Sunday, July 20, 2014

Martyr King 13: Bayka's Ambush and the Slate Minaret

Adventure log for the thirteenth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Saffron calls out to her companions moments before her bow is shattered. Moments laters she brought down to negative hit points by a furious Bayka, taking revenge for his defeat n the boat. The inquisitor looks non-plussed. "Well that was easy."

Bayka waits a round, calling for Aymeric to face him, for the heroes to rouse themselves. All do except Aymeric, who is a very sound sleeper! Bayka deals a brutal amount of damage, and has a fairly large AC. A few De-buff are stacked on him, which is good, and the fight looks even better when he gets glued to the ground. However, Bayka teleports around. After a few good wakizashis and bombs to the face, Bayka teleports/explodes away again.

Our heroes take a moment to examine the cube they received a while back once more. Nut is able to pull out a small white pane of glass from the center. The pane seems to register our heroes, but nothing else - not the horses, not the trees, not the campfire.

A few days later, our heroes come across a traveling bard (with some magical ability) entertaining a group of Augerians. The Bard is singing "The Legend of Sorcerer Laurent," and Maven recognizes the tune and joins in. He then chastises the Bard for having such a bad build.

The Bard, who introduces himself as "Fabguy Babrick the Bold," and seems like a trustworthy fellow, convinces our heroes to defeat the famous sorcerer Clark Laurent in his tower not too far from here. Wealth and fame is promised! Castor is reluctant to deviate from the course, but the tower is only an hour's walk from here.

When our heroes reach the tower, it becomes clear that it is the top few stories of a Slate Minaret that has sunk into the earth. Our heroes enter the minaret, detect a trap, and Nut goes about disarming it. When it looks like agile maneuvering might be needed, Castor casts fly on himself and reduce person on Maven. However, the trap gets harder and harder to disarm with every wire snipped, and when it goes off a gigantic boulder begins rolling towards our crew! Saffron grabs Maven, and the combination Monk, Ninja, and Flying Alchemist easily outpace the rock. On the way, they avoid two zombies and petrify (yes, petrify with a critical) a minotaur.

Our heroes make their way Clark Laurent's living quarters, where they find nothing but junk. Then, Grizzly bears!

Our heroes surmise that they are dealing with an invisible wizard who summons monsters. He's hard to detect, but Saffron is able to place his general area when the wizard mutters his spells. A bomb by Castor entangles Clark (great idea, but it doesn't do much). Nut really saves the day, firing Poisoned Shuriken into random squares. He is very lucky with the 50% miss chance (3 for 3), and through Clark resists the poisons at first, eventually he succumbs. All that is left is the bears.

Our heroes look around and find mostly junk. Fabguy was mistaken after all. However, our heroes do come across an unactivated "Jumpgate," just like the one in the Copper Minaret.

It is the evening of May 29th, 2000 A.F. This session took 4 days. Our heroes played this session at level 7. Saffron earns heroic favor for coming up with the idea of shrinking Maven.

In this map, Yellow is the Northern Alliance, Red is the Western and Eastern Coalitions (which have basically banded together in a group called "The Guardians"), and Blue is the Dorians. You guys are a little bit east of the Midland Capital.

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