Thursday, January 5, 2017

Undead Paragon Classes II: Ghoul, Lich and Mummy

Ever wanted to play an undead? Undead Paragon Classes II introduces three new 1-20 player classes: the GhoulLich and Mummy. These classes provide strong, balanced options for undead players while hitting all of the classics of each monster. Undead Paragon Classes also delivers a 0RP racial template, the Rotting Corpse, which can be added to any other race to make it undead. Why play a dwarf when you can play a rotting dwarf?

Included in Undead Paragon Classes:
  • The Ghoul, a murderous cannibal who weakens his enemies with disease and paralysis, then feeds on their flesh.
  • The Lich, an unbridled necromantic spell caster who burns his own soul in pursuit of greater power, and achieves immortality through a phylactery.
  • The Mummy, a blasphemous servant of the divine who slings curses and infects his enemies with horrific rot.
  • The Rotting Corpse, a 0RP racial template that can be added to any other race to make them undead (From Undead Paragon Classes I).
  • 17 Undead Feats, such as Bloody, Remove Head, and Grave Rider (From Undead Paragon Classes I).
  • Raise Undead, a new spell that allows for transformation into an undead creature (From Undead Paragon Classes I).

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