Thursday, December 15, 2016

Occult Secrets: The Occultist

What Secrets Does the Occultist Hide?

There is power all around us, and it settles in the things of the world. Attuned to psychic currents, the occultist wields might in the form of powerful implements. Their expanding collection confuses the uninformed, but some see the truth: in the right hands, each of these innocuous items is more powerful than a wizard’s staff.

Inside these pages, you'll find new occultist material to enhance your game!
  • 22 Occult Implements: 10 Totem Implements and 12 Planar implements
  • 3 Archetypes: The Invoker, the Tattooed Occultist, and the Totemist
  • 4 Feats: Dual Enhancement, Echoes of Mending, Echoes of Servitude, and Mental Ki
  • 2 Spells: Empower Implement and Lock the Flow
  • 1 Sample Occultist: Keron Tiel, the Tattoed Traveler
Balanced, enjoyable, and easy to use, Occult Secrets: The Occultist provides fantastic new class options for the Occultist. Get it today!


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Occult Secrets: The Spiritualist

What Secrets Does the Spiritualist Hide?

No mere conjurer of cheap tricks, the Spiritualist serves as a conduit between the world of the living and the realm of the dead. Together with his possessing phantom, this spellcaster offers an incredible level of flavor and power to players adventurous enough to risk the occult.

Inside these pages, find new spiritualist material to enhance your game!
  • 3 Archetypes: The Forgotten, Poltergeist, and Totem Bound.
  • 4 Emotional Foci: Ancestral, Curiosity, Location, and Totemic.
  • 11 Spells, including: Detonate Phantom, Ectoplasmic Harvest, and Pierce Soul
  • 6 Feats, such as Cleansing Recall and Phantom Insight.
  • 2 Occult Rituals: Child's Guardian and Command the Forgotten.
  • 2 Sample Spiritualists: Kalari, Vengeful Survivor, and Darag Chainwalker, Warden of the Forgotten.
Balanced, enjoyable, and easy to use in your game, Occult Secrets: The Spiritualist provides fantastic new class options for the Spiritualist.  Get it today!