Saturday, November 15, 2014

New Pantheon 17: To the Isle of Madness

Our heroes continue on their journey for another week until, one day during lunch, an ethereal figure appears on deck. Perhaps 13 or 14, the female claims to be Ovelia, queen of the reclaimers. She brings a soulstone in friendship, and would like to know the New Pantheon's intention.

Some diplomatic pussyfooting occurs. Ovelia assures the Gods that they will not find worshipers among the reclaimers, and warns them that if they take one step on land they will be faced with city-leveling war machines. She requests an alliance, but is denied. She warns our heroes to turn the ship around or find themselves at the bottom of the sea. Then, she disappears.

Aislyn teleports the soulstone home to prevent gargor from being lured, then our heroes discuss for a long time. They travel another week to an uninhabited island, then instruct their crew to head home and teleport home themselves.

Back at Gallowhall, our heroes ask Krannic to find somebody who knows enough about the Reclaimer lands to give Aislyn the information needed for greater teleport. Krannic explains that he can try, but he has never heard of anybody who has been there.

Then, Jeptha thinks of somebody.

Nut. The PC from the previous campaign who betrayed the others. Now abandoned on a tropical island, his madness infects people throughout the world.

Our heroes set Krannic to find a Nutter, which he does within a week. In the mean time, our heroes sell 45 soulstones for 2,250,000gp, but delay the shopping spree.

A Nutter is captured in Karem-Kora, and our heroes teleport there to question him. After extensive questioning, and a temporary removal of insanity, our heroes find themselves talking to Nut through the man. They ask him to describe where he made his first fishing rod (a place perhaps a month's difficult journey from the Reclaimer lands) and he does.

One greater teleport later, and our heroes find themselves on a beach, just as described. But there is a fishing rod here, as well as a cooked fish and a small campfire. Layric sees an invisible Nut sneak into the forest. Swaggles flies up and finds that they are on a small island.

"Uhhhh" they all say.


A shuriken misses Jeptha by a hair, and Swaggles responds with an area attack which damages the invisible ninja. Layric casts Grasping Hands, but the Ninja Escapes. Using his invisibility and the jungle, the Ninja is unseen and nearly unseeable - but not to the bloodhound like T-Rex that Layric summons! They follow the T-Rex into the jungle for a round or two before the beast explodes into a shower of flesh and blood (and coconuts?).

A missed glitter dust is followed by 125 damage and 8 strength damage of shrunken straight to Jeptha. Then, a stinking cloud gets Nut and grasping hands grasps him. Quickly, our heroes teleport home and put him Nut in a cell.

Then, a long questioning process begins. Jeptha takes the helm, and Nut senses a deep, underlying psychological connection between the two (both characters were played by the same player). The god of madness reaches out to both Tomas and Peter, then warns our heroes against going to sleep ever again. He babbles of rocks, and emus, and missing hands, and rhinos named Rihanna.

Eventually, Layric summons a Succubus who casts Dominate Person. Still crazy but somewhat more agreeable, Nut describes in detail the Reclaimer city.

After this is done, our heroes knock Nut unconscious and bring him back to the Isle of Madness. Because, they reason, there is a place in this world for madness after all.

It is now June 17th, 2015. Our heroes played this at level 17, Ascension Level 5.

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