Sunday, August 3, 2014

Martyr King 23.5: Dreams on New Lands

Dreams after the twenty third session in the "Legacy of the Martyr King" campaign.

Patrick and Alabastor promise to keep watch, and our heroes fall into a sleep so deep it should, by all rights, not be prone to dreams. And yet, here upon these unknown shores, each of our heroes receives a vision.

Castor sees a hundred, no, a thousand Emut Val-Tees. He sees children, scholars, friends, and fathers. He sees leaders, builders, wanderers, and workers. He even sees the Cleric, drinking quietly at a bar. The Cleric turns towards Castor. "He can no longer reach us, and we are free to live our lives. You have freed us. Thank you." But Castor watches himself reach out, full of rage, and the Cleric dies screaming, lungs filled with flame.

Maven's dreams are troubled. He sees his father, ruling a horde of Orcs with an iron fist. They come to beg at his feet, and he kills hundreds for a jest. He is everything that Maven fights against in life, his opposite, his antithesis, his mortal enemy. And yet, his father grows weary, tired, even ... bored? Maladrok turns towards Maven. "I am proud of you. You will be my legacy. And all this will be yours." These words disturb Maven more than anything else.

Aymeric sees the high seat of the Martyr King perched at the root of the world. He sees a great stone throne, in front of it thirteen immense jumpgates. Through each jumpgate is a different world, a different land filled with people and commerce. And behind the throne there is a smaller jumpgate. It leads to somewhere ... bright. The Martyr King sits the Throne, and as he watches, Bayka slays the God. Bayka turns to Aymeric. "Do you see why? Why I did it? Why I had to do it? Why you cannot live?" Aymeric sees the corpse, and knows it is his own.

Avaryn sees Cainan. Cainan, once so pretty, once so free, once so joyous and fearless. Now without a jaw, without an ear, and without any mouth with which to smile. Cainan turns to Avaryn. "Are these your friends now? Is this your side? I know you come from Darkness, but can you not turn towards the Light?" But even as he speaks, Avaryn's friends fall upon him, and tear him to shreds.

Nut sees Hervey Dunt, as he does every night. But now, the dream has changed. Hervey stands over Nut, smiling. He does not shoot, and the Ninja rises, confused. Hervey turns towards Nut. "I may leave be forced to leave you soon, and then what will you tell your friends? How will you explain it when I am gone, and the insanity remains? What will they do when they understand what you are? Incurable. A plague. A madness. A blight that must be removed from this planet." Hervey smiles, and Nut understands that he has a choice to make. Or does he?

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