Thursday, July 24, 2014

Martyr King 15.5: The Red Dreams

Dreams after the 15th session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Under the strange heat of the Red Splinter Zone, our heroes' lives seem to bake and twist. Nights are strange and disorienting, the dreams even more so.

Castor receives a vision from the Bomblord. He is back in the Crimson Minaret, back on the gigantic See-Saw, but this time the see-saw balances on six sides. On each side he sees an element, and he looks in confusion to the God of Fire, the Bomblord only a minor god below him. The Bomblord looks at Castor with pleading eyes. Then, the See-Saw begins to tilt down towards the side of light. Down, down it tilts, as the God of LIght becomes heavier and heavier, until the See-Saw overturns.

Maven receives a vision from the Old Man. The dream is strange and unclear - all of Maven's communications with the Old Man have been waning as of late. He sees a white light that streaks down towards a featureless plane made only of Opal. This falling star strikes the plane, and the ground turns white from horizon to horizon. Where there once was the falling star, there is only now the Old Man. When Maven awakes, he realizes that his ring, which used to be made of Opal, has turned white.

Aymeric receives a vision but he does not know who from. In it the Martyr King is demonic, sitting on a throne made of Soulstone. He laughs, and takes a tiny glass carving of Cain in his hand. Then he crushes it, and the world shakes.

Saffron sees a land unfamiliar to her. It is a land of tall trees with red leaves and singing birds, a land of long days and warm nights. She sees elves wandering the land, apparently at peace. They look as though they are home. Then she sees the man with the silver band around his head. The man steps through a Jumpgate and appears at Remi's side, whispering poison in his ear.

Nut sees Hervey Dunt, as he does every night. But now, the dream has changed. Nut sees Gordon Rodon dancing with the mysterious woman. Then, Nut's knife is through Gordon's heart, and the official falls. Hervey comes forward to to take Gordon's place in the dance, but the woman turns away. She flees, tears streaming, and then jumps ... and down she falls.

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