Saturday, July 26, 2014

Martyr King 17: The Opal Weapons

Adventure log for the seventeenth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Our heroes fight the Guardians of Light, a golden, mechanical, winged centaur with two brass angels and a penchant for hold person. Castor shows off some excellent battlefield control, gluing the centaur, then dropping a smoke bomb and having the entire party hide behind it while dispatching with the angels. After that, the centaur attacks Nut and Maven, but goes down.

Our heroes each receive an Opal Weapon. Maven gets Full Plate, Aymeric gets a Falchion, Castor gets an Opal Ingredient Pouch, Saffron gets a bow, and Nut gets two wakizashis.

Our heroes return to the High Priest again, who commends them. A few more things are brought to light.

First, A band of heroes has once before attempted to bring down the Gods. They were killed mere steps from the exit of the High Temple of Darkness. However, things are different now, as most of the Gods recognize Light’s overwhelming domination of the terrestrial plane. Likely, only the God of Light will try to kill our heroes. Nothing new there.

Second, by fighting the Guardians, our heroes have likely alerted the Gods to the presence and intentions of the heroes.

Third, soulstones are not actually souls, although they can be created when a person dies. Rather, they are temporary portals to other planes that are held open by Opal, this magical material. When a person dies, his soul is shunted to the plane that fits him the most (99% of the time, the plane of light). A ritual can quickly be performed to transfer that split second portal into an Opal.

Fourth, opal is used to hold open these portals, and generally sucks the elements out of things. It is used for repelling Gargor (those gigantic sea creatures that are attracted to soulstones) and also is the primary ingredient in Kishii and Darkwood.

Fifth, the weapons that our heroes now possess can be powered up by using soulstones. Only one soulstone of each flavor can be used on a weapon. Each soulstone will have a different effect on the weapon.

Sixth, perhaps our heroes should not have been activating Jumpgates willy-nilly with Light soulstones. They may have allowed Azriel to enter the plane. Or maybe not. Who knows. In any case, the damage is already done. Maybe.

Seventh, the high priest was also instructed to construct a boat that could take our Heroes across the sea to Breya, where the Reclaimer civilization lives. The Reclaimers are the only force on earth that can now meet the Dorian threat. The boat is being constructed in Thota, in the northern tip of Dorma. The Boat is runed and blessed and studded with Opal, and will come complete with a "ride-along," and undead human who repels Gargor. The boat will be completed in about 9 weeks, and it takes about a 6 weeks to travel up north on horseback. That leaves about three weeks for messing around.

The High Priest gives our heroes a dark soulstone, and they activate the Obsidian Minaret's Jumpgate with it. They pop over to say hello to Adrianne, who doesn't have much information.

Then, Nut goes to go check up on the Wooden Minaret in Pruhan. He sees a few Dorians milling around, nobody important. Among these not important people is a boy delivering papers. One shuriken later and the boy explodes. Nut grabs the papers and leaves. On the now bloodstained papers he finds the following incriminating evidence (along with pieces of hair and fingers):

"Dear Mommy. I luv yu soo much. Here is yur medisin. I hope yu get it in time. Don't wurry Moomy, I will protekt you now that dad is dead. We will never hav to worry agin. Luv, your son."

Incriminating indeed! Good find Nut!

After a party in Adrian's Minaret, our heroes jump to the Crimson Minaret and take a bit over a week to check up on the Pruhan people. They aren't doing great, only about 10,000 remain. Maven does his best to help, but can only help handfuls at a time.

Nut and Castor disguise themselves, hoping to avoid Sartori scouts, then head north to ruins, that hopefully contain soulstones. On the way they meet Sensei Quinn Lai, Saffron't old teacher. The man is broken and bloodied, and he tells Saffron a disturbing story. Remi, Saffron's old pal from the Sodality of Red Leaves, has gone mad with power. An Elf name Martin Bard with a silver band around his head appeared a few month ago. He has convinced Remi that Remi is the Martyr King, and the Sodality has transformed into a Cult of Personality. Remi and Martin desperately want the plant that Saffron carries, though Quinn does not know why. Saffron leaves the group, to go deal with matters, but tell them that they should check up on her on the way.

A few days later, and our heroes are attacked at an inn by Sartori thugs. They dispatch of the thugs, but the Sartori know they are there.

It is now of September 6th, 2000 A.F. This session took 3 weeks. Nut got heroic favor for killing that kid (evidently we want to support this)? Our heroes played this session at level 8.


  1. Is it Adrianne or Adrian?

    1. Nobody knows. It changes from sentence to sentence. Magic.