Monday, November 10, 2014

New Pantheon 12: Rise of Shor-Mat

Rache, Layric, and Aislyn face off against a now angelic Kah-Mat. But before combat can begin, our heroes hear a female voice inside their heads: "Are you the elemental six reborn?" When the answer is affirmative, a massive window in reality forms, showing the mob below exactly what is happening in the throne room.

The fight does not start off well. Layric learns that acid does nothing against Kah-Mat (and that she has Spell Resistance), and Rache unsuccessfully attempts to dispel the queen's Warhammer. Kah-Mat then uses her 100 foot fly speed to land in our hero's midst and use holy word. Rache saves and, due to his inquisitorial toughness, suffers no ill effects. Aislyn saves but is still blinded for two rounds. Layric fails the save, and is blinded for five rounds and deafened for two rounds.

Our spell casters then deduce that Kah-Mat is immune to cold. Kah-Mat uses Holy Smite, an area burst attack, then moves. Aislyn burns an fireball attempting to locate the queen in the darkness, but misses. Then Kah-Mat returns to war hammer Rache.

After a few turns of immunities, spell resistance, and DR, our heroes hit upon a strategy. Rache uses his piercing judgement to lower Kah-Mat's SR, and Aislyn is able to scream so loud is dazes the queen. Rache gets a massive hit on the dazed angel and then Layric gets a critical for 2 damage (before DR), injuring Kah-Mat's hand.

Kah-Mat retreats back behind her throne to tend to her hand. After a few rounds pass, our heroes realize that she is likely healing herself. Rache charges around the throne and lands a massive critical, sending Kah-Mat into view. Aislyn finishes off the queen with a fireball.

As the courtesans and crowd erupts into confused murmurs, a single woman detaches herself from the people in the throne room and quickly makes her way to the balcony. She addresses the crowd.

"Listen to the words of your new Ruler. Today we are doubly blessed. The heretic Kah-mat the eleventh, now the forgotten Kah-mat, has been cast from our midst, and the true elemental six have returned to us! As sister to the forgotten, I am now Shor'Mat, first of the new dynasty! Go from this place and let your family, friends, and enemies know: The true gods of Narset have returned to power, and Shor'Mat, once Lana Gamorra, sister of the forgotten Kah-mat, takes their counsel."

The crowd erupts into cheers. A pissed off man in the throne room glares at Shor'Mat, but says nothing.

Rache commands that everybody kneel. They genuflect. The gods are content.

The Gods meet quickly with Shor'Mat. She's power hungry as all get out, but seems to believe in them. Our heroes determine that she'll make a good Mat, and leave her in power. The pissed off man is her brother, but she says that he shouldn't be a problem. The Gods tell Shor'Mat their true names.

Shor'Mat also makes the heroes aware that the Narset Government has approximately one million gold pieces. Aislyn suggests that they each take 80,000, though no final decision is made.

What to do with Thur'khan and Kah'khan?

Thur'khan is summoned from the boat. He is deeply disturbed to see all the genuflecting, understands that he has not been made Mat, and knows that his relationship with the false gods has just changed forever. Nervous and pale, he genuflects. Rache assures him that everything will be alright tomorrow.

Everybody sleeps.

In the morning they make their way back to the boat, Thur'Khan in tow. On the way they disintegrate a man who runs at them with a knife, blame a son's blindness on her mother's lack of belief, and successfully argue theology with a handful of priests.

They take Thur'Khan and the boat back to Kah'Khan's cave.

In the cave, Kah'Khan and his followers refuse to kneel. Against Aislyn's protests, Layric opens a 70 foot deep acid pit beneath the high priest of the true god of earth. Kah'Khan fails the test. Rache then murders the high priest's entourage.

Our heroes then turn their attention to the shaking and terrified Thur'Khan. "You are the only one who knows the truth now. We will name you high priest of fire, and you will stay here in Karem'Kora. I trust that you will worship us faithfully, and know us as gods?"

In response, the quivering and pale Thur'Khan genuflects. "Of course. You are the Gods of Narset."

It is now May 21st, 2015 A.C. Our heroes played this session at level 12, Ascension Level 3. They have just leveled up to Ascension Level 4.

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