Sunday, November 16, 2014

New Pantheon 18: Varaug's Lair

After discussing some more teleportation logistics, our heroes decide to take out the Great Red Wyrm Varaug. They scry on the Dragon and determine his location, deep underground in a massive cavern on a huge pile of gold. He appears to have no anti-scrying measures up (and why would he? Scrying and teleportation are spells not generally available to mortals), so our heroes shrug their shoulders, buff and teleport in.

A contingency spell activates, and the dragon goes invisible. However, in the surprise round Layric casts glitter dust, and reveals the colossal beast. Humungous and Jeptha charge forward to attack, the former dealing hundreds of damage from pounce and the latter dealing nearly dozens of damage to the creature too large to trip. Ayslin shoots an ice ball, and Swaggles bravely and cunningly maneuvers behind a pillar.

The Dragon attempts to cast time stop but is countered by Layric. He then flies up 100 feet, trying to get out of Humungous' range.

Another ice ball, then Layric casts fly on Humungous and Humungous pounces again (the dragon bites for an opportunity attack). With over 900 damage dealt in two rounds of combat, Varaug falls without having done anything. Down goes one of the toughest dragons in the game (with double hp), and our heroes barely took damage.

The Dragon's horde is impressive, but perhaps beneath our heroes now. They discuss many things, including creating a holy city on this continent using the gold.

Our heroes teleport to Dail, where they tell a guard, now named Kevin, to prepare the town for celebration that next evening. They then teleport away.

Swaggles has a teleport mishap, and winds up in Tomatoville. His attempts to help the populace result in mass death and destruction, but he is scried on and picked up by Ayslin within an hour.

The next day our heroes teleport to Dail, then parade through the streets. Humungous holds aloft the head of Varaug. At the city square, a massive crowd has formed, and Swaggles makes a speech. They re-enact the battle, and Swaggles takes a more central role. The crowd starts chanting Swaggles, and he takes all the credit for the dragon's defeat. Humungous decrees that on this holiday there shall be no more games, but seems to change his ruling when pressed by the crowd.

After one too many silences, Swaggles makes the "this is awkward" sign at Ayslin, and the group teleports away.

It is now June 20th, 2015. Our heroes played this at level 18, Ascension Level 5, but have now ranked up to Ascension Level 6.

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