Sunday, November 9, 2014

New Pantheon 11: Assault on Kah-Mat

After long discussion with the High Priest of Earth, two points are driven home. First, the High Priest does miss his divinely ordained powers, and recognizes that Layric can grant them. Second, our heroes are off to overthrow Kah-mat, which is something that the High Priest can get behind. The High Priest agree to keep his mouth shut, at least for now. "You can find me after you overthrow Kah-Mat, and we can discuss my place in your 'New World Order."

Thur'Khan is temporarily placated. But confused. And brooding.

Our heroes make their way back to the Pinafore, and continue to Karem'Kora, arriving at the massive city that evening.

After a bit of fact finding, it is determined that Kah-Mat has rebuilt the high temple on a 50 foot cliff directly over a waterfall. She gives weekly sermons from a large balcony. She is also always flanked by her 6 high priests, who have been known to change forms into vivid personifications of their elements.

Layric and Peter II do some night scouting. They make their way onto the roof of the building without a hitch, and find it well guarded, with some staircases leading down. They then make their way onto the balcony, where they trip some sort of magical alarm. Layric memorizes the area for future dimensional door-ing, then dimensional doors himself and Peter II back to ground and safety.

After much discussion, the plan forms. It is simple enough. During one of Kah-mat's sermons, the heroes will dimensional door to the balcony and kill the king and high priests in a very public way. Easy.

Our heroes wait until the next sermon. The stand among the throng of thousands, buff, then teleport up.

Things go wrong immediately.

Our heroes are targeted by a "Teleport Trap," though only Peter II fails his will save. The ninja winds up in a pitch black, bare room with a single locked door and a large, hungry looking ooze with tremor sense. Worst case scenario for a ninja. Failed will save results in a sneak-attack immune enemy who can see invisibility.

Layric, Swags (Crow-Man), and Jeptha resist the save and wind up successfully on the balcony. A fight immediately breaks out. Kah-mat and the high priest of light teleport away, and the remaining high priests (water, air, fire, earth, dark) transform into huge elementals. Down a member, this fight is incredibly close. Our heroes are surrounded.

Layric is invisible, and lobs a few fantastic area spells that deal massive damage. Jeptha watches in horror as the two-legged humans transform into no-legged elementals - but is relieved to see that final transformation yields a legged earth elemental. He is tripped, of course.

Swags finds himself surrounded and unable to use his bow without taking 5 opportunity attacks. Jeptha valiantly pulls a "Maven" and dances around to incur the opportunity attacks. Thanks for a high save and mobility, only one hits. Swags then takes the opportunity to fly away and into the temple, where he has a better vantage point. Arrows start flying. The Dark elemental is downed, and then the Air elemental, through a combination of arrows, acid balls and long pointy stick thrusts.

Peter II is having a somewhat worse time. He risks an opportunity attack and picks the first lock on the door. With minimal hit points and few options, he then flees to the corner where he is devoured by the Ooze. The God of Darkness looks for another host.

Back on the balcony, Jeptha takes a beating, then drops down to -12. He starts bleeding out. Game over for Jeptha? Not so! Swaggles uses cure critical wounds to bring him back up to 20 or so, and the invisible Layric makes Jeptha invisible, giving him time to nurse his wounds. A very strong tactical choice. Swaggles is now the only visible target, and he flees for his life into the temple, elementals in hot pursuit. Particularly the fire elemental.

The earth elemental is the last to charge after the Crow. Jeptha takes this opportunity (attack) to come out of hiding and make short work of him.

A few rounds of combat later, and the fire and water elementals are killed. Layric is sitting pretty, never having been seen, Swaggles is somewhat injured from an irate Fire elemental and Jeptha is limping along.

At this point, Super-Saiyan Kah-mat appears, seeming to have fused with the positive high priest. She has gained wings and a massive morning star, and she has fire in her eyes.

It is now May 20th, 2015 A.C. Our heroes played this session at level 11, Ascension Level 3.

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