6 wargs. Nut learns a valuable lesson about charging into battle without backup, and Maven runs, and then falls to the rescue. He spends the rest of the battle on the ground, healing himself and Nut. Aymeric singles out a wolf and gives him his all. Saffron decides to spread out her arrows, then learns that it is perhaps not the best option. Castor is tripped by a wolf, and spends the rest of the battle rolling away from wolves and chucking bombs at them from the floor. Good fun!

This session took 2 weeks, or 14 days. It is now March 20th.

Our heroes are level 4. Maven earned a point of heroic favor for charging in to rescue Nut.

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