Friday, August 15, 2014

Martyr King 28.5: The White Dreams

The the dreams after the twenty eighth session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

It has been an exhausting and illuminating day. As our heroes drift off to sleep, white threads course to and fro like the tides. They weave a complex tapestry, going back to the start of time. And when our heroes close their eyes, they start to see the patterns...

Castor's dreams are scattered. It is too much to contain, all this knowledge. There are pictures, images, sounds, shapes, lights - the martyr king, kneeling - the 15th soulstone eating away - 13 gigantic jumpgates, and one that leads to somewhere bright - are these memories? Are they facts? Are they imagined? Yet beyond all these other questions, upon whose answers rests the fate of humanity, one question emerges burning like alchemists' fire in Castor's mind. It is more important to Castor than any other truth: Can Nut be saved?

Maven sees a White Angel. This Angel is more majestic, more perfect, more beautiful than anything Maven has ever seen, and the paladin breaks down crying. Yet the Angel is chained by links of light. And the Angel is distracted by some great burden. How can I free you? Asks Maven, tears streaking down his face. Where are you? Where are you? Then Maven knows: The Charcoal Minaret. The Avatar of the One True God is the in Charcoal Minaret.

Aymeric sees his parents for the first time. The inquisitor is mere months old, and there is flame all around him. The sound of fighting outside. His tent is on fire. Screams, and his parents die in agony. In runs the head of his Inquisitor school. There is blood on his sword. Aymeric's teacher raises his sword to strike the baby down ... then a look of regret crosses his face. The Teacher drops his sword, picks up Aymeric and covers him in a blanket, and leaves the tent.

Avaryn is in a ring of black candles. There is darkness all around her. Two people, a man and a woman, stand outside the ring. They are crying, but they are chanting through their tears. There is a loud noise, and Avaryn realizes that she has lost something, and it has been replaced with darkness. The woman goes to scoop up the child. Now you are safe. They cannot find you now.

Nut does not see visions in his sleep anymore, because Nut does not sleep anymore. He prefers to dream while awake.

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