Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Pantheon 13: Dragon and Leviathan

Our heroes are now level 13 and ascension level 4, with over 100,000gp worth of equipment. The have the backing of 40 million worshipers, and one of the strongest empires in Cain at their beck and call.

All of a sudden our heroes are sexy and they know it.

Our heroes chat with Shor'mat for a while, deciding where to go next. The Mavenites are likely too powerful, the Nutters too insignificant, the Trinity too unclear, and the Reclaimers too far away. This leaves the Atheists. Our heroes aren't exactly sure how they will convert them, but it will likely be a divine good cop, bad cop across a few smaller towns. Our heroes check in on Shor'mat's brother Sebeth Gamorra, determine that he probably won't be a problem, then set sail on the Pinafore towards Dail. Thur'Khan, the high Priest of Fire, and Billy Aey'Khan, the child orphan High Priest of Air, stay behind.

On the way, Rache is able to determine that two people are scrying on him. He is able to pin down one person to a robed figure in Kathmar, in a room with approximately 20 other robed figures. The second individual he is unable to get a fix on.

The second day of travel our heroes are attacked by a huge leviathan construct and a huge dragon construct (health doubled). Rache identifies these as the city-wrecking war machines built by the Dorians in their war of domination before the cataclysm.

Both constructs have powerful breath weapons, and Rache and Jeptha endure a few blasts before the enemies come into melee range. Swaggles flys around and plinks away with his bow. Finally the Dragon lands on deck next to Jeptha, only to be immediately tripped. When he tries to get back up, he is tripped again, and Rache moves in for some massive damage.

The Leviathan rears up out of the waves and grabs onto and then swallows Jeptha. The ride down the mechanical mouth and into scalding water and crushing gears isn't pleasant, and Jeptha begins armor spiking his way out. Rache finishes off the Dragon, then moves to the edge of the ship - too bad the Leviathan in 10 feet away and out of reach.

Another round and Jeptha damages the Leviathan's mechanical stomach, but the god of fire is brought down to 4 hp. Swaggles senses death is near, and leaps down the Leviathan's throat to heal his comrade with a Mass Cure Moderate Wounds. "I don't have too many more of those. 0 to be precise."

Rache contunes to shake his fist at the construct, then uses his judgement burst spell to deal a bit of damage to the leviathan while healing the heroes inside the Leviathan. He is then grabbed himself.

Jeptha finally cuts a hole in the Leviathan's stomach, and Swaggles and Jeptha go into the ocean, underwater. Swaggles attempts to shoot the construct from underwater at point blank range, but misses all of his shots.

Rache pulls out his morningstar and attacks the creature. He is then swallowed, takes a bumpy ride down the Leviathan's throat and out its stomach. Ouch. One more round of melee at on all sides (Rache drops his morningstar into the ocean to pull out his falchion - RIP morningstar), and the Leviathan dies.

It is now May 23rd, 2015 A.C. Our heroes played this session at level 13, Ascension Level 4.

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