Sunday, August 10, 2014

Martyr King 24: Wandering the Jungle

The twenty fourth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Our heroes spend the night on the beach, then wake up annoyed and confused. They spend a bit of time planning, and decide they've got to get the Ch'malgram as quick as possible. Alabastor informs them that the Undead city has a road leading to the beach - the only problem, it looks like an Orc road. They are likely north of their target, so they head south.

A weeks journey south, and they are attacked at night by a orc hit squad wielding poisons and charm person spells. They attack the night's watch at the time Maven, but their spells and blowguns are no match for his armor and saves. Luckily, he does not get above a 1 on his modified perception checks, and he does not notice them. After a few rounds of this, the orcs give up and wait for the next person to come along. Maven tags in Avaryn, who immediately notices the blowdarts in the ground. When she stoops down to inspect them, the orcs attack. However, they are just five level 5 dudes, and are easily dispatched.

Our heroes begin a long and surreal journey down the beach, making slow progress through the sand. They continue another week until they hit a road, and decide to take it. A week's travel down the path, and they see an Orc family off for a fishing vacation. When questioned, he says that Orcton, the capital of the Azcan empire, is down this road a week or two and Maladrok is in charge. He doesn't know where Ch'malgram is.

Our heroes head back (Week 4), then south to another road (Week 5). A week's travel on the road (Week 6) takes them to an orc village, and another week (Week 7) sees the road turn north towards Orcton. Back they head to the beach (Week 8 and 9).

Two months have passed since they they crash landed. The men all have beards. The heroes are changed, having survived on the beach for two months. Still, they trudge on.

South another week to another road (Week 10), then south again (Week 11). They hit a road that is more disheveled than the rest, and down this road they travel a week, until it dead ends in the jungle (Week 12). Back to the beach (Week 13). They head back north to the road they skipped (Week 14), and head back down it for a week (Weeks 15), until they hit some more orcs. Then, back to the beach (Week 16).

Four months have passed. Our heroes are now broken shells of individuals. What was their path? Why were they trudging around on the beach? Had the Dorians already won?

South down the ruined path (Week 17), then one more week to another path (Week 18). From this road, Avaryn gets some clear undead vibes. Down this path they go for two weeks (Week 19 & 20), until finally they see Ch'malgram.

20 Weeks later, our heroes reach their destination. The crew, bedraggled and half insane, stumble into the city of the dead.

It is December May 7th 2001 A.F. This session took 5 months. Avaryn got a point of Heroic Favor. Our heroes are level 10!

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