Saturday, August 2, 2014

Martyr King 23: Across the Ocean

Adventure log for the twenty-third session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Maven finally decides to speak up, and tells his father to get ready for a smiting. The dwarves reply with boos and thrown rocks, and Maladrok replies with a cocked eyebrow.

"Are you sure you want to do that?"

"You will be brought to justice."

Maven strides up and prepares to strike. But while he is winding up his hitting arm, everything else happens.

Maladrok channels negative energy, dealing upwards of thirty damage to everybody in the area (including a few unlucky dwarves). He then reaches out and touches his son, and negative energy flows through his hands. Maven grunts in pain, then keels over, nauseated beyond thought of action.

Castor, Avaryn, and Aymeric look at each other, then run towards the boat. Nut throws his javelin at Maladrok and misses, impaling a few dwarves but unfortunately losing his magical pointy stick in the mob. RIP Pointy.

Finally, Maven gets to go. He sees the day is lost, and hobbles towards the ship, making it there a few rounds later.

For some reason Maladrok lets them go. He wishes them the best of luck as they depart, and tells his son to do great things. These pronouncements fill Maven, and the rest of the crew, with confusion and dread. Castor takes Avaryn's Christmas present, a Tree Feather Token, and tries to activate it over Maladrok's ship, sees no good alternative, and flies back to his own ship.

Our heroes then turn their attention to Nut. Castor does his best to chide Nut, who responds with a Shuriken and escape into the crow's nest. When Castor looks to Maven, the steely-eyed paladin looks coldly at his friend. "I will not heal a murderer. Until he changes his ways, Nut will get no assistance from me." Castor grimaces, and sees how that could be a problem.

When Nut returns from the Crow's Nest, Castor pumps him full of Drow poison, and the crazed Ninja goes to sleep. Castor takes his weapons and Alabastor takes him inside.

A bit about Alabastor Brave, the ride-along. Alabastor is a Reanimate, a corpse powered by dark energy emanating from his own dark soulstone (which Castor, understandably, wants). He comes from the city of Ch'Malgram in Karindora. He says that people here can cure Nut of his madness, stemming from the spirit possessing him. Other questions are asked, other answers are given.

Castor and Nut experiment with some drugs to help the poor Ninja sleep. Unfortunately, the drugs that put him to sleep prevent him from waking up ... even when he is murdered over and over in his dreams. However, the sleep helps! Nut also tries some Kishii, and sees White threads in himself, Castor, Maven, and Aymeric. Maven, intrigued, tries the drug, and the rest of the crew giggles as the Paladin becomes infatuated with his own hand. To Maven, the while threads show his god, the Old Man. Nobody else sees this, however.

After about a month of travel, our heroes hit Karindora, then head south along the coast. However, when they get close to Breya, they are turned back by a strange storm, and are forced back to the waters of Karindora.

Two months after departure, Nut stands watch in the night. Much to his shock, he sees Hervey Dunt go below deck. Nut, his wakizashis now returned, hurries after.

He finds the angry ghost setting charges in the hold, and Nut immediately attacks! For a few rounds they fight, wand against wakizashi, and then our other heroes arrive on the scene (except for Maven, who is a VERY sound sleeper).

Avaryn and Castor join in the fight, but Aymeric stands, perplexed. "Why the FUCK are you guys destroying the ship?" To Aymeric, the other heroes are running around cutting huge swaths in the hull of the ship. Water is pouring in, and within moments the damage is too large to be contained.

The darkwood ship, never named, is going down. One by one, our heroes lose sight of the shade, and regain thier senses, but it is far too late. Castor trudges into the rising tide and grabs Nut, who has been shot unconscious by imaginary bullets, and our heroes quickly gather their things.

Patrick and Alabastor are tearing up wood to make a raft, but Castor has a better idea. He activates the Tree token, and our heroes grab onto the giant tree as it emerges.

Our heroes do their best to ride the tree back to shore, but Castor and Maven lose grasp and wind up far down the beach.

Aymeric, Avaryn, Nut, Alabastor, and Patrick all wind up exhausted on the beach. They only have a few moments rest before, out of the treeline, crashed a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex.

This fight was intense, particularly because Castor and Mavent were too far away to really participate. Aymeric got chomped, and swallowed, then cut himself, leaving him at three hp but dealing the T-Rex a good amount of damage. Nut got chomped down to under 2 hp. Then, in the mouth, he had to choose between sliding to freedom or full round sneak attacking.

You know what he chose.

Four wakizashi hits up through the roof of the T-Rex's mouth and up into his brain, and the T-Rex falls dead.

Maven finally arrives, huffing and puffing his way into the battle. The poor paladin was nauseated in the first fight, slept through the second fight, and was too far away to participate in the third fight.

But will he heal the bleeding Nut?

It is December 18th 2000 A.F. This session took 2 months. Who got a point of Heroic Favor? Our heroes played this session at level 9, but have now leveled up to level 10!

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