Thursday, July 17, 2014

Martyr King 10: The Augerian Regroup

Adventure log for the tenth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Frantic plans are made. Saffron is asleep, Nut finally stops laughing, but Aymeric is still a bit dazed. They decide that Nut, Aymeric, and Maven will dress in guard outfits and attempt to nonchalantly leave (carrying Saffron). Castor will fly and drop bombs, providing a distraction.

And what a distraction! The guards arrive, and Castor screams bloody sacrilege, flinging smoke and tanglefoot bombs with impunity. The other heroes attempt to leave, but are stopped by two guards, who find their story suspicious. Just like last week, an inability to come up with convincing lies ultimately drags down the bluff checks, and our heroes find themselves engaged. The two guards are tough, and only Maven and Nut are able to contribute, neither being particularly in his element.

Castor, on the other hand, is finding that the skies, or at least rooftops, are very much his element. By making use of the building roofs, he is able to gain cover against the crossbow men, confuse the melee dudes, and stay out of range of another "Robes." He singlehandedly smokes, glues, and entangled a dozen Dorian guards (though I don't think he actually killed any of them). It's brilliant. An EXTREMELY close call sees Robes fail his concentration check due to entangling, preventing him from telling Nut this really funny joke. That certainly would have been the end for the party in that fight. The only guy Castor does kill, and right in the nick of time, is Robes.

Luckily, our heroes escape from the scene, Castor flying in one direction and the others fleeing quietly in another. About an hour later, they regroup at the boat, and decide to push off, heading east to the suburban village of Treeton.

There is much to discuss. What's the next step? How will they maintain disguises, now that they are wanted men, and at least a handful of people have seen their faces? Did they make the right choices? Would they rather fight a kraken then any more Guards?

A nice magical item is bought to disguise Maven (being a half-orc, he is somewhat conspicuous), and questions are asked around Treeton without too much more information being gleaned. Hervey Dunt is still stalking the streets and inspiring fear, evidently. People don't know that much about the apparent silent coup. Our heroes then head to the castle, which appears to be nearly deserted; a few Dorian Guards, maybe a bureaucrat or servant every few hours . . . nothing like the hustle and bustle that Nut and Castor remember. They question an old receptionist, who, initially gruff, becomes increasing friendly with every passing diplomacy check. However, when Maven explains that he is from Tessia, the woman shrieks and bolts.

Next, our heroes locate an abandoned house in the wealthy district. They stop a rando, who explains that it belonged to a bureaucrat who was kicked out when the Dorians came. However, the rando is increasingly put on edge when the heroes question him, and he scampers when he gets the chance.

Our heroes continue to ponder. Every night Maven receives a similar vision from the Old Man: Save the King. There are many potential courses to take. Simply try to break into the castle? Locate a disgruntled castle worker? Locate some loyal Augerians, perhaps guards? Try to track down Smith? Forget this whole thing and go off in search of another adventure? Kick a puppy? Save a puppy? The choices are endless.

It is now the evening of May 14th. This session took 3 days (the 12th, 13th, and 14th). It was played at level 6.

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