Friday, November 14, 2014

New Pantheon 16: End of an Empire

As they watch the tornado covering Kathmar, our heroes have a long discussion about next steps.

Once a plan is formulated, they find a small cave and sleep. 8 hours later and the storm is still raging. Swaggles suppresses the tornado, and they survey the damage. Minaret, walls, military headquarters and inquisitorial headquarters are all still standing, but the civilian areas have been completely destroyed. A large pile of sand, perhaps 20 feet tall, rests over most of the city. Our heroes deduce that much of the army probably found refuge within the government buildings.

Drawing from his memories as an inquisitor, Rache describes the entrance of the Inquisitorial Office to Ayslin. One greater teleport and the group is inside. Short work is made of the 60 or so exhausted and demoralized fighters in the entrance hall (capped off by a massive Acid Ball by Layric), and the remaining soldiers scatter. Rache grabs the nearest enemy, and gleans that the high council is in the bunker a few stories down. Down our heroes head, killing the few enemies who do not flee.

The iron door to the bunker boasts the most complex lock Layric has ever seen, but 20 minutes of work and some guidance by Rache sees it open (but only barely).

Inside the cramped room are the thirteen councilmen, half a dozen other government officials (including the bug-man), and half a dozen guards. Rache demands that they kneel or die. One guard does, but everybody else remains standing.

Those who stand are slaughtered.

Our heroes return to the entrance, then Layric burrows into the military headquarters. Using their telepathic link, Ayslin teleports the remainder of the group there. Again a couple dozen soldiers are murdered, and the rest surrender. Our heroes then make their way down to the underground factory which once produced Relic Walkers. Here they find another impossibly difficult lock, cracked by Layric, and inside - 50 soulstones of various shapes and sizes. Our heroes bag these immensely precious items. They are worth 50,000gp per soulstone - 2,500,000gp in total. The New Pantheon is suddenly loaded.

There is no more resistance.

Our heroes gather the remnants of the Dorian empire on the sand pile in front of the Minaret. "Go forth, and share what has happened here today. Kathmar is a dead city. You have witnessed the power of the New Pantheon."

Then, our heroes dramatically teleport back to Gallowhall. Krannic has been running operations smoothly. What's next? The dragon is considered, but ultimately considered too dangerous. Breya is then chosen as the next target. Without any way to teleport there, our heroes must travel by boat. They commandeer Narset's fastest ship that can be crewed by 6 people, and begin sailing.

Two weeks into the journey, and our heroes are attacked by Aymeric's massive Avatar, a 20th level inquisitor of immense strength. But he cannot match the sheer amount of damage dealt, and goes down in but two rounds.

It is now June 10th, 2015 A.C. Our heroes played this session at level 16, Ascension Level 4, but have just ranked up to Ascension Level 5.

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