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Mounted Ranger Archer (Ranger Build)

Mounted Ranger Archer
Human Skirmisher Ranger

The Mounted Ranger Archer is heavily inspired by Lastoth’s Guide. Kudos go to him! The Mounted Ranger Archer rides a horse around for mobility in combat while still getting full round actions. This Ranger takes the Archery Combat style. He’s also a skirmisher such that he can pay less attention to his wisdom, and grab the trick “Bolster Companion” to keep his mount alive.

15 Point Buy
: 14
DEX: 18 (16+2)
CON: 12
INT: 8
WIS: 12
CHA: 8

20 Point Buy
: 14
DEX: 18 (16+2)
CON: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 12
CHA: 8

25 Point Buy
: 14
DEX: 20 (18+2)
CON: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 10
CHA: 8

Dexterity gains all the way.

Reactionary: +2 to Initiative, Bring the hurt as soon as possible!
Well Hidden: +1 Will Saves, as those will be pretty low.

Feats/Style Feats
1: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
2: Rapid Shot
3: Deadly Aim
5: Weapon Focus Longbow
6: Improved Precise Shot
7: Manyshot
9: Snap Shot
10: Point Blank Master (Longbow)
11: Improved Snap Shot
13: Combat Reflexes
14: Pinpoint Targeting
15: Clustered Shots
17: Improved Critical
18: Far Shot
19: Mounted Combat

Suggested Gear
You want a magical composite longbow (Str +2). Holy, Seeking, and Flaming/ Corrosive/ Frost are nice too. Masterwork saddle also helps. Agile Breatsplate at lower levels. Belt of Dexterity. Efficient Quiver stocked with cold iron, silver, and adamantium arrows.

Animal Companion
You are going to be on your horse the whole time, firing away with full round actions and moving as a free action. The Horse also can attack, and can overrun! In terms of feats, we are looking for: Power attack, Improved Overrun, Light Armor Proficiency, Dodge, Weapon Focus Bite, Improved Natural Attack (Bite), Improved Natural Armor

Put attribute bonuses into constitution and strength.

Obviously, you want your mount trained in combat riding and attacking.

At level 10 we are switching our horse out for a wolf mount, cuz that’s awesome.

Skirmisher isn’t necessary to this build, so you can feel free to take spells instead (such as gravity bow). However, you will get a number of useful tricks.

Bolster companion provides an instant +4 AC or CMD to your horse, and the attack only deals him half damage if he is hit. If you DM is out for your horse, you will use this all the time. This is the reason you took Skirmisher.

Hobbling attack halves opponent's’ move speeds, which is awesome.

Sic ‘Em allows your horse/wolf to make one melee attack against an adjacent target.

Tangling shot makes the target entangled. Couple this with hobbling shot, and the target is moving at ¼ speed. Just sit back and plug away.

What the Build Looks Like at...
This assumes a 20 point buy and mundane items (also assume point blank shot)

Level 1: Pretty Basic. We are shooting at +6 (d8+3), 12 hit points, 8 skills. Nothing fancy.

Level 4: We are riding a horsie! Shooting at +5/+5 (d8+7), 36 hit points, 32 skills. Our horse actually attacks as +3 (d4+3), +3/+3 (d6+3), and has 13 HP.

Level 8: Shooting at +10/+10/+5 (d8+9) with the first shot a manyshot. 68 HP, 64 skills. Horse is wearing armor now, overruns on a 22, and attacks at +6 (d4+4), +6/+6 (d6+4)

Level 12: We now threaten 15 feet around us, allowing opportunity attacks galore (one more level for multiple opportunity attacks). Attacking at +13/+13/+8/+3 (d8+11) with the first shot being a manyshot. 100 HP, 96 Skill. Our horse is now a wolf with AC 27, who attacks at +12/+7 for d8+10 damage and overruns on a 30 and trips on a 32. (Bow DPR 20)

Level 16: All the previous tricks. We attack at +17/+17/+12/+7/+2 (d8+13) with a manyshot for the first shot. 132 HP, 128 HP. Wolfie has AC 29, 104 HP and is attacking at +16/+11 for 2d6+12. He also overruns at 33 and trips on a 35.

Level 20: Attacking at a clean +20/+20/+15/+10/+15 (d8+15) with a manyshot. 164 HP, 160 Skills. Wolf has AC 33, 133 HP, attacks at +19/+14 for 2d6+13 damage, overruns at 37 and trips at 39.


Stay on your horse and guide him around with ride checks for a free action! That way you can move horse/wolf speed while also making full round actions. After that, it’s just point and shoot.

Guide to the Builds
Comprehensive Guide to the Guides

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4e Guide to the Guides

Below is a comprehensive list to guides for Wizards of the Coast's 4th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons (4e).  This list is primarily drawn from The_Collective's awesome list over at the Wizards of the Coast Forum. This Guide to the Guides has been cut down a bit, reformatted, and restructured for ease of use.

    Ardent Admiration: An Ardent Handbook, Dedekine

    Potent Potables - The Artificer Manual, Zathris

    All along the Crooked Way: An Assassins Handbook, erleni
    Look Very Carefully: The Shroud Assassins Handbook, erachima

    Righteous Wrath: The Avenger's Handbook(Wiki)/(Forum), kilpatds
    Swift & without Mercy: A Guide to Pursuit Avengers, Auspex7

    Appetite for Destruction: The Barbarian's Handbook, lordduskblade

    Cruel Lullabies: The Bard Handbook, Litigation

    Beyond Bodily Brutality: The Basics of Building Battleminds, Dedekine

    Live for the Kill: A Berserker's Handbook, Dragvandil13 *

    Tainted Faith: The Blackguard's Guide, Litigation

    Masters of Sword and Spell: The Bladesinger's Handbook, AdamClare

    Holy Riders: The Cavalier's Guide, Litigation

    Holy Smoke! A Cleric's Handbook Forum, GelatinousOctahedron
    Exemplars of the Faith: A Cleric Build Handbook, GelatinousOctahedron *
    Miniguide to Bow Clerics, GelatinousOctahedron *
    The White Mage - the healic guide, Nausicaa

    Call of the Wild - A Druid Handbook (including Sentinel Druid) alien270

    Death Incarnate: The Executioner's Guide, Litigation *

    Harder than a Rock: The Fighter's Handbook, lordduskblade

    Harrying Your Prey, the Easy Way: A Hunter's Handbook, thespaceInvader

    The Art of the Covenant: A Guide to Invokers, Cazzeo
    The Whole Duty of Man: A Guide to Invokers (Wiki)

    Blades of Cursed Midnight - A Hexblade's Guide, Lord_Ventnor

    Death Before Dishonor: A Knight's Guide, lordduskblade

    The Book of Five Traditions: A Monk Handbook, MwaO

    Pillars of Faith (and Facestabs): The Paladin's Handbook, Litigation

    The Mind's Eye: a Psion Handbook, svendj

    Thrill of the Hunt: The Ranger's Handbook, lordduskblade

    Han Shot First: A Scoundrel's Guide, RenZhe
    Dagger 101: In depth analysis of Rogue damage, the Dagger and general build advice, langeweile *
    The Silent Death - A Handbook to Sniper Rogues, Faytte *

    That Rune Aimer: A Runepriest's Handbook, rayjeeliwan
    Runepriest Wiki & Discussion Thread, MelloRed *

    Wherever I May Roam: A Scout's Guide, lordduskblade *
    Two Weapons and a Field Guide: The Scout's Handbook, underground player *

    To Strive, To Seek, to Find, and Not to Yield: The Seeker's Handbook, WEContact

    Call of the Wild - A Druid Handbook, alien270

    Spirited Away: A Shaman Handbook, GelatinousOctahedron

    Kill 'Em All: A Slayer's Guide, lordduskblade *

    The Demiurge Molecule: A Sorcerer's (And Elementalist's) Handbook -DuelistDelSol

    Masters of Blade Magic: A Swordmage Handbook, Herid_Fel

    What Is Yours Can Be Mine: A Thief's Handbook, tsuyoshikentsu *


    A Rock and A Hard Place: A Warden Handbook, AlphaAnt

    Walk With Me in Hell: The Warlock's Guide, DuelistDelSol

    The Warlord, Or How to Wield a Barbarian One-Handed, Zelink551
    Optimising Basic Attacks in your Party, Erudo *
    Re-roll Optimisation for your Allies, 11235 *

    Master of My Domain: A Miniguide to Warpriests, GelatinousOctahedron *

    Archmage's Ascension: The Wizard's Handbook, RuinsFate

Hybrid and Paragon Multiclass
    The Lightning Ranger, SongNSilence *
    Deadly Little Miho - A Godslaying Build, MC-DrowBane *
    Diligence over Dexterity: Introducing the Eladrin Eldritch Executioner, psk20 *

    Rune of Vengence (Runepriest|Avenger/Hammer of Vengence) *
    Battery: Circle of Destruction, MC-DrowBane *
    Master of the Radiant Way, Elf Cleric of PelorCentered Breath Monk Radiant Fist, GelatinousOctahedron *

    Darth Vader, SwordmageDefenderlock, AlphatheGreat *
    A Safe Haven: Optimizing Sigil Carver to be an Ultimate Defender, billyh *
    The Raging Teleporter: Genasi, BarbarianSwordmage, Ghost Blade, Demigod, GelatinousOctahedron *
    Crimson Legion Champion: Hybrid PaladinWarlock, Questing_Knight, Legendary Sovereign, dkay807 *

    Kevin Costner, Prince of Thieves: How i intend to steal the Wand of Orcus, MC-DrowBane *
    Harry Callahan: a Seeker|Ranger Controller, OR How to Play a Hunter with Dailies, WEContact *
    The Distant Cousin - Avenger|Seeker/Son of Mercy, ShakaUVM *

    Painless: The Damage Reducer. Dwarf, ClericShaman, Compassionate Healer, Demigod, GelatinousOctahedron *

    White Raven Crusader (Paladin/Warlord), Litigation *
    Luke Skywalker (Swordmage/Warlord), Windgate *

    Violent Pacifist: Githzerai, ClericWizard, Zealous Demagogue, Archmage, GelatinousOctahedron *
    Mike's Netizard (Wizard/Cleric), mdonais *
    Stunning Thunder-glaive Immo-bola-zer (Wizard/Cleric), Valenkosh *

    The Inescapeable Fisherman 2.0, SongNSilence *
    Ioun Grey Stone Marker: Half-Elf Tank 3.0 Catch-22, Mommy_was_an_Orc *
    The Man of Steel: a tough but flexible Defender, BaronSengir *
    Slammin Sammy - A defender build (Ftr|SM), Dielzen *

    Sir Marks-a-lot: The Penalty-to-hit Imposition Machine (Fighter pmc Wizard), Valenkosh *
    Swordburst Maximus (ultimate catch-22 build) (Swordmage/Wizard), mellored *

General Hybrid Tips
    Miscibility Table: A Hybrid Handbook, Mommy was an Orc
    Miscibility Table: Hybrid Builds, Mommy was an Orc *

Party Roles
    Ultimate Defenders, AlphatheGreat
    The Art of Defending, mkill
    4e, Defenders and the MMO mentality, Unmaker *
    Defending can be a Two-Person Job - The "Off-Tank", psk20 *
    Night at the Roxbury: Tricks for Multiple Defender Parties, GelatinousOctahedron

    The Art of Striking, mkill *
    Axioms of Striker Construction, ophite *

    Indestructible Parties - Ultimate Leaders, saigon
    The Art of Leading, mkill

    Controlling 101, alien270

Additional Guides
General Discussion
    A Beginner's Primer to CharOp, RuinsFate *
    The Complete Newbie's Non-Rulebook Glossary, Valenkosh *
    The Handbook of Broken (wiki), [Discussion], kilpatds *

General Optimization
    Modularity: A Guide to CO Tricks and Tactics, AlphatheGreat *
    10 Rules of Party Optimization, Rancid Rogue
    This Party is Off the Hook! A Miniguide to Party Optimization, GelatiousOctahedron
    4e Wealth by Level, Kordak *
    The Art of Optimization, Phryxian_lawnmower *
    MONEY, table(s), awaken_D_M_golem *
    4e Poachable Powers List: A list of good powers to poach from other classes, MwaO
    I've Got That: A Skill Power Guide, MwaO
    Three Step Role Handbook, MwaO

    List of Bonuses To Saving Throws, mellored *
    The At-Will to Power: A Guide to At-Will enhancing, Dielzen *
    When Everyone is Super: A Miniguide to Classless Damage Boosts, svendj
    Its Elemental - A Guide to Damage Types, Dielzen *
    Back to Basics - A Guide to Basic Attacks, Fardiz *
    Expanded Crit Range - What it's really worth, mellored *
    BAMF: A Guide To Teleportation, Zathris
    And Stay Down: The Polearm Momentum Handbook, Wazat1 *
    Juggling Implements : A simple guide to implement benefits for casters, Kryx *
    Bag of Blades: A Guide to Off-Hand Properties and Free Action Item-Swapping, LazyNinja *
    Neener Neener: The Attack Penalties Handbook, MonkeyGentleman *
    Phalanx tactics and builds, Mellored *
    Archer's Companion, Dzance *

    Saddle Up! - A guide to mounts and mounted combat, RuinsFate
    The Pet Store - A Familiar Keeper's Handbook, Krika

    Weapons of Legacy: A Compendium of Magic Items, Armisael
    Holy Symbols for the Non-Divine, mellored
    Let's Accessorize: The Item Guide, Soulliard
    Ginzu Items: A Guide to Dual Purpose Implements & Weapons, GelatinousOctahedron

    Iaijutsu - A Guide to Alpha-Striking, langeweile *
    The Big Bang: A Guide to Novas, MC-DrowBane *
    Ways to Gain or Downgrade Actions, mellored *
    Using an encounter power more than once per encounter: A Resource Mini-Guide, ChaosMage *

    The_Rules_Of_Hidden_Club: Targeting things you can't see in D&D, LordOfWeasels
    Mr Cellophane: How to be unnoticed, mellored

    Skill Power: a mini-guide to optimizing skill challenges, Ignis_Fatuus *
    Arcana check optimization, SongNSilence *
    Comprehensive Skill Substitution List, Scandranon-sg *

Class-Independent Power Sources
    How I came to be: An adventurer's guide to backgrounds, Kryx *
    Ordered background list, captpike *
    Broken, Beat and Scarred - A Guide to Spellscars, Zathris *
    Variation on Themes: A Theme Handbook, Mommy_was_an_Orc
    This is who I am: A Guide to Themes, Lord Ventnor *
    Who am I Really?: The Theme Handbook, ls612 *
    Window Shopping in the Astral Sea - Deity Optimization Continued, PestilenceX
    Window Shopping in the Astral Sea - A Deity Optimization Guide, GelatinousOctahedron
    The Eternal Seeker's Guide to the Galaxy, Litigation

Build Collections
    DPR King candidates 3.0, borg285 *
    Elysian Fields, Jugulator007 *
    The Hall of Heroes: A Legendary Collective, MC-DrowBane *
    Stage One - A Collection of Build Concepts, Grey Warden *
    The Complete ShakaUVM Collection, ShakaUVM *

Helpful Resources
    D&DI Compendium (WotC)
    4th Edition Update and Errata (WotC)
    D&D FAQs Archive (WotC)
    Issue Archive (Dragon & Dungeon)
    Excerpt Archive (WotC)
    System Reference Document (WotC)