Friday, May 6, 2016

Undead Paragon Classes: Skeleton, Zombie and Vampire

Ever wanted to play an undead? Undead Paragon Classes introduces three new 1-20 player classes: the Skeleton, Zombie and Vampire. These classes provide strong, balanced options for undead players while hitting all of the classics of each monster. Undead Paragon Classes also delivers a 0RP racial template, the Rotting Corpse, which can be added to any other race to make it undead. Why play a dwarf when you can play a rotting dwarf?

Included in Undead Paragon Classes:
  • The Skeleton, a foot soldier of the undead who wields steel and iron while terrifying the weak.
  • The Zombie, an unkillable monstrosity, who gets in close to impart disease, sicken or release insects from his host corpse.
  • The Vampire, master of those he summons, those he dominates, and those he creates, though reliant on a constant source of blood to function.
  • The Rotting Corpse, a 0RP racial template that can be added to any other race to make them undead.
  • 17 new Undead Feats, including as Bloody, Remove Head, and Grave Rider.
  • Raise Undead, a new spell that allows for transformation into an undead creature.


  1. I couldn't include my full review, but you can check it out over on

    I'll include some of the highlights:
    This is a solid 4/5 for me! Really interesting stuff and the undead have always been a favorite of mine.

    I love the cover art - it’s a cool picture to me (though the rest of the art in the book doesn’t do much for me).

    The feats enhance undead traits and resistances - a few of them lean towards being too strong or worrisome (fast healing) but there are some cool ones (remove hand - which lets you use your hand like Thing from the Addams Family).

    Each class gets various class features that play up to their archetype (skeleton, zombie, vampire) and use a "Boon" system that work like Rogue Talents - picking and choosing the undead traits you want to emphasize.

    I look forward to seeing future incarnations of the undead classes or even a We Be Undead type module. Currently, I am planning to run a small gestalt campaign where the PCs pick their main classes, but slowly acquire one of these undead classes as their second class - succumbing to gradual curses or corruption.

    $3.00 for 3 classes - seems like a good deal to me. The feats, racial template, and spell are just gravy on top of this undead buffet. I dig this book - check it out guys!

    1. Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you liked it! We Be Zombies (a variety of dead are available - 9, I think) will likely be our next big adventure before We Be Dragons 2.

    2. Also, that little gestalt campaign sounds awesome. Hopefully I can get Undead Classes II out there before you get too deep into it!