Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Pantheon 20: Attack on the Monastery

After extensive debate whatsoever, our heroes decide to once again try Saffron's Monastery. Ayslin, Swaggles, and Jeptha buff with fly and invisibility, then teleport to outside the monastery walls. They use their respective elemental visions to identify Saffron, meditating in her room surrounded by candles.

Greater Teleport in! The Monk has extremely high AC (50) and ridiculous CMD (75), but a few ice balls and a windwall later and she is dispatched. Before she goes, she knocks over a candle, triggering a contingency.

Before our heroes have time to celebrate, Castor's Avatar teleports into the room. Dealing 50 damage a throw to each character, the Alchemist blinds Jeptha and confuses Ayslin and Swaggles before they can even act. Ayslin is dealt double damage modified by a ring of fire resistance 30, and Jeptha is dealt none. Jeptha, successfully trips the Avatar, but with his bombs attacking touch the Alchemist is content to throw from the floor. The next round, Jeptha is confused and blind, and Ayslin and Swaggles are nauseated and confused. Then Jeptha is confused, blind, and nauseous, and the Alchemist pulls out his dagger to slowly kill the fire god.

He proceeds to whittle away at the fire god for a dozen rounds, blocking Jeptha's only escape route. He takes a small break to massacre Ayslin and Swaggles with bombs, then goes back the stabbing until Jeptha is dead.

The spirits of Fire, Water, and Air swear revenge and leave cursing, and seek out new hosts.

It is now July 11th, 2015 AF. Our heroes played this at Level 19, Ascension level 6. Despite killing Saffron, word of their defeat at the hands of the Avatar spreads and they do not gain an Ascension level. They do, however, level up to Level 20.

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