Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Pantheon 2: Jailbreak, or an Interview Gone Wrong

Our heroes discuss a few things over fish stew during lunch in the cafeteria. They consider ways to get out of prison, and realign their objectives to include Gallowhall as a prize to be taken. They picture the grounds, and consider possible escape routes. But they are interrupted by four large guards who suddenly loom over them.

"Gentlemen. May I have a word?"

"Certainly," replies Jephthah "There is plenty of room at the table." When this is met with a stern smack on the head, our heroes obediently follow the guards. They go through Cell Block A, through a storage room, into the corridor surrounding the prison, then into an all-purpose room. Our heroes sit on one side of a table, while the guards stand on the other.

"At about 11:30am yesterday, you and a guard were sucked into a sinkhole while mining. You emerged from a hill nearly 24 hours later. Care to fill in the gap?"

Aislyn tells the story, mentioning the guard disappearing, the Grindylows, and the restless sleep. However, she leaves out the Gods.

"Anything else? Anything you are not telling us?"

"Nothing" replies Aislyn, starting to sweat.

"Are you absolutely sure?" A sickly smile crosses the guard's face.

"Well," says Rache after a deafening silence, "There were the Gods."

The guards exchange looks. "Go on..." says the interrogator, confused.

"Yeah, the Gods. They spoke to us, and told us that we would be their redemption. We are their vessels now."

"And did the rest of you hear these voices?"

Jephthah begins to sweat. "Well, I mean, maybe." Aislyn shrugs. "Sure, there were voices I guess."
The Guards look at one another. "Alright, let's put you guys in solitary for now."

Aislyn decides to take the nuclear option. She casts freezing hands under the table, hitting three of the four guards. Our heroes rush forward doing their best without weapons and, several of Layric's Acid Splashes later, the guards are downed. Keys are taken, and clubs and armor are donned.

After much discussion, our heroes make their way south to the storage room outside the kitchen. The gather a bag of supplies and convince a few very dull cooks that they are part of the staff. When a guard strolls by, they take him down before he can scream.

Our heroes then quickly make their way south and wind up at the office. They ambush the guard, use the key to automatically open Cell block A, then rush to the adjacent armory as 7 guards run into the office. Only finding more hide armor and clubs (as well as a few bows and arrows and, upon inspection, a wand of cure light wounds) they head back out again. A fight commences, and again Aislyn's freezing hands reign supreme.

Moments after the guards are downed, a large man in full plate kicks down the door and enters the room: Balthazar Corinthian, the Paladin warden of Gallowhall.

It is January 2nd, and our heroes played this session at character level 2, ascension level 1.

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