Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Martyr King 27: The Black Dragon

The twenty seventh session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

After much discussion, our heroes pop on some darkvision and head into the gloom. For about two and a half hours, they walk through a tunnel, following a clear main road past the ruins of underground towns and villages.

Eventually, they come across a large cavern. The walls and floor has been scarred by acid, and our heroes decide to buff (including resist 20 acid) and proceed cautiously. They make their way forward, only able to see 60 feet in front of them, until they come to an immense pile of gold. At the center of the pile of gold is a chest, and Nut leaps to it. As our heroes cautiously look around, Nut unlocks and opens the chest.

15d6 acid sprays out! Luckily Nut makes his reflex save and the resist 20 acid takes a majority of the blow, dealing him only 2 after all is said and done. A deep booming voice addresses our heroes in Arcane. The voice in the darkness says he has been around a looong time and asks who our heroes are. When our heroes fail to impress the voice, a stream of acid hits both Maven and Castor.

Maven charges towards the source of the acid, and is greeted with the smiling face of an Old Black Dragon (CR 14). The rest of our heroes charge in as well. Maven smites the Dragon, and Aymeric scores such a massive hit that he drops his weapon from the shock. Castor throws a bomb, dealing the dragon some damage. Nut, however cannot get past the dragon's hide.

Then it is the dragon's turn. A massive jaw crushes Maven, then one mighty claw brings Maven to his knees. He feels his white threads burning inside him, and another claw slashes away. One wing misses, but a second wing smashed Maven to the ground. For a moment Maven sees the Old Man smiling sadly, and reaching out for him. But Maven knows his work is not yet done, and he returns to the world of Cain. Maven used three heroic favor and took a fatal flaw to stay alive here.

After a few misses, the Dragon glitterdusts Nut, then takes off into the air and disappears. Our heroes, terrified after seeing Maven nearly killed, look nervously to the skies. Castor readies his bombs, and scans the room franticly.

The Dragon suddenly appears! It appears to be falling from the sky, screaming in Arcane and spouting acid. Castor, adrenaline pumping, throws two bombs 60 feet up - both direct hits.

The Dragon hits the ground way too hard, cracking both the stone and his skull. Acid spews everywhere. Our heroes waste no time in helping the now permentatly scarred Maven to his feet.

After making sure that Maven is okay, our heroes examine the treasure trove. They find 20,000 gp and a number of expensive, but largely worthless, goodies.

After a few more hours of trekking, our heroes make their way to the surface. Under the sunlight they can see endless fields of wheat. However, our heroes are more interested in the set of rails and a cart that run perpendicular to the road. On this cart is a small, thin, blonde man with blue-green eyes. He smiles when he sees them

"Welcome to Breya!"

It is still May 11th 2001 A.F. This session took a few hours day. Maven got a point of heroic favor for taking a Fatal Flaw. Our heroes played this session at level 10, but just leveled up to level 11!

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