Sunday, July 13, 2014

Martyr King 6.5: Turbulent Seas, Turbulent Sleep

Dreams after the sixth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

It is a terrible night at sea. Storms wrack the ship, and the dreams of our heroes are disturbed.

Castor receives a vision from the Bomblord. In it, he sees all of Cain as one giant potion, with gigantic white hands pouring in six liquids: One yellow, one black, one blue, one brown, one red, and one clear. But something goes wrong, and the yellow consumes the black, then moves on to consume the rest. The potion shines so bright that Castor cannot bear to look at it.

Maven receives a vision from the Old Man. All of Mildan is enflamed, and at war. The Northern Alliance, swollen with arms and men, moves to strike all other countries, to consume them. Then, his vision changes. He sees the Auger Crown fighting with some shining Angelic beast, but the crown is failing. The Old Man speaks to Maven. "You must save the King."

Aymeric receives a vision from the Martyr King. The King himself is surrounded by Dorian inquisitors, who pull out steely knives inlaid with soulstones and stab the King to death. They bend down to drink his blood, and from his corpse craft a thousand iron men, who move east to ravage the lands. They take his body and craft three gigantic metal creature, one for the Sky, one for the Sea, and one for the Land.

Saffron sees her master fleeing across the Deadlands, bruised and beaten. Remi sits on a white throne, and beside him stands a man she does not recognize. The man has a thin silver band on his forehead, and whispers in Remi's ear. The Deadlands are suddenly aflame with the red bonsai, grown fully into gigantic red trees, and from their shadows an army emerges and sweeps down to the south, pillaging and burning.

Nut sees Hervey Dunt, cleansing Auger of all evil. He has donned a Dorian inquisitor's suit, and the Dorians have presented him an ancient artifact. Powdy lies dead in the street, his body punctured with a thousand tiny holes. His blood forms an arrow that points the Nut, and through his blood Hervey Dunt walks, a bodyguard at his side.

Our heroes wake up, sweating. They suddenly realize that there is far more going on here than they know.

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