Monday, July 28, 2014

Martyr King 19: Attack on Emut's Compound

Adventure log for the nineteenth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

After picking up bits of shattered bone and jaw, our heroes pack up and head north-west towards Sartori-ville. Castor and Nut adopt disguises, and Maven dresses as a ghost. Aymeric, recently awoken from his several session nap, gives them all curious looks. They are off to off Emut!

Traveling takes a week.

Our heroes stop a few days outside of town. Here, they wait for a Sartori on mission, and they find one in Billy Barnum. After a wonderful riding tackle from Aymeric and a Drow poison dart in the throat by Castor, our heroes drag Billy off the main road and question him. They learn that Emut has taken control of the Sartori, has abandoned the temple, and resides in a compound by "the Oasis." Then knife in the face courtesy of Castor, and Maven is just a bit too slow to stop him.

Our heroes ride 18 hours to the compound, arriving at daybreak - just too late to come storming in. Nut goes to scope things out while the rest wait in the desert. The compound has 10 foot tall stone walls and a house. Nut sees a few Emut simulacrums lounging about and hears the sounds of children's laughter, but sees no huge contingent of guards or anything. He hurries back.

After a bunch of planning, our heroes decide to attack at night. They reach the wall unseen by the solitary guard on post. However, when Castor attempts to stick is nose above the wall, he instead hits it and screams an obscenity. The compound is alerted!

Our heroes all make their way to the balcony, some climbing, some flying, some teleporting. They make short work of the guard. Castor notices two dire wolves in a pen, and bombs them while they are helpless. A few rounds later the other Emuts have awoken and prepared for battle. Two knights, one cleric, and a flying sorcerer favoring lightning charge out of the downstairs, followed shortly by man wielding a rapier.

Being all on the balcony gives our heroes a distinct advantage. Castor stink bombs a knight (who has put away his sword and pulled out a bow). The flying sorcerer is compelled to attack Maven, flies next to him, and gets smashed. The rapier man climbs the balcony and gets cut to ribbons by Aymeric and Nut. Castor has a somewhat worse time. After starting the fight off with a bang, he gets cursed and blinded by the cleric.

However, the fight is going against the Emuts, so the two knights and the cleric scurry back inside.

It September 13th, 2000 A.F. This session took 1 week. Aymeric got a point of heroic favor for tackling a Billy from a horse. Our heroes played this session at level 8, but leveled up to level 9 at the end.

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