Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Martyr King 9: Dungeon and Dragon

Adventure log for the ninth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Let's take a few steps back, to a non-cannon event on the ship.

A few days ago, on the Salty Stache, our heroes were getting a bit of cabin fever. They decided to stop off at one of the many tropical islands in the inner sea to take a look around and explore the Golden Age ruins. Castor decided to stay back to brew and mend relations with Patrick.

After not too much exploring, our heroes come across a gigantic temple. They search around until they find a door... a door to a good old fashion dungeon crawl!

Immediately upon opening the door, our heroes are greeted with the stench of sickly sweet flowers. Once the smell dissipates, they are faced with five levers of varying sizes and materials. A sign says "Seek Wealth and Enter" in Arcane. Aymeric is able to read the runes on the switches and find the runes for wealth. Flip is switched, and stairs appear (I also would have accepted an appraise check!).

A staircase leads them down to a corridor with a foot or two of dank, opaque water. Maven trudges through it without issue, and examines an adventurer's corpse at the end of the hallway, staying a bit away from it. When the others attempt to cross the hallway, they are attacked by plants who attempt to drag them under the water. However, Aymeric and Maven set up a rope to help guide everybody across. Liberal use of ropes this session.

The corpse is some kind of haunt, but little attention is paid to it. Maven darts in, loots the adventurer of his Spiked +1 Shield, and darts out again.

Maven open the next door and is immediately hit by the spell sucking power of some strange purple crystals. Saffron steps up and shoots them. They are brittle and easily destroyed.

The next room has a chest with a 50 foot deep, 25 foot wide chasm between it and our heroes. Saffron leaps across to open the chest, which transforms into a mimic! Things get very hairy for a few turns, as nobody else is able to help as much as they would like. Still, it's well played. Saffron gets off a volley before she goes down into negatives. Maven does some long range channeling, and invites the mimic to move a square forward. Aymeric casts spiritual weapon. Nut struggles, but throws two shruiken for one damage each. The second time he does this, the one damage kills the Mimic! Saffron would have been dead for sure!

Next room has an 100 foot chasm, a mechanical horse with wings, and a stone. Each player either rides the horse across, or gets "fly" cast on him by the stone and makes a fly check. Saffron and Nut get across first, and open next the door without waiting for the others. A giant troll emerges! Oops! The fight, however, is brief, and the troll is pwned, then burned.

Next room has a giant stone frowning face, and three symbols: A man creating a table, a man singing, and a man selling goods. There is also a sign in arcane: "Entertain me, Create for Me, Work for Me." Our heroes make Profession (Nut - Sailor), Craft (Saffron - Bow), and Perform (Nut - Juggling) checks. However, each failed check results in LIGHTNING TO THE FACE. But they make it by.

Next room is a corridor with a tripwire that ends in a dead end. Nut ascertains that the tripwire will drop the floor, and he attempts to rig up a device to set it off from afar.

Whoops. It goes off and he falls into a room. A room with a Giant Red Lizard with Wings.

He immediately gets a face-full of fire, and our other heroes jump to the rescue. Flanking is had, wings are buffetted, and claws are raked. Our heroes notice the way the creature is dragging its tail and decide to name it a "Drag-On."

Finally, Saffron decides to end its misery. She flurries, gets two hits and a crit for double damage, and sets the new record for damage in one turn: 67. The place is looted (10,000 gp and some great magic items), and all go home happy.

This session took no time and was played at level 6.

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