Monday, November 17, 2014

New Pantheon 19: To Saffron's Domain

Our heroes determine that Humungus' day shall be called "Antichristmas" or "No More Games Day."

After some deliberation, our heroes decide to once again ignore the Reclaimers. They instead set their sights on Osiris, the city Saffron rules in Northern Dorma. This is prime Trinity territory, and our heroes greater teleport to the closest location they know - Jeptha's old farm.

The farm has been transformed into a shrine to Jeptha's holiness, and offerings are being taken. Leading the sermon is Jeptha's pappy Gilead, a terrible person who treated Jeptha like a dog. When Gilead sees Jeptha, he falls to the ground and begins weeping in fear. Jeptha swiftly takes revenge. He tells the gathered mob the truth about his pappy, then castrate the man and puts him back in prison in Gallowhall. Easy.

Our heroes go north toward Osiris. Acting upon Swaggle's desire to be more evil and draw the final avatar out of hiding, the gods convert villages on the way, pillaging and slaughtering any who do not convert. They also take about 1,000 people on a forced march. By the time they reach Osiris, only 100 remain. The intent is that these hardened individuals will become their guard, but the gods fail to quite break them.

The citizens of Osiris are hiding. Our heroes ignore them and head straight to Saffron's Monastery, where she governs. They see an ugly woman (Saffron) and a man in a black cloak, a bandolier of vials around his arms. Castor's Avatar. Both individuals stand atop the 30 foot walls that surround the building.

"Why have you come here?" Asks Saffron.

"Well," begins Swaggles, and then Saffron, at the limit of her social interaction for the day, fires.

The combat is brief and one sided. In the surprise round, the alchemist throws a bomb and deals 50 damage to Humungus. Saffron fires an arrow and hits. Then Swaggles, able to act in the surprise round due to battlefield awareness, drops a wind wall bubble around the gods. They are protected from arrows, and the bombs that a 30% miss chance.

It's the alchemists' turn. 5 bombs go flying. Attacking touch, each hits Humungus for around 50 damage. Humungus amazingly shrugs off a variety of effects, but when a stink bomb is thrown Swaggles gets nauseated. Saffron waits passively for a heroes to exit the wind wall.

Humungus and Jeptha look at each other as Swaggles begins vomiting in the background. Neither of them have a way of quickly getting to their opponents, 30 feet up a wall. Humungous has been dealt over 300 damage in a single turn.

For the first time in a long time, the gods retreat.

Ayslin greater teleports our heroes back to Gallowhall to lick their wounds.

It is now July 10th, 2015. Our heroes played this at level 19, Ascension Level 6.

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