Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New Pantheon 7: Return to Gallowhall

While making their way out of the the Apocolyte compound, our heroes are jumped by a handful of remaining enemies - three rogues, an archer, and a bard. These enemies are summarily dispatched without too much trouble.

Rache takes Vander Perkins and the Troll trainer aside and explains that it would be in their best interest to follow the Rising Gods. The ex-Apocolytes Hastily Agree.

Semprona sees that Tomas is not going to be a willing prisoner. So, she cuts his other hand off. The psychological damage is too much for Tomas, who is reduced to a giggling mess. Our heroes, with prisoners and treasure in tow, return on horseback to the shore.

Their rendezvous with Gallowhall is supposed to be at the busting Port City of New Auger. Except for the name, there is little evidence that the Cataclysm ever happened here. Amidst wooden houses and thriving trade, the ancient shipbuilding traditions of old Auger grow strong.

Leaving their horses on the edge of town, our heroes go on a massive shopping spree. While out and about, they discover that Gallowhall is anchored ominously offshore. "Luckily," the are informed, the Dorian Armada, headed by Admiral Fitzgibbons, should be arriving within a week's time to destroy the floating prison.

Our heroes need to find a way our to Gallowhall. They stop by the Salty Seaman, a lively restaurant/bar complete with lobster tank, stripper pole, and hostess. Rache is bitten by a fly, who buzzes off with a big chunk of flesh. Semprona then attempts to gain a captain to sail the group to Gallowhall, proclaiming himself to be a god. The people at the bar are unwilling to go to such a dangerous place.

A man joins the heroes at their table. He is covered completely in a black cloak, and he addresses Rache by name. The mysterious man says that he is from Maven's inquisition. He puzzles that all attempts to scry on Rache responded as if Rache was dead. But with the new piece of flesh that the man just acquired from Rache with his fly, scrying shouldn't be a problem. The man then dissolves into a mass of maggots, which attack the party. At the same time a fireball, thrown from somebody outside, ignites the only entrance to the Bar.

Jeptha leaps over the booth to take on a large maggot, while the much more deadly swarm encompasses Semprona, Rache, and deranged Tomas. Dealing both normal damage and constitution damage, the swarm takes quite a while to kill while the fire creeps closer. Tomas giggles as maggots burrow into his flesh.

The insects are dispatched after some serious fighting, but the heroes are faced with a panicking mob and encroaching fire. Tomas giggles as flames flay the skin from his face. Jeptha smiles, waves, then simply leaves through the front door, relying on his fire resistance to get him out. After contemplating jumping down the loo and into the ocean, Rache instead decides to break down the wall, which he does with a massive swing. Semprona and the mob follow.

A captain who they saved offers them passage on his skiff, and takes them to Gallowhall.

Thur'Khan greets them. Our heroes go to Krannic and restore his tongue after a multitude of attempts with a scroll of regenerate. He agrees to preach for them on three conditions.

First, They must kill Vander Perkins. Second, they must name him high priest of a god. Third, they must, as soon as they are able, bring Sarah, his sweetheart, back from the dead. Our heroes agree to all of these terms, hang Vander Perkins, and assign Krannic to Rache. Krannic becomes Pav'Khan, high priest of light.

Semprona then visits Peter. The child has killed Sven by ripping out his throat. Something has changed about him. Peter says that he will agree to be Semprona's High Priest if, at a time and place of Peter's choosing, they duel to the death, one on one. Peter may declare the duel at any time and Semprona must accept. The penalty for declining the duel, or cheating in any way, will be the loss of Semprona's unholy powers. Somehow, Semprona realizes that this is true. Peter cuts a strange symbol into both his and Semprona's hand, and they shake on it. Peter is let out of his cell, and he becomes Sith'Khan, high priest of darkness.

It is now March 2nd, 15 A.C. Our heroes played this session at level 7, Ascension Level 2. They just ranked up to Ascension Level 3.

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