Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fatal Flaws

A character may chose to gain some number of "Fatal Flaws" in order to avoid all damage from a single attack that would kill you. It is very possible to get multiple Fatal Flaws in the same turn from multiple attacks, such as iterative attacks from the same enemy. Roll a D20 on the chart and instantly follow the result. Instead of being damaged, you are brought down to negative half your Con, or your current HP, whichever is lower.

1: This hit was particularly bad. Roll twice and take both results. If you roll the same number twice, the results stack
2: The attack damages some muscle tissue: -2 to Strength
3: The attack frays some nerves: -2 to Dexterity
4: The attack damages your lungs, and weakens your bones: -2 to Constitution
5: You take a good one to the head: -2 to Intelligence
6: The trauma of this attack has permanently damaged your ability to reason: -2 to Wisdom
7: You have suffered a massive scar across your face, and not the sexy kind: -2 to Charisma
8 : Your achilles tendon has been destroyed: -10 to move speed
9: You don't move as fast as you once did: -2 to Reflex saves
10: You don't feel as tough: -2 to Fortitude saves
11: Your mind isn't as agile: -2 to Will saves
12: You are slower to enter battle, now that you know its perils: -5 to Initiative
13: Much of your skin has been removed, leaving your flesh tender and easily bruised: -2 to AC
14: A bad concision leaves you slower and duller.  You feel much less skilled: -1 to all skills
15: A small, highly specialized piece of your brain is destroyed.  -5 to your highest skill
16: Perhaps your training was the wrong move. You lose your most recently gained feat.
17: Your past seems no longer relevant. Lose two traits. If you have fewer than two traits, re-roll
18: Your magical abilities have dwindled.  You lose two of your most recently learned spells. If you have no spells, re-roll.
19: A precious item seems to have a mind of its own, and takes the blow: Your most expensive (or most precious, GM Fiat) item instantly shatters, and is irretrievable.
20: You have cheated death...for now. You suffer no Fatal Flaws. 

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