Thursday, July 31, 2014

Martyr King 21: Killing Bayka

Adventure log for the twenty-first session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Our heroes continue on their journey to Monkville. Along the way, the encounter and deal with a rock. It takes several hours of planning and forethought, but they overcome their adversary and successfully meet all objectives.

A few days later, our heroes come across a baby arsinoitherium (monster rhino!). Nut goes to help her, but only incurs the anger of a small herd of the beasts. After the beasts are dispatched, Nut tries to tame the baby, but his skill with animals is just not high enough. Rihanna the Rhino vamooses.

Two weeks of journeying, and our heroes arrive at Monkville. The scene is chaos - dead bodies, buildings on fire, grieving mothers. After antagonizing some of the local populace, our heroes get a sense of what is going on:

About a week ago, Saffron arrived on the scene, tried to kill Remi "The Martyr King," and was captured. She was set to be executed today. Then a mysterious man, who our heroes gather to be Bayka, appeared and worked his way up to the Temple, destroying everything in his path.

Our heroes hurry after Bayka. They arrive at the temple, and see a three way standoff between Bayka, Remi, and Saffron. Saffron is bow-less and disheveled, with broken chains around her wrists. When Bayka sees Aymeric he teleport attacks them, and Remi takes that moment to seal off the entrance way, blocking Remi and Saffron from the rest of our heroes.

The fight is one of the toughest our heroes have ever had. Bayka's AC is 29, his touch AC is 22, his saves are all 20+, and he has fast healing 6. He attacks on 25/20/15, and deals around 20 damage per hit, critting on a 15-20. He's also got some litanies, DR 10/adamantium, and resist fire/corrosive/frost 10.

Our heroes get pounded for a few rounds, and Castor throws three bombs at his allies, until Castor and Nut can debuff the guy a few dexterity points, making him easier to hit.

Then Nut has a stellar round. His first attack is a natural crit. His second and third attacks are crit fumbles, which he heroic favors into crit successes. His fourth attack is a confirmed crit. Nut does something like 150 damage, 4 dex damage, and disarms Bayka.

Then Aymeric steps forward. With one mighty blow, he slices right through Bayka's armor as if it were tinfoil, and opens him from neck to navel. Bayka and Aymeric take one last look at each other, then Bayka falls to his knees, and then face first into the dust.

It is October 4th 2000 A.F. This session took 2 week. Nut got a point of heroic favor for quad-crit. Our heroes played this session at level 9.

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