Sunday, November 30, 2014

New Pantheon 22: Return of the King

After prepping and buffing, our heroes teleport to Maven. The King of Men is surrounded by a massive army of Elves, and gives a small speech challenging the PCs. Adrian begins broadcasting the scene to the world. The PCs respond with rabble, then attack.

Maven has an extremely high AC, but doesn't deal too much damage. He absorbs blows from Punjin, Humungous, and Yeezy for quite a white. There is a tense exchange between Adrian and Layric - Layric is the only one who can see the invisible Layric. Layric opens by using a metamagiced disintegrate, taking off most of Adrian's life. Adrian then forces Layric to make three separate DC 30 Dominate Person saves (quickened, then persistent), but the resilient bugger makes all three. Knowing another disintegrate would spell death, Adrian flies into the crowd and disappears.

Without Adrian to back him up, Maven doesn't stand a chance. He eventually goes down under a hail of blows.

Trying to prevent a total catastrophe, The Alchemist's Avatar teleports in, only to be immediately smushed by Humungous. Our heroes feel their faith grow as the people of Cain watch the Avatar and Maven die. They know have the worship of the entire world.

But they hear Adrian's voice inside their heads: "Meet me in the Copper Minaret in Kamai."

Our heroes then begin destroying the routing army with dragon fire and blade.

After they have had their fun, they teleport to the Copper Minaret. Here they find Adrian desperately snorting Kishii, but to no avail. When he notices the heroes, he gestures to a few purple bean bags and tells them to take a seat.

"Now that Maven and the final Avatar are dead, the gods, the true gods, will take matters into their own hands. Within a matter of weeks they will come down here and destroy you. On this plane of existence, they are invincible. However, on their home plane they are more human. You must fight them there.

"Teleport to the Root of the World, the King of Men's fortress. There you will find a small jump gate that leads you to their plane. Given the amount of worship that you have, you should be able to make it through. Once inside, you can confront them and kill them. One all three are dead, their power will flow into any of you who have survived the fight. You will become gods in earnest."

"Why are you helping us?"

"When Castor took away my ability to enjoy Kishii, he did not take away the pain of withdrawal. I have been suffering for 15 long years, desperate for the pleasure that Kishii brings. I am hoping that when he dies, I can have my life back."

It is July 19th, 2015. Our heroes are level 20, and have just ranked up to the final Ascension level possible: level 7.

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