Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Pantheon 23: The New Pantheon

Using the memories and images gleaned from Adrian, the party teleports to the Root of the World, the ancient fortress of Kings in the Antarctic. Here they locate a jump gate to take them to the plane where the Trinity lives. A long time is spent buffing a determining bonuses before jumping through.

Through the jump gate is an extensive white plain of shining crystal. A small house, with a clear pool of water and a palm tree are off in the distance. Three figures stand by the house, waiting.

Our heroes make their way towards the trinity: Castor, the Alchemist; Avaryn, the Night Queen; Aymeric, the Judge. And, of course, Avaryn's unicorn Princess Sparkles. Layric realizes, much to his dismay, that he is no longer invisible.

The new pantheon make a few attempts at dialogue before they realize there is little to say. When the conversation turns sour, Avaryn makes the first move.

The fight is fierce. Avaryn does excellent damage with her bow, bringing Layric down to double digits. Layric transforms into a Troll for the regeneration. Punjin very nearly takes out Castor in one hit with quivering palm, but Castor makes the save on the nose. The unicorn charges into the PCs, and get in the way of the huge sized Lord Humungous. Rache (skyping in for the final session) closes with his character from a previous campaign, Castor. Hildegarde drops darkness for cover. Yeezus provides health and cover. Castor throws bombs like a madman, but the heroes have learned from their mistakes. Their saves are through the roof, and they successfully avoid any negative status ailments.

One by one, the old gods go down. As they go, their spirits coalesce into a gigantic monster, who comes to life when the last dies: The CR 25 Tarrasque.

Who actually goes down rather easily. As the Tarrasque goes down, the power of the gods, the true gods, begins flowing into the New Pantheon.

Then betrayal! By everyone!

Sensing that the power will be evenly distributed amongst the survivors, each god suddenly attacks the others.

Hildegarde wins initiative.  She casts time stop, teleports to the jump gate, hops through and casts earthquake on the room.  Unfortunately, she soon realizes that this room has survived two earth shattering cataclysm, and the jump gate is made of sterner stuff.

Layric throws a fireball, then makes the biggest mistake of his life: He doesn't fly up, instead staying within easy reach of the massive Lord Humungous. He is then pounced by Lord Humungous and instantly destroyed.

Punjin takes one look at the massive Lord Humungous.  The monk squares up ... then runs as far and fast as he can, 320 feet a round.

Yeezus also knows that Lord Humungous could easily take him out. Yeezus runs for the Jumpgate. It will lead them out of the plane and they won't get the powers of the gods, but he might get away from Lord Humungus. Rache attempts to toe-to-toe with the God of Darkness, and is destroyed.

Wiping the remains of Rache and Layric from his maw, Lord Humungous looks at his quarry: Punjin is too fast, and too far. Hildegarde is gone. But the god of darkness can beat Yeezus in a foot race. He pounces.

Miraculously, Yeezus survives the initial attack, but is brought down to a pittance of his health. He stares death in the face, knowing that just one more attack could kill him. And Yeezus can do nothing.

But wait! Positive energy deals three times damage to the God of Darkness, and Yeezus can cast Heal dealing 450 damage! That would instantly kill the already hurt Lord Humungus. All that he needs to do is make a pretty easy touch attack....

He fails.

He gets eaten.

Lord Humungous wipes his lips. And looks around for more quarry. None can be found.

Hildegarde escapes through the jump gate. She gives up her godly powers, but survives. She moves to a small, primitive island where she lives as a witch for many years.

Punjin runs for miles, until the power of the place is evenly distributed between himself and Lord Humungus. They are now both immortal, and cannot kill each other. They reunite, and decide to work in tandem to shape creation. Together they put out the sun, and plunge the earth into an undead apocalypse of their own making. Civilization roils and is destroyed. Humanity, and all living creatures, are driven to the edge of extinction.  Undead civilizations rise. Millennia pass, and the two surviving gods shape it all.

The god of water and the god of darkness. The New Pantheon.

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