Monday, October 27, 2014

New Pantheon Overview

The New Pantheon Campaign was a direct sequel to the Legacy of the Martyr King Campaign.  It took place 15 game years later, after a second earth-shattering cataclysm and after Maven, King of Men, had disappeared from the world.

There were a lot of attributes to this campaign that made it a particularly interesting to run.

First, the campaign started at level 1 and went to level 20, with the characters advancing one level every session.  On top of that, they gained bonus powers as they ascended into godhood.  This was a test of Pathfinder at high levels, and also provided a rags-to-riches story.

Second, the characters were evil.  The main focus of the campaign was to secure the worship of the people through any means possible, and to stop at nothing to get their way.

Third, the game was extremely sandboxy.  The would-be-gods traveled wherever they wished with whatever goals they sought.  Given their power and moral status, nothing was out of the question.  This included both leveling disobedient cities, assassinating emperors, and, when the time called for it, doing good in pursuit of greater evil.

Fourth, this game was a sequel, with former characters acting as central NPCs/antagonists to the global conflict.

It was a blast to run, and an extremely interesting experiment in a lot of ways.  You can read the adventure logs below.

Session 1: First Ascension and a Bad Night's Sleep
Session 2: Jailbreak, or an Interview Gone Wrong
Session 3: Balthazar and the Prison Riot
Session 4: Killing Skeletons and the Trip to Salton
Session 5: Deep Sea Dragon and Ironclad
Session 6: The Apocolyte Compound
Session 7: Return to Gallowhall
Session 8: Attack on the Armada
Session 9: Death of a God and the Fleet
Session 10: Aquatic Beasties and God-like Imposters
Session 11: Assault on Kah-Mat
Session 12: Rise of Shor-Mat
Session 13: Dragon and Leviathan
Session 14: The Desolation of Varaug
Session 15: Attack on Kashmir
Session 16: End of an Empire
Session 17: To the Isle of Madness
Session 18: Varaug's Lair
Session 19: To Saffron's Domain
Session 20: Attack on the Monastery
Session 21: Ovelia of the Reclaimers
Session 22: Return of the King
Session 23: The New Pantheon


  1. This seems like it would be a blast to run.

    1. It was! And very different from the campaigns that I usually run.