Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Martyr King 3: The Caravan Raid

Adventure log for the third session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.
Our heroes say a fond farewell to Adrianne, then head on back through the jungle. On the way, they encounter a Monkey Swarm and a Chimpanzee, both of whom they dispatch with the greatest of ease.

A massive storm is brewing by the time our heroes arrive at the Woven Tapestry. Our heroes talk with Flint, who tells them he has set everything up. A lightly guarded Caravan is currently moving at a snails pace through a terrible, terrible path, recommended by yours truly. Our heroes decide to attack the caravan now. Why wait?

In the intense storm, Saffron finds it easy to spy on the caravan undetected. Just a single wagon, a single oxen, a single driver, and a single guard. They are currently stuck in the mud.

A plan is formed. Aymeric dons his inquisitor outfit and badge, and Castor takes a disguise self potion and makes himself look like an inquisitor. They approach and offer their assistance. The bluffing is kind of hit and miss, but in the end help is warily accepted.

The band gets the wagon rolling again, and Aymerica and Castor begin chatting up the Dorians. Nut uses this opportunity to sneak behind the wagon and cut his way inside. It's pitch black, so he cracks a Sunrod . . . which lights up the inside of the wagon like a lamp. The guard and driver, already on edge, instantly attack.

A short fight ensues. Saffron rains down arrows from above, the Guard is dazed and drops his Greatsword, which Castor picks up. The guard grabs it back, and Castor beats a hasty retreat as Aymeric is dealt a solid blow. Meanwhile, Nut tries, and fails to cut his way out of the wagon to join the fighting. Eventually the Guard is killed, and the Driver is knocked unconsious.

Inside the wagon, there is a soulstone encased in some kind of black wood. There are also metal sheets, and Nut identifies schematics for some sort of war machine. After a long discussion the driver is revived, but he claims he doesn't know anything. His name is George, and he agrees to go back to the Woven Tapestry with our Heroes. Our heroes take the soulstone, the casing, and the schematics, and release the oxen into the wild.

Our heroes arrive back at the woven tapestry, with George quietly in tow. The place seems strangely deserted. Our heroes cautiously venture down into the Black Hand hideout, where they see the corpses of both Black Hand and Sartori. They tie up George and continue on.

In the meeting hall, they are greeted by a disturbing sight. Mect is tied up and bleeding out. Emut Val-Tee, Castor's old master, is flanked by two Sartori Ninjas, and is chatting away with Flint Dour, who appears to be unharmed. Despite being burned horrifically by Castor, Emut seems young and scarless. Before any words can be spoken, Saffron lets loose with a sleep arrow, and battle begins.

The sleep arrow strikes true, and Emut is put to sleep, only to be roused by one of his ninja guards. A very difficult fight ensues. Aymeric, Nut, and Castor all use heroic favor to save themselves from death, as Emut's bomb-chucking skills are unmatched and the Sarori Ninja's poison is difficult for Nut to take. Still one Ninja is dropped almost instantly by a hail of arrows. Despite these difficulties, our heroes win the day, though Nut is poisoned and all are low on health.

Examining Emut's body, Castor realizes that this is simply a simulacrum of the real deal. The real Emut is likely far, far away.

Mect becons them closer. "You must run! Emut rigged this whole place to blow if any trouble befell him!"

Three days have past, and it is now February 7th, 2000 A.F. Our heroes played this session as level 3, but leveled up to level 4 at the end. Castor received a point of heroic favor for grabbing the guard's sword, thus preventing him from inflicting his awesome damage.

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