Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Legacy of the Martyr King Overview

The Legacy of the Martyr King was a Pathfinder campaign I ran in 2013.  It spanned levels 1-12 across 29 sessions, and was played by 5 players and one GM.

The campaign focused on five heroes pursued for unknown reasons by a religious empire.  A travel based campaign, our heroes journeyed across five continents as the scope of world events, and their part in it, broadened from political, to military, to religious, to existential.  In addition to the overarching story, each character repeatedly came into contact with a rival draw from his or her backstory.

The world is Cain, a gritty fantasy setting where new civilizations have sprouted in the wake of a global cataclysm.  During their travels, our heroes visit each major cultural and religious center, and piece together the true order of things from bits of truth in each worldview.

Several major plot twists and betrayals meant that the goals and allies of the heroes were in constant flux.  However, by the end of the campaign the objective of the heroes solidified into the prevention of a second armageddon.

Session 1: Escape from Kathmar
Session 2: The Woven Tapestry
Session 3: The Caravan Raid
Session 4: Leaving Puldash
Session 5: Bayka Explodes
Session 6: Hara the Witch
Interlude 6.5: Turbulent Seas, Turbulent Sleep
Session 7: The Floating Reef
Session 8: The Guard Fight
Session 9: Dungeon and Dragon
Session 10: The Augerian Regroup
Session 11: Meeting With Smith
Session 12: The Angel and the King
Session 13: Bayka's Ambush and the Slate Minaret
Session 14: Maven's Father
Session 15: The Crimson Minaret
Interlude 15.5: The Red Dreams
Session 16: The High Temple of Darkness
Session 17: The Opal Weapons
Session 18: The Sunken City
Session 19: Attack on Emut's Compound 
Session 20: Killing Emut Prime
Session 21: Killing Bayka
Session 22: Saffron's Story and Nut does a Thing
Session 23: Across the Ocean
Interlude 23.5: Dreams on New Lands
Session 24: Wandering the Jungle
Session 25: Exorcising Hervey
Session 26: Ending Maladrok's Reign
Session 27: The Black Dragon
Session 28: Meeting the Reclaimers
Interlude 28.5: The White Dreams
Character Chat 28
Session 29: The Second Cataclysm


  1. Lucky to have played Aymeric in this game. Miss gaming with you, bud! I would love to run this setting in 5e. Are there GM resources available for the setting other than these session recaps?

    1. I may post the setting information online at some point. In the meantime, the evil, high level sequel to this campaign will be coming online within the next few weeks!