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Killing the Tarrasque

The Tarrasque is often presented as the big bad of Pathfinder, the omnipotent destruction machine that can't be stopped.  From even a cursory look, it's clear that this CR 25 colossal beast is no joke.  He's got  525 hp, 40 regeneration, and 40 AC.  He has immunity to a host of maladies, including ability damage, energy drain, mind-affecting effects, and, if you can believe it, permanent wounds.  And he's got great melee and ranged attacks.

But invincible, he ain't.

Methods for dealing with the Tarrasque should be divided into two categories:  Getting Him Down, and Keeping Him Down.

Getting Him Down

1 - Pummel Away:  Of course, you can just whup him good.  Go toe to toe and come out swininging. Difficult, but perhaps the most rewarding.  The Zen Archer One is a good example of a build that can destroy the Tarrasque through legitimate means.  He can get the Tarrasque down to approximately negative 16,000 without the Tarrasque lifting a finger, then have about 40 minutes to figure out what to do while the Tarrasque heals back up.

2 - Magic Jar:  Classic, timeless, the Magic Jar.  It's only a sorcerer/wizard level 5 spell, but it will do the trick.  You target the Tarrasque's worst save, and get to possess it!  Then, you can either stay a Tarrasque, or suicide with him, moving the Tarrasque and the jar out of range of each other.  This method will keep him down too.

3 - Ability Drain:  While the Tarrasque is immune to ability damage, he is not immune to ability drain.  There is some debate as to whether this is intentional or an oversight, but it is RAW (rules as written).  One way to inflict some ability drain is to create some Wraiths or Shadows, through the Oracle's Juju mystery or some other means.  Wraiths will deal him d6 con damage, though only if he rolls a one on his fortitude save.  Still, the Tarrasque can't do anything about the Wraith hanging around, so it's a good long term strategy.  Also, because the Tarrasque won't regain con, he will stop at 0 con and be dead.

4 - Suffocation:  The Rules for Regeneration clearly state "Regeneration does not restore hit points lost from starvation, thirst, or suffocation."  This means that you can take him out through the spell Suffocation or Mass Suffocation.  The bad news?  The spell targets his +31 fort save.  None the less, it is possible to get him down through these means.  The Vacuum is a great example of a build that can pull it off.

5 - Divine Intervention:  Divine intervention can seem like a cop out, but it is what a lot of GMs are looking for.  Get on the good side with a god, and have him deal with the beast.

6 - Eternal Slumber: At 18th level, the witch character class gains a grand hex of her choice.  The eternal slumber hex forces a will save or fall asleep until the death of the witch (wish or similar spells can break it).  Since technically the hex is not mind-affecting, the Tarrasque is not immune (though your GM may rule that such a hex is mind-affecting, cuz, well, it probably is).

Keeping Him Down

1 - Constant Damage: Constant Damage is the simplest way to keep the Tarrasque down.  There are, of course, a multitude of was to do this.  Dumping the Tarrasque in a volcano will do the trick, as will hiring a small army to constantly pummel him.  Alternatively, you could open "Joe's Tarrasque Burgers" selling 41 hit points worth of juicy burger every 6 seconds.

2 - Planar Relocation:  One method of getting the Tarrasque out of your hair is to take him somewhere far, far away.  Plane Shift will do the trick, for a very daring spellcaster.  Best of all, the Tarrasque doesn't even need to be dead.  Just run up to the baddie, cast Plane Shift (and beat his pitiful +12 Will) and he is outta there! For more fun, take him to the astral plane where he can do no damage.  Or take him to a plane where time moves excessively slowly.  Or maroon him out in the "Plane-Where-There-is-Nothing-Oh-I-Guess-There-Is-a-Tarrasque-Here-When-Did-That-Happen."

3 - Suffocation or Starvation:  The Rules for Regeneration clearly state "Regeneration does not restore hit points lost from starvation, thirst, or suffocation."  Thusly, placing the Tarrasque at the bottom of the sea, encased in rock, or in a plane with no food would be enough to get rid of him forever.

4 - Into the Sun:  This is really a combination of several strategies, but worth mentioning anyway.  At the center of the sun the Tarrasque will take massive damage, be unable to breath or eat, and be squished down to the size of blood cell.  After all, the sun is right there.

5 - Harpooned by Immovable Rods:  Let's say you build a cage out of immovable rods, or simply use them to harpoon the Tarrasque into the ground.  Each immovable rod can hold 8,000 pounds of force.  With a strength of 41, the Tarrasque can push at most about 36,000 pounds (max carrying capacity times 5).  This means that 5 immovable rods can contain him.  To play it safe, grab a couple dozen rods (they are only 5,000 gp a piece) to skewer and restrain him.  Technically, immovable rods can be moved with a strength 30 check, meaning the Tarrasque has to roll a 15 or better.  However, it is perfectly reasonable (at least in my mind) to assume that being harpooned into the ground and restrained incurs at least a -6 penalty to strength checks, making the roll impossible.

6 - Helm of Opposite Alignment:  This method is a bit risky, but can potentially be a huge boon for realm of Good.  As the Tarrasque is regenerating (or when he is up, if you can figure out how), plop a Helm of Opposite Alignment onto his head.  This will have a 50% chance of making him either Lawful Good or Chaotic Good, and with an intelligence of 3 and wisdom of 15, he should hopefully realize that wanton destruction is wrong and join your party.  Worst case scenario, he becomes chaotic or lawful evil, and easier for your friendly neighborhood paladin to smite.  Keep in mind that he's only got a 15% chance to fail this will save, so it may take a few tries, but hopefully you are attempting this method when he's already out for the count.

7 - Polar Midnight:  The spell Polar Midnight will do the trick.  Besides dealing some damage and dexterity damage, the 9th level spell has some particularly nasty effects against creatures that do not move (say, an unconscious Tarrasque).  Two rounds in the area of effect, and the Tarrasque's body will be transformed into ice - he can only be saved now by True Resurrection, Miracles, or Wish.  The Tarrasque's fort save won't even help him here, and saving against it doesn't prevent this effect.  Easy!

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Guide to the Builds

Want a Dungeon at every Level from 1 to 13?

A repository for all of the best guides out there.

Bookmark this Page and Send it to Your Players and Co-Adventurers!

This guide serves as a repository for all of the good and/or well organized builds out there. It can help you come up with NPCs, or it can give you ideas of how to build PCs.

I will be slowly adding DPR to some of these guys at 12th level.  At 12th level I'll be assuming AC of 27/11/24, with saves of 14/10/11.  These are the average defenses of enemies of that level.

*** Mad Bomber (Zenith Games) Half-Orc Grenadier Alchemist who just chucks many, many bombs. (12th level DPR: 88, confuse, entangle, blind, glue, four times a day.  Which is just silly.)

*** Mortar (Zenith Games) Hobgoblin Grenadier Alchemist, a slightly more well rounded bomber with an excellent array of attacks and options. (12 level DPR: 82, cold, stagger, entangle, blind, curse, confuse nearly 6 times a day)

*** Dissector (Zenith Games) Human Vivisectionist/Beastmorph Alchemist who hulks up, self-buffs, then uses his natural attacks, sneak attack, and strength to tear through opponents while tanking extremely effectively. (12th level DPR: 40 and 2 strength damage with sneak attack)

***Amy Alchy (Cheapy) Changeling Beastmorph/Vivisectionist Alchemist who dips into fighter, monk, and master chemist to become a ridiculously broken melee pouncing monstrosity. (Discussion)

** Undying Alchemist (Vortexius) Half-Orc Internal Alchemist who is an expert tank and is capable of fighting effectively below 0 hp.

* Do Not Pursue (AndIMustMask) Dhamphir Antipaladin who dips phalanx soldier fighter and becomes a reaching-demoralizing-murder machine with good tanking ability.

*** AM BARBARIAN (Zenith Games) Human Mounted Fury/Superstitious Barbarian who wields a Lance, Rides a horse, pounces and gets to stupid, stupid damage.  (12th level DPR: 161, when raging, charging, and mounted)

*** Tankster II (Damocles Guile) Human Invulnerable Rager/Urban Barbarian who dips unbreakable fighter for a massive DR 24/- ... but it’s different from Mercurial’s build in some interesting ways (Discussion)

*** CAGM/Spellsunder/Debuffer (Krinn) Human Invulnerable Rager/Urban Barbarian with good AC and DR, high saves, and the ability to debuff and dispel with his sword (Discussion)

** Tankster (Mercurial) Human Invulnerable Rager/Urban Barbarian who dips unbreakable fighter for a massive DR 24/- and other great benefits.

** Astrid (AndIMustMask) Human Invulnerable Rager Barbarian who dips unbreakable fighter and fights with a Lucern Hammer.

Pandemonium Zodiac (ohako) Anglekin Aasimar Barbarian with up to 15 attack on on a charge (Level 13).

** The Controller Bard (Old Rolero) Kitsune Bard who delivers buff to his allies and rebuffs to his enemies.

Bard Skill-Monkey (Zenith Games) Human Bard 19/Urban Ranger 1 who gets 10 skill points a level and has every skill as a class skill. Uses bardic performance, enchantments, and a longbow in combat.

* Tabby the Cat (AndIMustMask) Catfolk Archeologist Bard 19/Oracle 1 skill monkey with knowledge about everything and some combat skills. [Slight error, see comments]

Blanziflor Quatrefoil (ohako) Musetouched Aasimar bar with piiles of knowledge skills who dips fighter and oracle, and uses Kirin style in battle.

** Shieldbonk Hero (Nerd-Ass Mess) Dwarf shield champion frontlinor who makes his own armor and weapons, and can switch seamlessly between melee and ranged combat.

*** The Truck (TarkXT) Human Order of the Sword Beast Rider Cavalier who rides a T-Rex and charges his enemies into oblivion. (DPR: 223 when charging, challenging and mounted)

** Corranderol (Pharmalade) Gnome Emissary Cavalier, Order of the Sword who lives to charge in on his wolf and attack!

** Chuck the Cavalier (Secret Wizard) Lashunta Luring Cavalier, an interesting build that throws great axes for damage, tripping, and battlefield control.

** Ultimate Lawyer (Nerd-Ass Mess) Human cleric focused on spell casting with untouchable diplomacy skills and a ton of social and combat tricks.

** The Hangover Cleric Build & Handbook (Akal Saris) Human cleric who debuffs his enemies with variant channeling.

** Necro-Bard (Lucy Fur) Human cleric evangelist who raises powerful undead companions, and assists with blasting and party buffs.

Dark Channeler (Zenith Games) Human Undead Lord Cleric dips 1 level into fighter for AC buffs, then wades into combat and negatively channels. (Discussion)

Dark Angel (Zenith Games) Aasimar Undead Lord Cleric dips 1 level into fighter for AC buffs, then wades into combat and negatively channels to demoralize and blow his enemies away. (12th Level DPR: 36 to all within 30 feet, 3 times a day) (Discussion)

** Galeena, the Conqueror Ooze (ohako) Half-Orc Cavewight Cave Druid who also goes martial artist, savage barbarian, and savage fighter to morph into an ooze and get 12d8 for 4 attacks at level 10.

** Sickening Shapeshifter (Nerd-Ass Mess) Human druid focused on really powerful wild shape damage with a sickening aura, as well as all the healing and buffs that come with druid hood.

* Xochtli, The Insect Queen (ohako) Human World Walker Druid/Nature Warden who rides a giant flying mantis!

* Lily Oleander (Ravingdork) Half-Elf Plant Druid, as pleasant as poison ivy to her foes, this sensuous druid’s kiss is poison.

* Vallairs Urn (Ravingdork) Half-Elf Nature Warden Druid, who uses a longbow and a tiger named Alex.

*** Teddy Rosy (Zenith Games) Human Two-Handed Fighter, the ultimate in damage dealing, destroys enemies with his Falchion. (12th Level DPR: 53.  Gets to 42 DPR with a single hit.)

** Crit Fiend (Zenith Games) Human Weapon Master Fighter who dual wields wakizashis to get an absurd number of crits each round.  (12th Level DPR: 43)

** Brute Doyen A switch-hitter Fighter based on being deadly with a bow at range… and being able to beat face at close range with a bow as a two-handed melee weapon too!

** Whirlwind Falchioner (Mercurial) Human Weapon Master Fighter who uses the Whirlwind feat with the Falchion to lay down some massive crowd control.

** Whirlwind Bardiche (Damocles Guile) Human Weapon Master Fighter who lunge whirlwinds his way into our hearts. Not as Critty as the Whirlwind Falchioner though.

** Tripping Fighter-Alchemist of DOOOM (Gelmir) Human Weapon Master Fighter who dips alchemist to, you guessed it, trip all over the place.

** The Dwarfiest Dwarf (AndIMustMask) A straight Dwarf FIghter who uses a warhammer and shield to dish out the hurt and avoid it himself.

** The Battlesnake (Damocles Guile) Human Master of Many Styles Monk 2/Unarmed Brawler Fighter 18 who punches his way to freedom.

** Iron Caster (Cartmanbeck) Weapon Master Fighter/Brawler who uses item mastery and to become a versatile Con-based caster.

* Lendar (Nicos) Human Lore Warden Fighter who gains a very high trip CMB.

* Seregon (Ravingdork) Human Fighter with a massive AC.

* The Ideal Slinger (Williamoak) Human or Tengu Two-Weapon Fighter who uses slings to send out as many projectiles as possible!

Retarius Magpie (ohako) Tengu Fighter who specializes in Disarm and Deadly Stroke.

*** Gatling the Miniscule (Jehova) Goblin Wild Rager Barbarian 2/Weapon Master Fighter 4/Musket Master 14 who deals incredibly massive damage at level 20.

Belrim Eagle Eye (Tierce) Svirfneblin Musket Master Gunslinger with a fairly standard build.

One Handed vs. TWF Pistolero (kaisc006) Feat progression and 5th, 10th, & 13th level DPR for a one handed pistolero and a TWF pistolero.

** Dazzling Inquisitor (Zenith Games) Half-Orc Inquisitor who piles on intimidate to dazzling display and shatter defenses. Dips into Cavalier (Cockatrice) and Rogue (Thug) to improve demoralizing ability. (Discussion) (12th Level DPR: 23 with shatter defenses)

** One-Man Everything (Nerd-Ass Mess) Tengu inquisitor monster tactician who always goes first and can fill nearly any role in a party.

** Sanctified Slayer (Xermax) Damage focused sanctified slayer inquisitor with an emphasis on martial prowess.

** The Fire God (Nerd-Ass Mess) Half-orc damage-dealer with a ton of hit points who uses fire exclusively and has a couple workarounds which largely ignore burn.

** The Blaster (STR Ranger and Mathwei apNial) Human Magus who dips orc/draconic sorcerer to emphasizes massive damage from shocking grasp and fireball.

** The Defiler (STR Ranger and Mathwei apNial) Human Magus who dips Witch to debuff.

** The Melee Transmogrifist (STR Ranger and Mathwei apNial) Human Magus is oriented around melee damage and using magic to gain pounce and monstrous physique.

* Gorgo (Scott Gray) More Spells and Faster Spell Progression as a full spontaneous caster.

* Kang Makhai (Ravingdork) Human magus who dips monk, a destroyer of armies, a magus transmuter of legendary power.

* Shiso Dafoe (Ravingdork) Samsaran Magus who focuses on cold based magic.

*** Mark the Marksman with Moxie (Lucy) Half-Giant Rogue 1/Marksman 13 -  A sneaky gunslinger who uses psionics and alchemy.

***** One (Porpentine) Human Zen Archer Monk of ultimate doom.

* Yugi Invictus (ohako) Dwarf Monk 8/Duelist 5 who uses a siangham to poke people to death.

* Blind Ganji (Ravingdork) Human weapon adept monk, a blind swordsman and martial artist who wields flying swords in combat.

Captain Falcon (Tels) Dwarf Monk of the 4 Winds 15/Unarmed Fighter 5, a wonderfully amusing theorycraft who deals 192d8+4d6+75 damage on a single turn at level 20, average 953 (3 times a day). Falcon Punch! (now illegal)

*** Classic Ninja (Zenith Games) Human Ninja who dual wields wakizashis to get sneak attacks. He also knows how to throw Shuriken very well at flat footed enemies - it’s loverly. (12th level DPR: 51 and 4.6 strength damage when invisible seven times a day)

*** Blackbeak (Zenith Games) Tengu Ninja who uses three natural attacks to deal sneak attack through his entire career.  (12th level DPR: 57 and 5 strength damage when invisible 6 times a day)

** Ninja Skill Monkey (Zenith Games) Human Ninja who dual wields wakizashis and throws Shuriken to get sneak attacks. Fairly similar to the Classic Ninja, but gets 240 skill points by level 20.

** Sap Master Ninja (Zenith Games) Halfling Ninja who uses the Sap Master feat to gain double sneak attack damage (12th level DPR: 80 nonlethal, and 3.6 strength damage, or DPR: 107 nonlethal and 4.8 Strength damage 8 times a day when invisible)

*** Oradin (Grarrg) Template and mini-guide for the ultimate healer, a Paladin and Oracle of Life who sacrifices his own hit points to heal others, then heals himself as a swift action.

** Lunar (Akinra) Aasimar Dual Cursed (Wolfscarred and Deaf) with a Lunar Mystery to add a feral aspect to combat.

* Araonna Chorster (Ravingdork) Human death oracle, leads an army of non-evil undead, including a purple worm zombie that functions as a makeshift “ground-craft carrier.”

*** Oradin (Grarrg) Template and mini-guide for the ultimate healer, a Paladin and Oracle of Life who sacrifices his own hit points to heal others, then heals himself as a swift action.

** Snakeman Hellknight (Nerd-Ass Mess) Nagaji palain/hell knight commander tank with fantastic mobility and high, active intimidate.

Solar (WerePox47) Aasimar Paladin with a two handed weapon and wings who looks and plays like a solar or angel.

Lay on HandiMan (Damocles Guile) Human Oath of Vengence Paladin who maximizes Lay on Hands to gain an additional 160 hit points worth of swift healing a day at 6th level (2,552 at 20th level).

*** Natural Killer (Zenith Games) A Human Skirmisher/Guide Ranger of the Two-Weapon style who dual wields Wakizashis for plenty of crits and a few skills and tricks to play around with.  (12th Level DPR: 78 against 4 enemies per day).

*** Spine Breaker (Zenith Games) A Human Skirmisher/Guide Ranger of the Two-Handed weapon style who wields a falchion for massive damage. (12th Level DPR: 75 against 4 enemies per day).

* Mounted Ranger Archer (Zenith Games) Human Skirmisher Ranger who rides around on horseback filling enemies full of arrows. (DPR: 20)

*** Shanker (Zenith Games) Human Knife Master/Scout Rogue who focuses on feinting and other tricks to deal massive sneak attack damage every round. (12 Level DPR: 26, and 1.8 strength damage  with sneak attack)

*** Smasher (Mercurial) Half-Orc Thug/Scout Rogue who dips Barbarian to deal massive non-lethal sneak attacks with, well, earthbreakers. A great contradictory build.

*** Batter McShieldBash (Prototype00) Human Ranger 7 (Guide)/Rogue 10 (Thug/Scout)/Fighter 3 (Brawler) who bashes his enemies with his shield in the best possible way.

** GM_Solspiral's Rogue Builds Check the Bottom of the page for 10 Rogue Builds of various flavors.

Rogue (Unchained)
** Swarmrogue (Nerd-ass Mess) Ratfolk with four natural attacks at level one who can just about always sneak attack.

** A Samurai (AndIMustMask) Half-Orc Sword Saint Samurai (Order of the warrior) 19/Unbreakable Fighter 1 who excels at crowd combat and is no slouch in solo fights..

** Nobu Matsuhisa - Reference Samurai (Humphrey Boggard)  Human order of the Warrior Samurai that presents an effective, resilient, and versatile melee combatant. [Discussion]

*** Enchantress (Mercurial) Kitsune Fey Bloodline Sorcerer who has unbelievable save DCs vs. Enchantment, culminating in a 36 DC Dominate Monster at 17th level.

** Fire Blaster (Zenith Games) Half-Orc Crossblooded/Tattooed Orc/Gold Dragon Sorcerer who maximizes his damage with fire.

** EleanorLorkien (EleanorLorkien) Gnome Sorcerer who dips Oracle to get highly mobile crowd control via illusions.

** Tesla (Scott Gray) PFS-legal Arcane Savant / False Priest Sorcerer build.

* Incapacitator (Zenith Games) Gnome Fey Sorcerer who focuses on incapacitating enemies rather than killing them.

* Roshgog (Ravingdork) Half-Orc fire Sorcerer, leader of his tribe and undisputed master of cleansing flame.

* She’er Falen (Ravingdork) Ifrit Sorcerer with a fondness for cute animals and fiery explosions.

*** Angry Caterpillar (Zenith Games) Half-Elf Synthesist Summoner who sprouts hands to wield falchions and tanks massively. (DPR 54)

** Archer Synthesist (Zenith Games) Half-Elf Synthesist Summoner who sprouts hands to wield longbows and shoot his enemies in the face, many, many times.

** THE Master Summoner (Mercurial) Half-Elf Master Summoner who utilizes the Primal Bloodline - Air to maximize the damage potential of summoned monsters.

* Durin Wrang (Ravingdork) Half-Elf wild caller summoner with close ties to the natural world.

* Synthesist Skill Monkey (Zenith Games) Pure Theorycrafting, a synthesist summoner who gets seven of his skills into the 40s by level 20 and has a theoretical 374 skill points.

** Steward of Ignazio (Nerd-Ass Mess) Human with a powerful griffon mount focused on charging and horsedom.

** Debuffer Witch (Zenith Games) Fairly standard Debuffer Witch, with evil eye, misfortune, cackle, and slumber. Grabs a few healing hexes to help her buddies!

** Count Some Sheep Witch (Nerd-Ass Mess) Elven debilitated with maxed-out Int who fills a bunch of roles in and out of combat, capable of removing and creating status ailments.

The Bride of Hell (ohako) Tiefling White-haired Witch 8/ sohei 2/ Eldritch Knight 10 who grapples, flurries, and attacks with her hair.

*** Admixture Blaster (Zenith Games) Human Admixture Wizard who dips Crossblooded/Tattooed Orc/Gold Dragon Sorcerer to really get the most possible damage out of fireballs - and he can change the elemental damage to something else on the fly.  (12th Level Fireball: 261 once a day, 218 twice a day, 109 3 times a day, 87 four times a day area ranged damage of any element)

*** The Vacuum (Jehova) Tiefling Foresight Diviner Wizard who rocks initiative and literally sucks the air out of the room.

* Angol Ceredir (Ravingdork) Elf Abjurer/Artificer wizard, a paranoid wizard and custom stone golem guardian that are ready for anything.

* Gilgeam Grayhem (Ravingdork) Human wizard diviner mage killer, a solemn and practical wizard known for his many quick and decisive victories.

* Akoran (Ravingdork) Human Lich Necromancer Wizard, her depravity is matched only by her false beauty.

Prestige Classes & Psionics
*** Champion of Irori (Prototype00) Aasimar Champion of Irori that has 20+ uses of smite evil/chaos, amazing saves, AC, and attack routine, especially against evil or chaotic characters.

** Defender Battle Herald (Thomas Hicks) Human Cavalier/Cleric/Bard/Paladin/Battle Herald who delivers excellent buffs both in and out of combat.

** Blasting Beast Build & Nuclear Nova (Lucy Fur) Human rage wilder able to deal immense blasting damage over short periods of time, as well as melee, utility, and defense.

* Paragon Duelist (Williamoak) Human Fighter (Swordlord) 7/Monk (hungry ghost, sensei) 1/Shadowdancer 2/Swordlord (Prc) 10 who dips all over the place for 66 AD at level 20.

* Kirom Lancaster (Ravingdork) Human duelist who splits fighter to gain massive AC.

* Adin Lir (Ravingdork) Noble Drow Mystic Theurge, despicable priestess, eager to see her schemes to fuition.

* Aleil Sylvari (Ravingdork) Half-Elf arcane trickster, a survivor of the underdark and spy for the drow noble houses.

* Grey (Ravingdork) Doppelganger rogue/assassin.

* Grunk (Ravingdork) Goblin rogue/assassin.

* Hulk (Nurlach) Human Aegis (Abberant) 12/ Alchemist (Internal Alchemist/Rage Chemist) 8 who self buffs with both Alchemist and Aegis Buffs.

* Robilar Smithe (Ravingdork) Human master chymist who wields bombs and guns.

* Not-A-Ninja (AndIMustMask) Elf Arcane Trickster 10/Magus Kensai 6/Rogue Knife Master,Scout 4, a rogue with more with nova and utility.

The model build will have the following 7 items:

1: It has a feat advancement list, showing what feats are taken at each level.
2: It has a short paragraph or two explaining what the build does, and why it chose what it did.
3: It is either a good build, or it is an interesting build. This should be explained in your paragraph. It would be helpful to make a forum post to see if others find it interesting. If others talk about it, that's a good sign.
4: It has items that the player should buy.
5: It shows what the build looks like at a handful of important levels, such as 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20, or 5, 10, 15, and 20.
6: It is be well-written, and well organized.
7: It is built out to level 20.

Builds that meet all of the criteria get three stars! Builds that meet almost all of the criteria get 1 or two stars. Builds that only meet a few criteria, but I’ve put up anyway, get no stars.